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Autopsy: Cocaine a Factor in Billy Mays' Death

8/7/2009 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Autopsy: Cocaine a Factor in Billy Mays' DeathA mighty shocking autopsy report concludes cocaine contributed to the sudden death of pitchman Billy Mays back in June.

The report, which was released today, lists "cocaine use" as a contributing cause of death -- along with hypertensive and arteriosclerotic heart disease.

A Hillsborough County press release says "from the presence of metabolites of cocaine and the absence of cocaine itself, it was concluded that Mr. Mays used cocaine in the few days prior to his death but not immediately prior to death."

Mays died in his sleep on June 28 at his home in Florida.

UPDATE: Official documents show the following drugs were in Mays' system -- hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (painkiller), alprazolam (Xanax), nordiazepam (Valium), benzoylecgonine (byproduct of cocaine) and temazepam (anti-anxiety). Ethanol -- alcohol -- was also in Mays' system.

**Check out today's TMZ Live, when Harvey and Jason answered your questions about Billy Mays and Michael Jackson's toxicology reports.

Remembering Billy Mays


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Huh... who's the junkie now? Looks like MJ just had some Xanax, which most people with anxiety takes, and this darn Propofol, but he wasn't a junkie like Billie Mays.

1871 days ago


Is anybody in America NOT on prescription meds?

We're obviously a country of dopeheads--we elected an incompetent idiot to the White House because he was good-looking.

1871 days ago

The Doc Is In    

gotta love these comments,

He most likely used coke a few days before he died. so people call him a junkie.

If you don't criticize him just like people criticized the freak, you are a racist.

And somebody else thinks he's a role model.

The guy was a highly successful pitch man. Nothing more. Nothing less.

1871 days ago


Jesus christ. You fools with your race cards. I don't hate on MJ or BM for liking to be stoned - don't we all once in a while? But I've never heard of Billy Mays buggering kiddos...

1871 days ago


no surprise at all who gets that excited for these janky proucts made in indonesia for under one dollar and are sold for ten easy payments of nineteen dollars he had more money then mike jackson every single one of these infomercial companies are so shady look up direct entertainment media group and telebrands or topsy turvy I know these people are really not good people they have customer service an billing and manufacturing in indonesia an india

1871 days ago


If benzoylecgonine is a by-product of cocaine, is there anything else that he could of taken that has this in it as well? Do they know for certain that he took this drug? It is sad that all these people become famous and then get hooked on drugs.

1871 days ago


Why is everyone so shocked? Because he doesn't fit the "type"... who does anymore. Face it, everyone is on drugs it seems.... whether it be illicit street drugs or prescription meds, it's out of control. Our society is sick.... people are desperate for the quick fix, to numb the pain so as to get through another day. Medication has it's place and is a life saver when used correctly, but as a society, we need to try and help ourselves in other ways and not just by medicating. My own father passed at the very young age of 52, 3 years ago. He suffered from depression and anxiety. He drank too much and used prescription medication to "help" him deal, as well as to sleep. Ironically, what ended up shutting down his liver and kidneys was overusing Tylenol-- that and the alcohol combination and other prescription meds (which he did not abuse), killed him. If you knew my father, you would never had described him a "junkie" or even an alcoholic. It happens people, it happens all too often. The people we have running this world, I bet are all on something! Such a shame... and the sad thing is drugs will always be a part of our culture/society for ever b/c so many people use and abuse... it has been/is and continues to be the downfall of our society... "The War On Drugs" is a joke!

I don't care what my 2 young children become as adults, as long as they are happy in life, but what I do hope and what I dedicate my life as a mother to is that they stay away from drugs and learn what illicit and prescription drug abuse can/will do. Considering addiction is in the family, I feel it's important to talk about it... age appropriately. As sad as my father's death is, he will be used as an example of what not to do.

1871 days ago


"And all this time I thought that he was just a happy go lucky spirit who was passionate about his work. Never would I have known that he was such a serious drug user. In reality he was just another insecure nervous wreck who couldn't deal with life without his dope."

WTF so he did a line of Coke who hasn't. The report doesn't state anything really. There is nothing to show he was a abuser of cocaine just that he did a line. Kinda odd there is a ppm count listed.

As for the Vicodin thats nothing new he had hip replacement not like that wasn't painful. Oxy again no reason he couldnt have got this for his hip. DR's will some times give you both and you take the vic's like asprin and pop one oxy a day to help. Nothing bad about that. then Valium again for the hip. They also give people Xanax to help counter all the pain killers and valiums.

So before people go nuts and start crap that you can't prove you need to stfu and wait. There has been zero statements about how much or even if he abused. and a major coke head uses all the time and report says right there it was in his system but not fresh so hell it could have been a month..

1871 days ago

Wanda W.    

Ok, now that does surprise me . Although, when I think about it , he always seemed just a little too hyper in those infomercials to have it be natural enthusiasm. So sad anyway but....................... if you dance to the music ...................

1871 days ago


So another drug addict bit the dust. BFD.

1871 days ago


Amber, why do you have to play the Christ Card?

1871 days ago


this is actually kinda shocking

1871 days ago


Geez John, just a little defensive there. What's up with that?

1871 days ago


See now why couldn't we get a tox report this fast regarding Michael? I don't get it...
But WOW, this guy was trippin non-stop! Who'da thought?
Now that this is out, maybe the ads will get pulled, seeing as the TV still was going to continue to air them. This man was pushing products while doped up, I sure wouldn't want any of my produces seen promoted by this guy. Terrible... all respect loss now...

1871 days ago


...junkie addict

1871 days ago
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