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Brad Cooper -- Renee Zellweger, Corner Pocket

8/11/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger played it close yesterday in Barcelona -- with Renee making a grab for her alleged man's backside.

Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger: Click to watch
The two have not confirmed they're dating ... yet.


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So the F**k wWhat 1st

1897 days ago


Renee always has that look on her face like 'I just sucked on a lemon and whiffed some sh*t'. Seriously, what does ANYONE see in her? Now Brad, he could have anyone. So what gives?

1897 days ago

Just wondering??    

Nooooo! Intervention! Clearly Bradley Cooper is lost in a haze of heavy narcotics. Someone please step in and help this guy... Shes just...UCK. Always looking prune-facey (not a word, I know) and bitter. Maybe now that shes snagged someone who isnt a "fraud", she will crack a smile that doesnt make her look like shes sucking on a straw.

1897 days ago


I just happen to know (Cooper is from my area) these two have a lot in common ( they both had short marriages, speak French, love English/books, they're actors ,share same political views), so I'm not surprised they're together. The six year age difference could be a problem though. I wish them the best.

1897 days ago


I agree with #2. Mary Kate and Ashley and Posh Beckham do the same stupid-looking facial pose constantly. I believe they think it makes them look sultry or pops out their cheekbones or something; I call it "making the fish lips."

1897 days ago


It looks like she's searching his back pocket to me.

1897 days ago


There is no need to, "CONFIRM" anything with the general public.
Their business, is THEIR business.

1897 days ago


That Skank is Just Looking for Some Fudge

1897 days ago


#2 and #9 LOL that's the perfect way to describe it! I can't stand to look at pics of her, all squinty eyed and pushed out lips. And she goes through guys left and right, I don't get what they see.

1897 days ago


I think this was a ploy, if you notice when Renae walks away from the car and starts motioning towards someone, the video jumps back to a woman in a orange/pink blouse exiting the car and from the back it sure looks like Jennifer Aniston, so maybe Brad is meeting up with Jen but using Renae as a decoy.

1897 days ago


Gee, #4, really two actors having the same political views.... really it would be a story if there were two actors opposing views... And Renee's face doesn't lool like she sucked on a lemon.... it looks like she squeaked out a fart and is smelling it.

1897 days ago


That can't be Jennifer Aniston, she's still in NY making a movie. The hair doesn't look like hers either. Brad and Renee make a cute couple. I hope it works out. I doubt either one's all that anxious to get too involved too soon. Renee seems to like her life just the way it is, and I don't blame her.

1897 days ago

Helen Rainier    

Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't care much for her. Hard to believe she was ever a professional model. She has never struck me as being very photogenic.

1897 days ago


Did you notice how she was off-balance and hobbling around in those ridiculously-high stillettos? A strong wind would have knocker her down... High heels are sexy, but not when they're so high that you have walk like a geisha.

1897 days ago


I bet you there is a Doctor,that can remove (I JUST SUCKED A LEMON) look off her face, with drugs and or surgery. Weird looking chick.

1897 days ago
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