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Bill Clinton

A Hero's Welcome

8/7/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Having secured the release of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee from a North Korean jail, Bill Clinton continued to do what he does best yesterday in NYC: Proving how much he really is The Man.

BTW -- We're pretty sure we heard an "MVP" chant in the background...


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you must stupid    

Neo-Comms on the loose are never a good thing. It's bad enough we have one in the White House right now, but having another flying around the world on his buddy's plane isn't a good thing for anyone.

1870 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

It truly is ashame that Bill can't come back as President. What a different world we would live in.

But hey, this term we get 2 for the price of one and a spare... we get Obama, Bill *unofficially of course* and Hilary as the spare.

There is Hope for us yet-- just waiting to see the promised Change we can believe in..

1870 days ago

you must stupid    

Thank you President Clinton for signing into law the Defense of Marriage Act. You personally outlawed gay marriage across the country to keep nasty perverts like Harvey Levin from marrying his butt buddy. You are a true champion of the sanctity of marriage :)

1870 days ago


I always like Bill Clinton. He came from humble beginnings but he proved to be a great leader. Very personable and charismatic. His downfall was pretty women. BUT, his politics were awesome!! I would vote for him again and again.

1870 days ago

you must stupid    

41. I always like Bill Clinton. He came from humble beginnings but he proved to be a great leader. Very personable and charismatic. His downfall was pretty women. BUT, his politics were awesome!! I would vote for him again and again.

Posted at 10:43AM on Aug 7th 2009 by Beth

Quite possibly some of the best fiction I've ever read

1870 days ago

you must stupid    

I always thought this one of the most dangerous, radical, anti-American Presidents we have ever had, then Obama came along.

1870 days ago

you must stupid    

I'm surprised Bill hasn't had another heart attack from being so angry that he's no longer the poster boy for Domestic Terrorism. He had to pass that title on to Obama.

1870 days ago


Please, let's report it accurately. The journalists were already going to b released. He only went over there for the publicity. He's still the same loser he always was.

1870 days ago


A Hero? The Man? I doubt all the people he made out to be liars to save his own ass (Didn't work anyhow) doesn't think so.

He was also one of the few presidents to ever be impeached. And no, it wasn't over a BJ. It was over him yet again lying his ass off. Under oath no doubt.

He was an embarrassment to our country.

He "balanced" the budget by cutting military and intelligence spending at a time when we needed to give them more money (Had that not been cut, it's hard to tell if 9/11 would have happened) He limited who we could get information from. He could have gotten Osama, but didn't. Later he had his guys make up some lame-ass excuse that he believed would get him out of such accusation.

The guy was a lame duck. The one company he helped is the one company the left and their little band of moon-bats LOVE to attack. Wal-Mart.

Clinton is THE REASON Wal-Mart got so many incentives to build everywhere. He wanted his job creation #s to be higher. Too bad they were all McJobs and Wal-Mart jobs.

I voted for him over Bush Sr because Clinton claimed he was going to be JUST AS TOUGH, OR TOUGHER than Bush was on Iraq. he lied.

1870 days ago


Oh and capt amerika, he WAS Impeached. Unlike the other presidents that stepped down before such a thing took place, Bill lied to to cover another lie. I wont go into the "Depends on the definition of is is" classic line.

Clinton is no better than your average crooked lawyer/used car salesman. Actually he lost his ability to practice law because he lied so much/under oath.

I'm ashamed he was ever our President.

Both him and Nixon are in that suck list.

Yet the left, and some Clinton sheeple think he was the best thing since sliced bread.

SURE Europe loved him. He had no spine. He catered to the socialists.

1870 days ago


Say what you want about Clinton... He got the job done!!! He is the man...

1870 days ago


This was just another ploy by N. Korea. When Clinton was in office he refused to go to Korea when they asked him. The N. Koreans were the ones who requested Clinton to go and discuss the matter and he readilly accepted the challange just to help these women out and hopefully bring them home. When he got there and met with them, he was greeted with a large snicker from the guard who came to bring him to their Dictator. So that is what this is all about. Making America kiss their butts, and show us they get what they want . In other words, it's their way or no way. Clinton is a great communicator. Not like Obama, he went and kept apologizing for what America did. He is the skank. Clinton is the HERO, he swallowed his diginity to help our people. God Bless Bill Clinton. I hope he runs again, the economy was much better then. God Bess America and it's people,

1870 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Bill Clinton - Master of the Universe!!!
Listen up ignorant neo-cons. Nixon went to China, Reagan went to Russia, they both had diplomatic talks with our "enemies" and ended up being hailed as heros for it. There are Republican leaders who use diplomacy instead of fear mongering and paranoia(Cheney). Now suddenly Obama is an idiot for wanted to open a dialogue? Another example of right wing hypocrisy at its best.
Do those of you who think that we should have just left those reporters there also think that Reagan should have just left the American hostages at the Iranian Embassasy in 1980?? Or maybe we should have just left John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton??
For God sakes, even children are taught to share and that you don't always get your way. The way the Republicans, both in the public and in Congress are handling the fact that they are NOT in control right now is very childish, immature and somewhat amusing. We put up with Bush for 8 years, now deal with it.
Rush Limbaugh is STILL a big fat idiot. And he makes his money and ratings off of poor ignorant saps and laughs at you all the way to the bank!! He is an ENTERTAINER people, not a scholar. He didn't even finish one year of college.
God Bless Bil Clinton and Barack Obama!!!! I feel so much safer.

1870 days ago


Bubba Clinton is da man!

1870 days ago

you must stupid    


You're wrong about Nixon. He was a very good President but trusted the wrong people. He won reelection by landslide and had no reason to wiretap the DNC headquarters. He's one of the only Presidents to ever have more money going into office than when he left. Notice how you can never say the same with the criminal Democrats that leave office, I.E. Clinton.

1870 days ago
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