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Cop Claims He Was Harassed Over Hot Wife

8/10/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy cops wifeYou would think having a wife pose for Playboy would make you popular around work -- but one cop in Ohio says it made him the target of a bogus investigation.

A police officer in Ohio claims the Gahanna Police Department made him the subject of "a detailed and invasive non-criminal investigation" of him and his entire family that began shortly after his wife posed for Playboy.

According to a lawsuit filed last week, the officer claims he was also denied the right to take leave to drill with Army National Guard and also claims his superiors at the police department badmouthed him to Army National Guard officials.

He is suing for damages in excess of $25,000.

(BTW -- That's his hot wife on the right)


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Illinois person    

With this action waiting for him at home, it's a wonder Officer Horny can get through the work day. Did he think he wasn't going to be teased? Bet he puts his night stick to use each and every night. No wonder he wants to sue, that boob job is way beyond what a small town cop can afford.

1867 days ago

Send her to Walmart    

Dawn: not sure who you're referring to, but I was darn glad to see them swarm a house the other day and haul out a bunch of no-good troublemakers who deserved to get busted. And this was two blocks from my house. Also, they were very fast to respond to some issues with the house across the street, the 'crazy guy's" house. Young family living there being terrified by a stalker.

I say the police are doing their jobs. If a person thinks they are a bunch of a*holes, then there is probably good reason to suspect they've had their own run in with the cops.

Just my thoughts. I used to live in Chicago, this suburb is way better than where I came from, trust me.

1867 days ago


Hot wife? Where?

Do you mean the dyed blonde, probaly fake plastic boobs, tanned up, and bad eyebrowed woman in this picture?
Ummm Mr. Policeman, stop braggin' because if this is how she looks with all those make-up artists working on her, and she still looks like, well that?

Playboy is lowering their standards I see. Hey, how about having a crack-head pose next? I'm sure the shades match the carpet right?

1867 days ago


Now, THAT looks like Chris Crocker! Look him up on youtube and you'll see what I!

1867 days ago


She is a fool to psoe to make her self feel good.The net is full of amatures that psoe daily nude,buig deal,none of them are empowered either. They all do it for cash. His wife is showing her gentials in a rag for money bottom line. That make a women hot? The meassage is, take your clothes off spread em and take cash for that.These women are the ones that keep the nightmare of women are nothing more than a product to sell.

1867 days ago


Beth Fifthen, mother of four, featured in Playboy's Sexy Wives. You can google her.

1867 days ago

All for the officer-no matter what the reason!    

I hope Gahanna gets what they deserve!!! Denying duty to the National Guard is a serious problem......obviously the Gahanna Police Department doesn't know the law about denying duty for a service person! Shame on the police for not knowing the law! Get EM!!!

1867 days ago


She is a nice looking woman,from what you can see sha has some nice boobs.Going to go look at some past issues of Playboy I have and find her.

1867 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I'd be walking around with a night stck in my pants 24/7 if my wife looked like that.

1867 days ago

Another Gahanna residen    

I agree with the other Gahanna Resident. The police force does a great job in Gahanna compared to where I live now in NC. However if there was a false investigation done on him and his family it needs to be taken care of. Everyone here is jumping on the police department when the other side of the story hasn't even been told. I searched the Columbus news sites to see if there was anything about it posted and there's not. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. No one knows what exactly happened.

1867 days ago

Columbus Oh    

To the idiot that thinks if you pose for Playboy that you are a blonde whore.. Wow you are amazing .. That is the furthest from the truth..

1867 days ago
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