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Dr. Arnold Klein Won't Give Up

8/6/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge unceremoniously pulled the plug on Dr. Arnold Klein's attempt to insert himself in the Michael Jackson custody case on Monday ... but last night his lawyer told us the doctor will go back for a second round.

Mark Vincent Kaplan: Click to watch
Klein's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told us last night outside Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood he'll file legal papers on Klein's behalf sometime after the beginning of September.

Last Monday, Kaplan went before the judge and expressed Klein's concerns over parenting issues involving Jackson's three kids. There are reports Dr. Klein could be the biological father, but he's never acknowledged it. The judge checkmated Kaplan, noting that Klein had no legal standing to lodge objections to the custody settlement between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

But clearly Kaplan has something up his sleeve ...

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1907 days ago


I'm beginning to think these kids are his.Or if not that maybe he wants to get his hand on some of the possible dollars that will be coming in from Michael's estate.What the hell is going on.This is surely getting messy.Real messy!

1907 days ago


-facepalm- I gotta feeling maybe Paris and Prince is his but Blanket hellz no. Blanket is michaels 100 % but Prince nad Paris... I dont know.

1907 days ago


No, Klein wouldn't have any legal standing regarding the custody, unless perhaps he wants to admit to having reason to believe he is the sperm donor/biological father and demand a DNA test from the court.

1907 days ago


Why doesn't Arnold Klein do something constructive like going on a diet? If he donated sperm...big deal...many teen agers do that every day. Maybe he should let those beautiful children of Michaels have some peace and quiet so they can get through their fathers death.

1907 days ago


Klein has something up his sleeve you say. YOU THINK !!!!. Wonder if it has anything to do with the money the two oldest children will inherit from MJ. Wonder?????????

1907 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

First I'm male 54 and remember Joe talking about not having Michael's teenage voice change' also remember Emmanuel Lewis claiming Michael rarely slept' compared to the way normal people sleep {understand that the ultimate insult' is exactly what I'm claiming} Joe's Crime scared his family with the secret' leaving the complete Jackson family screwed-up pretending normalcy, with Michael claiming his reproduction ability was disrupted by Joe's kicking of his privates, likely plastic became implanted for bulge appearance, what the World never heard' was Michael's "Jim Neighbor" like tenor voice, the what ifs are diverse, even altered he married Lisa! Elvis Presley made 5.5 Million last Year' 32 Years after his death and Michael owned the rights to music' plus the Beatles music, Michael's live Insurance clause pay-out stated' if demise' was related to failure to awake from anesthesia, he took pills primarily for pain, not enjoyment and Lisa did push him into rehab. Michael wasn't about hatred' forgiving his Dad in Oxford Collage speech, but allowed him no beneficiary in Will, if autopsy conceals the crime against Michael {Star's family's receiving preferential autopsy reports will be exposed or California's unjustified hatred for Michael becomes exposed, third autopsy's now being worked-uped} California has no excuse for expelling Michael from Never-land with false accusations, knowing full well he was unequipped to commit, Michael said wrong things and was childlike, never did he act the criminal that California accused, all people have fault's created into their being.

Best case is; Michael lay-ed to rest at Graceland not forest lawn, and Never-land reopened for all Kid's to honor Michael's peter-pan-ishness, he died bleached white from Oxygen starvation in his sleep from doctor's failure to monitor! Michael's Mom still Deny's witness to Joe's abuse and Joe's claiming Michael had father-ability. Tax-evader Sharpton needs to be distanced from helping Joe' so that Michael's Army can do good, while courts monitor Joe's finances prohibiting any profitability, and certain consequences for past crime to Michael.

1907 days ago

just my thought    

Now all of a sudden Klien is interested in the kids even if he is the bio dad no one cares! MJ has had them since birth and he (klien) then had to know if he was the bio dad or not. and klien didnt care if his kids(here say) were being raised by MJ (addict) he kept giving him drugs knowing MJ was raising them, he gave them up just like debbie, im sure he got paid to at some point in time they are all criminals. LOSER!!!

1907 days ago


Did anyone see the Larry King interview with Klein. He clearly 'danced' around the question of paternity. Interesting. Even if he is the sperm donor, he 'gave' the children to MJ. He has no legal rights.

1907 days ago


I don't see any kind of resemblance between Klein and MJ's kids. And yes, they are MJ's kids. I, nor any1 here, don't know if they were his biological kids, but it doesn't even matter; they are his kids. Look at Michael's brother Tito's kids, they are bi-racial and they are VERY light-complected, so a lot of you ppl don't know jack.

Also, Klein is beginning to get on my effin nerves, and so is Kaplan (I got enuf of him with KFed & Britney). Both need to crawl back under the rocks they came from under. Klein's well has run dry so he thinks the children will rejuvenate it. Screw him, he doesn't care jack about the kids, and for the record, I don't think they're his anyway! It's gonna be hard for him to be a good parent while doing time, so he needs to just eff off.

1907 days ago


Wouldn't be surprised to learn "Blanket" is the son of MIKO BRANDO, Marlon's son and MJ's long long time friend. Blanket looks just like MIKO

1907 days ago

doc murry    

what in the hell are you talking about loonie-scope

1907 days ago


It is clear Klein has nothing "up his sleeve". It is quite clear that he is interested in protecting the children from a very destructive family. Remember, since the last trial, Michael has avoided most of his family as can be verified from people working with him, and had gravitated towards healthier relationships and friendships. Like it or not, Klein and Michael were close and I cannot understand why people are inventing motives (too much television or tmz?).

Klein has not petitioned for custody or any money--he has merely made a statement about the children's wellbeing.

This is nothing short of admirable.

1907 days ago



1907 days ago


Dirty heeb douchebag.

1907 days ago
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