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Coldplay Fights for Their Right to Party

8/14/2009 2:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a serious internal conflict raging over this recent video of Coldplay covering one of the Beastie Boys' most iconic hits -- "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)."

On one hand, it's cool because Coldplay stepped up and filled in for the rappers, who had to cancel shows so MCA could deal with some cancer treatment.

On the other hand ... they turned one of the greatest party songs ever into a wussified, piano bar ditty.

So where do you stand...?


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Wow, ANOTHER group doing a remake? Looks like either the current artists are too lazy to come up with their own material or the record execs are cutting costs wherever they can.

1894 days ago


Lame-o!! The Beastie Boys had the right idea, sing it like an anthem and let your voice be heard. The Beastie Boys were basically saying "there's a party tonight, and I'm f*cking going!!!!" Coldplay however took the song and ruined it for everyone who has ever, or will ever, hear the original. If I were The Beastie Boys I'd be embarrassed, and pissed!! Coldplay took the song and turned it from an anthem, and brought it down to "Mommy, can I pleeeeeease go to the party tonight?". What a bunch of crap. Some things are better left alone.

1894 days ago


Oh please! This is far from a remake, it's a cover done LIVE. It's not like they released it as a single. They played it because they replaced the Beastie Boys in the line up. And anyone who is a fan of Coldplay like I am knows that they kick ass live. Chris jokes around on stage all the time by inserting lyrics in the middle and end of songs. If the whole clip was posted I'm sure you'd see thia was how he ended one of their own songs. My favorite is when he inserted Nelly's "Hot in here" in the middle of playing "Trouble".

1894 days ago


uh, no - Coldplay did not step up and fill in for the Beastie Boys. APW was a 3 day music festival and both bands were scheduled to play. Beastie Boys were scheduled for Friday and Coldplay was schedule for Sunday. When the Beastie Boys had to cancel, it was JAY Z who stepped up and filled in for them. AND it was awesome.

1894 days ago


It was a joke, relax!!

1894 days ago


That was just horrible.

1894 days ago



1894 days ago


I agree it's not the same as the original, but there was thought and prayers going into it. Get well soon MCA and don't forget you can still fight for your right to party, just now it in a different way.

1894 days ago


"TMZ High School" strikes again. Could you people be more childish? This was something that was done in good fun for the fans at the show, as a shout out to the Beastie Boys who couldn't be there. It's not like they went into the recording studio to re-do their song in the hopes of making it better. This is exactly the reason why I rarely log on to TMZ anymore, and haven't watched the TV show in months. You employ the dredges of society to invade celebs' privacy, then you report it as newsworthy like a bunch of schoolchildren. In just the few stories I've read lately, your staffers have used the word "Dude" at least a dozen times. Get a vocabulary.

1894 days ago


Anything Coldplay or Chris Martin does is awesome to me! They are awesome live and soooo much fun!!! They are definitely not trying to rip off the Beastie Boys. C'mon people!! LOVE THEM!

1894 days ago


Haha. Unfortunately, this cover sounds rather similar to one that Angie Aparo did a few years back. Seems their originality comes into question once again!

1894 days ago

Barfy Douche    

Who cares? it's sounds like (c)Rap either way.

1894 days ago


It sounds like Richard Cheese when he did that cover...lounger singer sucks!

1893 days ago


Wow. Some people are far too critical. It's a LIVE cover. How long do you think he had to practise before-hand? Also it's their style of music. He's going to sing with a slow piano and a soft voice because it's Coldplay's style. I'm reading half these comments which look like they come from a bunch of angsty 14 year-old-boys who can't take life seriously enough. "Oh no! Coldplay covered another song! Let's whinge about how whiny its sounds"! Relax, it's a one-off cover, not a single or album. Can't you just accept the fact that other genres of music can combine to create new-sounding songs? Even if the song doesn't sound that great?

1893 days ago


Coldplay can do no wrong.
The Beastie Boys should be flattered that Chris Matin payed tribute.

1893 days ago
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