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Tori & Dean

Our Kids Aren't 'Props!'

8/11/2009 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott are finally responding to Candy Spelling's scathing letter posted on TMZ -- the one where she said the couple used their kids as "reality show props" to generate conflict.

Though Tori played dumb to the ordeal -- saying they've been on vacation and "haven't read anything" -- Dean stepped up and defended their honor as parents, telling TMZ "We don't use our children as props, we take really good care of our children, we love our children ... everyone's entitled to their opinion."


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Throughout his three week shoot schedule in Canada, Mary Jo had trouble reaching Dean from home, as she cared for their 7-year-old son and newly adopted infant daughter.

The whole thing was just odd, she continues. My daughter was 3-and-a-half weeks, so I was just sort of maintaining at that point and thinking when we connect, Ill find out really what the deal is, because I didn't know.

When Dean did return to California, the family of four headed to Palm Springs for a previously booked vacation- and it's there in a hotel room where he unleashed the devastating news.

He said, you know, She loves me unconditionally. I said, It's been three weeks!? You know how can someone love you unconditionally?!

1899 days ago

catherine todd    

Thank you, #5, for expressing exactly what an unfortunate number of "unloved daughters" go through. My mother never changed, either, and she's dead now two months and didn't even want to see me on her deathbed. Talk about pain! We wait and hope our entire lives that "one day things will be different" and they never are. You said it all so well. God bless Tori Spelling and her own family and I hope no matter what, they will do well. And by the way, Tori isn't an "heiress." Her mother saw to that and made sure she was cut almost completely out of the will. How would you like to live with THAT?

1899 days ago


i love tori & dean and i think they are great parents! What a tragedy that tori's mother didn't take the invitation to her grandaughters birthday as an extended peace offering, the grandmother should of ran not walked over to the party, she didnt have to be on camera if she didnt want to be, but she could of graciously came and met her grandbabies! i felt so bad for tori, when she found out her mom wouldnt be coming, she truly was sad for her kids and herself too and her mother/ Who cares what may or may not have been "said" between tori and candi, candi should have came and met her grandchildren, it was the baby's day not theirs!!!!!!

1898 days ago


worried about tori wasting away, its obviously anorexia or bullemia that could be a helpful topic for the show and help other girls batteling the disease. There must be so much pressure to keep a "perfect" figure, but then somewhere along the line it becomes dangerously unsafe, and those beautiful healthy babies need their mommy too. (tori looked great in season two while carrying stella and after, she looked prettier and healthy!! I think comments from chesea lately show and others must be hard to have to hear, i love tori and dean. Toris mother needs to grow up and come to help her daughter!!! meet your grandbabies, life is so short and you dont get this time back, ever!

1898 days ago


I think we all had issues as children with parents however, Candy has really not taken any responsibility in this at all. She acts like she was the best mother in the world. Just because you have tons of money that doesn't make you a good mother. I am a mother I have made mistakes I admitt that. Why is Candy so ready to be right she should step back and ask why is my daughter so hurt did I really do that. Maybe she didn't know how she hurt Tori. Looking at it now I see Candy as a very selfish person who I think was jealous of Tori and the relationship she had with her dad. Some women get that way. I think Tori and Dean are doing great as parents and should keep going. How can Candy say her grandkids are T.V. props wasn't her daughter and son both on T.V. and you bet your butt she cashed in on that. Candy a bit of advice step up and do the right thing and meet your grandkids and make amends with Tori. As for Dean and his other kids I don't agree with the way he and Tori met but things happen not one single person would give a damn if he was Dean and she Tori. People have affairs wrong or right and people get hurt wrong or right and that includes kids. He talks about all his kids and just by seeing the look in his eyes with all his kids I know he is a great dad. Noone out there in this great big world knows the truth about what really happened with Dean and his ex and frankly it is not our business I am sure Dean has dealt with his demons and he will always have to and I respect the way he is handling it all. Good luck Tori and Dean and I love your show.

1898 days ago


I do hope and pray that you both see the error of your ways, make amends to your Mother Tori, does not matter who is at fault here, just do it, you only have one MOther and one Grandmother. Airing this out on the web will never get the job done, go see her in private, don't tell anyone, don't use it on the web for publicity, just see her, hug her and tell her you love her, don't waste anymore time. Stop listening to Dean, do what your heart tells you to do. From what I have heard or seen about your lives from my wife who follows some of this stuff so much has been predicated on some very bad choices, hhard to trust a spouse when the relationship is predicated on adultery. Tori-your running away from your reallity, piling one thing after another on yourself to escape, some do this through drugs and alcohol, some just get real busy and try to forrget, the problem being the hurt, the heartache will neevr go away until you face it.

1896 days ago


why cant candy just leave tori and dean alone already and get a life. it seems she really doesnt care about her grandkids. all she wants to do is to talk bad about her own flesh and blood. im sure her late husband is turning over in his grave the way she treats tori..tori and dean, im sorry your mother is such a witch but life goes on .

1896 days ago


Is there some secret group mothers like Candy go to and create new ways to hurt their daughters? I guess Tori should feel lucky to be here. Candy seems the type that would eat her young. Wonder if kicks puppies for fun too?

1896 days ago
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