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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Announced

8/10/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's London concerts never happened -- but maybe this tribute show will.

Events promoter World Awards Media GmbH announced Monday members of Michael Jackson's family and a "high-profile lineup of international stars" are planning a tribute concert to be held within a few weeks in the Austrian capital.

No date has been set, but a venue has been picked -- Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, where an outdoor stage shaped like a crown will be built.

Tickets will go on sale August 20.


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Cali MJ Fan    

31. It's not the Jackson family who are arranging this,it's the Branca /McCain group................

Posted at 10:10AM on Aug 10th 2009 by IMJUSTNOISY

Nope, actually it's Jermaine and the world Awards organization that held their awards in Vienna, Austria last month (25th I think). Jermaine sang "Smile" and accepted the award which he showed on Larry King Live Friday. It appears he also has *kept* same award... which I think should go to Michael's children!

Jermaine is going to futher Michael's humanitarian work-- aka get Jermaine's name back in the public as the 'replacement' for MJ's fans. His actions and words are so transparent. Not to say I don't think Jermaine loved his brother, but if I have to hear that man say one more time that he didn't know his brother ever took drugs, I'm going to throw a brick at my TV.

Back to the tribute concert-- Jermaine said that MJ's fans did not get to 'grieve' properly (glares at Los Angeles....way to go) so they will have this tribute concert at a location where 10's of thousands fans can attend... only one problem Jermaine-- US fans are not likely to go.

So how about taking that foul ball you caught at Dodger Stadium and find a location in the US too. Just make sure the city selected isn't going to try to use it as a meal ticket.

1865 days ago


And of course Jermaine is once again serving as "family spokesman" - he's going to do everything he can to keep living off his brother for the rest of his life, because he sure can't get this kind of attention on his own.

Wordd to the Badd!

1865 days ago


I'm so excited! I think it will be wonderful and I'm so sad that I just don't have the means to actually go there. It will be broadcasted live on TV though. For anyone who wants to know, the official site for the event is

I like that instead of rushing to do it by Michaels birthday, they are taking the effort to make it really nice and to think of what would have meant a lot to him. They actually though about a really special location that Michael held dear.

It will be a beautiful ceremony and I have a feeling that there will be some surprises.

1865 days ago


I think it is wonderful that there is going to be a tribute concert for a ugly white woman wanna be junkie child molester. Hopefully all the boys he molested will say something nice about MJ.

1865 days ago



1865 days ago


His legacy truly lives on.
God bless your soul Michael Jackson.
love you.


1865 days ago


I agree with $$$$$$
"Milk his name" is exactly what's happening now...and it's just the beginning -
Never at peace ....:(

1865 days ago


Q: What do you call the oldest Michael Jackson fan?

A: Too young for Manson.

1865 days ago


Poor, poor Josephine Baker. African-American international star, French Underground, pioneer for civil rights before Martin Luther king. Forgotten amid all those "firsts" bestowed upon a pop-singer who hasn't produced a new album in a decade, died an ignonimous death and still worshipped by a generation who apparently never read history. Poor, poor Scott Joplin. Just some guy who invented an all american style of music? No matter. Jackson was the true African-American genius...of all time.

1865 days ago


man i wish they would do one in michigan
thats where i live, er like ohio. haha.
well, just my luck. but whoever goes to it
i hope its good.

whos singing?
the jacksons?

1865 days ago


Michael jackson a true American hero, who did good deeds all around the world.

1865 days ago


I think the memorial was enough. anyway I dont really care to see ANY singers there. Where was everyone when he needed them the most?? Now you got everybody coming out with these tributes for him acting like they cared and loved him so much GMAFB. And now since he has died you got all these so called fans, where were they all at before?? also all these people saying, oh MJ loved our country the most and this and that, must not be a true MJ fan, because he loved every country, every person the same. So if you think he loved one country the most, then you are not a true MJ fan.

1865 days ago


Would you people stop lumping all the Jackson siblings into one heap!!! Have you seen Jackie, Rebbie, Janet or Randy shopping themselves around? NO. So please limit your comments to Joe, Jermaine and La Toya .... and yes Tito gave a couple interviews too. And seriously, they arent all blood suckers like you want to believe, especially Rebbie. IMO - she's a saint.

As for this concert - I heard that AEG was planning something for his birthday a while ago. The executors are also involved, so dont just assume that the family is somehow getting rich off this - MJ's estate is, and so are his kids, his mom and most important the several charities will the proceeds are going to. I honestly think Jermaine's intentions are a little suspect. He may love his brother, but he must also love the attention. I think Michael was closer to Janet, La Toya (as nutty as she is) and Randy.


Are you kidding me? Seriously, all you have to do is just watch Michael's families actions and see them for the leaches they are, all except for Janet, as she is set financially herself and don't need to ride her brothers coat tails. Kath and Joe going to that high class Italian diner on paparazzi blvd just what 2 weeks ago? Jermaine making appearances on Michael's behalf and taking credit that isn't his? Jermain going to a ballgame and enjoying himself? now Jermaine again capitalizing on this? Money. That is what is is all about.

I know in my heart and my soul morally I could NOT be able to enjoy myself as a parent or sibling, not even 2 months after my loved one died of unknown causes that points to possible criminal activity, or rest until a conclusion and justice came. Only then I might be able to rest my despaired heart and spirit. It tears me up watching this family just having fun when Michael's death goes unsolved, my God, Michael really had no one... for him, with him. He was truly alone. I am so celebrating in my heart and soul that God has taken back his child home.

No one wanted him here when he was alive since '93 and now that he has died every one is screaming for him to not be gone. I don't get it...

Posted at 10:18AM on Aug 10th 2009 by Dirty

1865 days ago


There is a major poll running over at as to whether Michael Jackson was good or evil. Evil is currently in the lead! I think this poll is being recorded in some sort of record book, anyways, everybody go vote for good!!

1865 days ago


did you guys hear about this ? so so so cool!

1865 days ago
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