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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Announced

8/10/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's London concerts never happened -- but maybe this tribute show will.

Events promoter World Awards Media GmbH announced Monday members of Michael Jackson's family and a "high-profile lineup of international stars" are planning a tribute concert to be held within a few weeks in the Austrian capital.

No date has been set, but a venue has been picked -- Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, where an outdoor stage shaped like a crown will be built.

Tickets will go on sale August 20.


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Think about it... You be the Judge...    

These Jackson Family members don't deserve the right to claim him as a Son or Brother. Michael Jackson would have had a normal life and enjoyed the happiness that he has been looking for all of his life. These Jackson's don't even know what a real family is all about.
It's really too bad, All the emotional and physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his family and it will not stop with Michael. They have his Children now, hope God is watching over them. They really need protection from everyone, including the family.

Debbie should have taken charge of her two children, they would have been better off with her. All the Jackson's are doing is using them as money makes for themselves.
Why isn't the estate handling this concert deal? They Jackson's have already gotten away with far too much by profiting from his personal belongings that were taken from his home at the time of death. Where is LAPD? The Estate would have had the property rights to collect his personal items for his Children and the Estate. The Jackson's removed items from his home, this is robbery. They didn't have permission to enter his home and remove valuables that didn't belong to them. Two moving van's and 8 movers, let's question what was taken. I would call this stealing...... My Opinion Only... They just keep on taking...
All these personal tapes that Michael didn't want released and they start showing up all over the news and Internet. The Estate should go after The Jackson Family for selling personal property of Michael that they removed from his home.
As far as this concert, Michael was upset with Joe Jackson and the brothers because they wanted this tour ( The Jackson 5 Tour of 2010 ) paid for view. Michael didn't want any paid for view only live concerts. Now they are pulling a stunt like this.. Everyone should boycott the show. They are using the fact, some of it going to Charity... Who Charity... The Jackson Family Compound????
These snakes are going against all of Michael's wish for the sake of the almighty dollar.... Michael shouldn't have left them one single penny,,,,,,,,,, NOTHING BUT GREED COMING FROM HIS OWN FAMILY...... They thought he shut them out before because of the greed for money, just think what he would be doing now. He would disown that whole family and put a Guardian for his Children...
The only reason the Family wanted to make sure of they had custody.,..........Control of the Children... They could say just about anything thing to them, and they would probably believe it... I sure hope the counselor over see's the well-being of his Children. Maybe someday, Debbie will step in and take them. I think she did the right thing for now. This is her way of connecting with her children and creating a bond.
When that's established, then maybe they will decide for themselves who they want to live with...
Thank goodness the Court is Protecting the Children........
They really need their own Attorney so the Jackson will stop taking advantage of them for profit. I bet this didn't set well with Katherine... Just follow the money... These are my opinions only...
Jamerine really needs to get a real job instead of using his deceased brother for a pay check.. My Opinion Only....

1863 days ago


MJ gave props to all those who came before him
shame shame

1863 days ago


Can't wait for this, I think it will be magical..... Still so sad, even more than a month laster. Wished he never suffered as much as he did, as a child, teen and adult. He had so much hurt inside of him and took it out all on himself, not on others. So unfair that the good ones always pay the price and the ones that contribute nothing or contribute only harm to society live on to be 100......

I found this site on the tribute:

1863 days ago


What a great idea He deserves that and more From heaven he should be so happy to see how people love him. ME TOO!

1862 days ago


W miss you Michel!

1862 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

One ugly WIG,,,,NICE MOP

1848 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

10,0000 votes or more to boycot all mj jackson family.Pay LA FOR ALL EXPENDITURES

1848 days ago

robert boston sr    

why are we giving michael jackson a tribute concert? he doesn't deserve it,he's a loser who got a little to comfy with little boys. you don't do tribute concerts for other singers who have died suddenly, what makes jackson so darn special. he's a unconvicted molester of little boys, and i'm not the only one who thinks this. some newscasters do. they have said it right on air. the butthead is dead move on. this is just a ploy by his family to stay in the limelight. it is totally stupid to give this reject a tribute concert. if thats the case then everyone who dies should get a tribute concert if they are a singer. he was no king of pop either. he was nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1835 days ago


hola a todos y todas quiero aprovechar la oportunidad para decirles a los y las directivos y directivas de tmz, que publiquen lo que en verdad pasó con el rey del pop michael jackson, que sepan que millones de fans no creen lo de su supuesta muerte y que necesitan saber la verdad de todo esto.

hay demasiadas cosas raras en torno a su muerte, si el rey del pop está vivo, el mundo y especial sus millones y millones de fans merecen saberlo.

les aconsejo que si saben algo sobre esto que lo publique por favor o que investiguen sobre esto, les aseguro que van a encontrar muchas cosas interesantes!!!

besos y esperamos la verdad!!!

1834 days ago
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