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John Hughes


8/6/2009 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Hughes DiesJohn Hughes has died of a heart attack.

Hughes suffered the heart attack while taking a morning walk during a trip to NYC to visit family.

He directed such '80s hit films as "The Breakfast Club," Weird Science," "Sixteen Candles" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

He was 59.

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I am so sad about this. John Hughes movies defined my teenage years. And even today, in my 30s, Hughes has always been still very relevant in my life. Not a week goes by that my husband or I don't make some sort of a Hughes movie reference or mention his name when watching some random movie.

Just last night, we were on a walk and as we were walking by a certain house, we both looked at each other and said "That is totally a John Hughes house" because we often talked about how the homes he chose for his movie families always had that same look to them. He was one of the last directors to use suburbs, in his case, Chicago, instead of filming exterior shots in and around L.A. The houses in his movies are just as important as the characters are.

I second the poster who earlier said "We lost a good one today." Not just a good one, but one of the best. RIP Mr. Hughes. :(

1870 days ago


#57 Just Some Guy:

Yes YOU are! Unlike Mr. Hughes whose name will live on forever. You are an a$$. Why can't people be respectful when someone dies. It's not like he had anything controversial in his life to have dump on him for it. I could almost understand the cynicism from MJ haters when he died because, yes, he had some rather iffy things in his past with the trials and stuff.
But Mr. Hughes did nothing but make good movies that helped many of us survive our teen years (even modern day teens) and skyrocketed others to stardom. RIP, Mr. Hughes.

1870 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

109. I know you lot are dopes and have the writing skills of 7th graders, but films are in italics, not quotes.

Posted at 9:03PM on Aug 6th 2009 by Jack White III

I know you might be talking to TMZ writers and posters (rightfully and accurately so) - but at least in this case, the posters have to be left out of it ...... you can't italicize in the comments section. I just tried it and it totally screwed up my screen display!!!! And you would actually have ANY expectation that TMZ staffers would get this right? Hahahaha .......

1870 days ago


It´s just sad, love the movies.

1870 days ago


I am so glad I grew up in the 80's. I cringe at the crap that teens have to grow up with now. "Reality" tv, and vapid teen movies like American Pie et al. being the standard fare anymore. John Hughes was able to do it intelligently and without sinking to the depths of modern day filmmakers who have to have "toilet" humor or sex in just about everything just to sustain the film. John Hughes was an empire unto his own.

1870 days ago

NY Mom    

So sorry to hear about his untimely death. I loved his movies, if I had to pick a favorite I don't know if I could. He captured teen angst, and the frustrations of parenting in funny and touching ways. Somewhere he and John Candy are hanging out on a cloud making the angels laugh.

1870 days ago


I don't mean to be morbid but I hope he went quickly and maybe was walking with a family member. Would hate for him to have been by himself.

1870 days ago


That's terrible!
The Breakfast Club is my favourite movie of all time.
If you've never seen it, check it out.
You may even see yourself in one of the characters.

RIP John, and be proud of your accomplishments!

1870 days ago


Thats awful. I guess the bright side would be that the rights for all those movies have been bought and will be me remade just like "FOOTLOOSE." I love it when a director or producer dies because it signals the remake of a big number movie.

1870 days ago


I was just getting over MJ's death and now this. LOVED John Hughes movies. Can't count how many times I've watched Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and my all time fave Ferris Bueller's Day Off. "Life Moves Pretty Fast, if you don't look around once in awhile, you might miss it" RIP

Also - agree 100% that none of the modern crap being spewed at us can hold a candle to the 80s. The Jonas Bros, Paris Hilton, Lyndsey Lohan, Spedi and all the other celebutantes make me want to hurl!

1870 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

And on the whole it's been a very good year for the undertaker.

1870 days ago


My deepest condolences to the Hughes family. John Hughes films are woven into the fabric of our family. The memories are tucked in my pocket, close to my heart.

1870 days ago

Debt Reduction    

He really brought back alot of memorie for me. R.I.P.

1870 days ago


It's so sad. I've seen so many of his films, and happily call them favourites.

R.I.P., John Hughes.

1870 days ago


I went to high school with John, he was a genius in the thespian club...can't believe it can happen just that quick. He never received the public notoriety he deserved at the time, maybe he wanted it that way. He was a quiet artistic genius whose work will delight generations to come. Peace and blessings to the family in this time of huge loss.

1870 days ago
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