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Candy Spelling

Stands by Her Tori Diss

8/15/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We gave Candy Spelling the opportunity to take back the harsh words she had for her daughter Tori Spelling -- when she said Tori just uses her children as "props" for her reality show.

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She didn't.


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1898 days ago


Poor Tori. It's unfortunate she has such an evil mother. Candy is way to toxic. If she will say these things in public, imagine what she capable of in private. especially in regards to the grandkids. She will stop at nothing to get to Tori. Happiness is the best revenge ;)

1898 days ago


SHE and her daughter are both's how they make the TV show.....DUH

1897 days ago


I'm Tori's age and while I like her my guess her husband controls her whether she knows it or not. He also was a not so famous actor who 'fell in love' with probably what was assumed heiress of the Spelling fortune,meanwhile he had a wife, child and weren't they even adopting another child during the time him & Tori started the affair? Tori complains about the way she was brought up but at least her parents didn't pimp her out on his shows. I wonder what these kids are going to think later on when so much of their private lives will be available for their future friends and stuff to find and make fun of. Lets face it Tori was able to play the cute h.s./college coed for several years, thats her acting range now she can basically have a scripted reality show to keep her in Jimmy Choos ect. She is doing the same lifestyle however she allows everyone to see it.

1897 days ago


Some people are truly beautiful from the inside out. I think we've all known people that the world wouldn't call attractive, but their heart and spirit make them really beautiful. You can see it in their eyes. On the flip side of that someone may be attractive, but there is something in their eyes that is just evil. I totally get that vibe from Candy Spelling. She clearly has the money to keep herself looking nice, but her spirit, words and heart are so transparent. No amount of botox can fix a hateful spirit. She needs to quit trying to find fame through her daughter. The difference between Tori and Candy is that people will still watch Tori and buy her stuff because of her, not her mother. No one cares who Candy is other than that she's Tori's mom. I can see where a cold person would be jealous of their child that way. It's just a shame.

1897 days ago


Will never understand in a million years how a mother could be that way towards her child. Sure hope Tori breaks the cycle.

1897 days ago

Buck Farack    

Stick to the facts people. Candy is going to die a lonely old rich bitchy woman with no family to bury her. As the daughter, Tori is not responsible for the feud. She hasn't had it easy you know, uber-rich spoiled brat, doted on by daddy, with a jealous mommy, and seriously whacked with the ugly stick to balance it all out.

1897 days ago

marla brown    

candy should shut her mouth up, tori is doing very good taking good care of her kid's, not like her you shoud be ashamed of yourself. At least your not supporting them, they work hard so they can give a good life to their kid's. Candy you should grow up. When you get sooo old you will be sorry that no one would take care of you,,,in nursing should pray and ask forgiveness for your sin, god will forgave you. I pray for your soul. I have 2 kid's myself and have a good relationship with them and with my mom and grandma. I'm very of proud of Tori she's very wonderful woman and Dean you guy's are great persons.

1897 days ago


Candy should be ashamed of herself!....but she isn't! the 109 year old who is in desperate need of a "heart" as well as a "brain", needs to sober up and get off the crack, and realize that she isn't getting any younger. God doesn't like ugly, and that is what she is being. I think she has a bad case of jealousy, maybe a big heap of envy to go along with it.

1896 days ago


Tori really does need to sever the ties. She has a beautiful family except for the obviously jealous mother who can't handle having a duaghter who outshines her in every way. Shame on Candy!

1894 days ago
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