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Dr. Conrad Murray: I Had No Idea ...

8/14/2009 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray: I Had No Idea ...Dr. Conrad Murray says he didn't have a clue about Michael Jackson's "very unusual problems" when he signed on to be his doc.

Murray, through his lawyer's publicist, told CNN Dr. Murray didn't know what drugs Jackson was taking or whether he was addicted when he accepted the gig.

And get this ... the publicist says Dr. Murray had no way of knowing, other than accepting Jackson at his word, if he was taking drugs. Remember, we broke the story that dozens of injection sites were found on Jackson's body, including multiple sites on his neck.


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just sayin    

yeah and pigs fly, honestly does this doctor think we are stupid or something, stupid negligent POS

1835 days ago


Yeah, and where is the live feed? Where is the big announcement? Maybe the thirty mile zone is PM....pulling strings on all of us who just want facts.

Posted at 8:20PM on Aug 13th 2009 by Chiclet


Keep giving us the same story... and re-wording it just a little each time.. we want some meat and potatoes.!!!!!!!!!!!!

1835 days ago



1835 days ago


What a crock! Does he think we're all stupid. Although the law enforcement agencies involved are.

1835 days ago


Oh Please Dr Murray

I am a ('lowly' compared to a Dr) Beauty Therapist and I have to find out about previous and current medications to do a simple manicure or facial !!!!!


1835 days ago


Ya know even if they find that Dr Murray scorced some of the drugs It will still be accidental overdose. Doc will probably be charged with Manslaughter. But I have my doubts. This is not a controled substance, it is not regulated. It is very unusual to administer it in the home but I really wonder if it is illegal. I don't think so.

1835 days ago


come on people dont forget dr murray met mj in 2006 , there is no way that this doc didnt know what was going on with mj and his addictions to whatever he was doing..he stated himself that he and mj were very close friends. how could he have not known mj was using if they were so close...he is guilty of not doing his job and the first mistake he made was not telling mj NO WHEN HE ASKED FOR THIS DRUG OR ANYTHING ELSE WITHOUT CHECKING HIS MEDICAL HISTORY FIRST. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MJ DIEING AT AN EARLY AGE AND THERE IS GOING TO BE A PRICE TO PAY NOW FOR THAT!!!! RIP-MJ SUE FROM TAMPA

1835 days ago


By this doctor deaths statement "he had no idea", it is normal for him to have patients who want iv anesthetic administered in their homes. I DONT THINK SO. sorry doc its jail time.

1835 days ago


What amazes me is the fact you all think MJ is actually dead.

Okay so we all know the tox reports and autopsy results have been in but they aren't going to tell us, the general public, what they consist of. That's fine. They don't have too.

But I will say this...LAPD knows those results...and if all these drugs and crap were indeed found in MJ's body, Murray would have been arrested already for murder or manslaughter.

Michael, where the hell are you hiding? It's time to come back and kick the crap out of all these greedy slime ball money hungry douchebag people that called you their friends and media.

1835 days ago


You have got to be kidding me right?

1835 days ago


Even Dr Murray didn't know about any addiction of Michael, doctors have to try cure people.

Because of Dr Murray, Michael came deeper in his problem.

Dr Murray killed Michael ! Murder !!!

1835 days ago


To those of you who keep complaining about the MJ stories...for the billionth time go to another story!! Click on one of the many stories about actors on the boat, actors at the airport, athletes cheating, actors with loose back skin, Jon and Kate, actors who have a girlfriend who sings, blah, blah blah. STOP whining. Truth is the majority does care and you are the minority and majority rules. Shut up!

1835 days ago


REF to a comment by "sick of michael":

I am sick of people who are sick of Michael and still believe he was a pedo. Please tell me, how actually can you be so sure he molested children? Were you in his room when he did?

Yes, he was obsessed by children. That one cannot be denied. But it doesn't proof he touched them where it is inappropriate and it was widely proven in court the accusations were bogus. What exactly makes you believe you are so much smarter than the 10 jurors who actually SAW the accusors clumsy attempt to collect some money from a man whose only mistake was to have previously helped save their son's life?

1835 days ago


He's one dumb liar! I'm not even a doctor and I could tell Michael had a drug problem. Who in their right mind would go out in public, or court for that matter, with pajamas and a suit jacket? I loved Michael, but it was obvious he had a problem. First of all, the very fact that Michael wanted the damn Propofol was more than telling that he was troubled. Second of all, if this numb nut Doctor couldn't see the traces of drug use, he shouldn't have been practicing medicine with humans, or animals for that fact. Third of all, once this clown ass Dr. knew the extent of MJ’s problems, he could have hit the road. What a fool will do for money!

1835 days ago


Im sure he didn't know these things when he signed on to be MJ's doc but when a doctor takes on a new pt he is supposed to take a history and assess the pt. The quack isnt even smart enough to come up with an adequate copout. Not to mention he claims to be a "cardiologist" and hes doing CPR on a dam bed and not giving Narcan which would have saved MJ's life. I think it should be investigated if the bastard ever went to medical school...he doesnt seem smart enough to get in if you ask me.

1835 days ago
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