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Dr. Conrad Murray's Latest Baby Mama

8/12/2009 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Dr. Conrad Murray injected Michael Jackson, his 27-year-old baby mama ejected his baby -- and we got a picture of Nicole Alvarez traipsing around Santa Monica, looking pretty hot.


Dr. Murray's spawn, Che Giovanni Murray, was born March 2 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A, according to the Daily News. It's Murray's 7th kid -- that we know of.

According to the NY Daily News, Alvarez was dancing at a strip club in 2005 when she met the good doctor.


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Re: Is it like impossible for men to date women their own f'n age? Men of world: when you get old, EMBRACE IT!!! Do they have any idea how dumb and mis-matched they look

They don't look mismatched, really, because a better gauge of age is how much time you have left on your biological clock, and a man who's fifty has more than a woman who's thirty-five, for example.

That's how you should think of age when it comes to men and women. Bad luck for women.

1876 days ago


Hey, TMZ you don't have to talk trash e.g. Ejected the child - what is this? a person not a car part also why use SPAWN?? a real person not Damion from Rosemary's baby.
I do love you site but not when you stoop low.

1876 days ago


To #11: Where did you get that information? I went into La Toya's website last night, and couldn't find anything like that. I would LOVE to see that information or should I go to Access Hollywood? I hope you get this message. Thanks.

1876 days ago


I so agree GINA! I don't like Jermaine anymore. Thought he was sincere, but..........

1876 days ago


To what: That doc...........what a LOOOOOSER!!! good grief!

1876 days ago


aint this Laquisha

1876 days ago


TO those interested in Blanket. I got OFF some Link to a paper that
the egg donor was paid $3500. That the Mexican nurse who carried Blanket name
Helena was paid $20000. So thats about right. Supposely Michael's sperm was
used. Yeah we'll see because there are stories everywhere. I hope so , Lil Blankek
looks like a young MJ.

Posted at 9:02PM on Aug 12th 2009 by Should have married MJ!! His PYT

No way in f*ckin' hell does Blanket look like a young MJ!!!!!! Without hearing the news, you can tell that Blanket is of Hispanic heritage. Either he's the spawn of two latinos, or a latina and Miko Brando (lol!!!). Arnold Klein, Mark Lester and who knows? probably John Branca and a sh*tload of other men donated sperm for MJ. It seems like no white male was off-limits for him to ask to go to a clinic, watch porn and masturbate into a cup! Is it so far-fetched to think that he asked Miko (and hell, maybe even Miko's father, Marlon Brando) to do him this favor? I think not! The sad part is that this paternity saga is far from over . . . Michael's three kids will be adults before we all know it and I'm sure they all are going to want to know who their fathers AND mothers are (It remains to be told if Debbie Rowe is the actual bio mom of Prince and Paris. I think that she may have well been just the carrier of the babies). I'm sure in Michael's desperation to have children, and his drug-addled mind, he didn't fully think out the implications of this mess in the event he died before the kids became adults.

1876 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Poor kids, their dad is a murderer.

1876 days ago


If La Toya said she saw Michael 3 times and it looks like he is resting in peace then why wasn't the casket open at the memorial? BS She saw him while he was sleeping AKA resting.

1876 days ago

This is Wacked    

hmmm... I guess it's a slow "exclusive raid" day for TMZ. I don't understand why TMZ is the first for the raids, but cant find the bodyguard that placed the 911 call? Also, while you are at it, you better check into Dr. Tohme Tohme. I'm just say'n....

1876 days ago



I can' feel Jermaine.

I feel him searching fame more than carrying on his brother's legacy.

Posted at 10:31PM on Aug 12th 2009 by gina

I'm with you 100% on that! I couldn't imagine not being choked up and in tears each time I talked about my sibling who died unexpectedly less than two months ago. Yet, everytime you see Jermaine on TV talking about his brother he's relaxed, happy and smiling. Doesn't look like he's grieving to me.

1876 days ago


Maybe MJ created these children like he did his music. Lots of sperm donors and just mix em all up and see what happens. Maybe he never knew either....

1876 days ago


HMMMMMMMMMMM! That is all sad............."7 keds" and she will not get any child support, hopefully he will be in the "big house" with BUBBA! Better keep dancin' Ms. Alvarez............


1876 days ago


If Prince and Paris are eligible to get social secuity checks they will probably go to their mother, Debbie Rowe.
When my sister's husband died, her children's checks went to her.

1876 days ago


How much longer do you think we are going to have to watch Michael grabbing his crotch while we try to check out the preview channel? Enough already!

1876 days ago
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