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Michael Jackson Merchandise Hearing

8/17/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids is set to appear in court for the first time today, as lawyers for the estate and Katherine Jackson's lawyers try to reach an agreement on merchandising all things Michael.

UPDATE 7:10 PM -- And we're done for the day. Biggest headline -- the judge has approved a major Jackson merchandising deal, but there is still one more deal (with AEG for a Jackson memorabilia tour) to be decided upon.

UPDATE 7:03 PM -- The judge has set an evidentiary hearing for Friday -- so the AEG deal won't be approved (or denied) until then.

UPDATE 6:45 PM -- An attorney for AEG says the company wants the deal taken care of this week.

UPDATE 6:41 PM -- And we're back on the record.

UPDATE 6:34 PM -- The judge has ordered a short recess in the hopes all sides can reach an agreement on the AEG deal today.

UPDATE 6:32 PM -- The lawyer representing Jackson's kids isn't sure the AEG deal is the best deal out there.

UPDATE 6:24 PM -- One of the lawyers for the special administrators is worried that if the AEG deal isn't approved soon, AEG will pull it off the table.

UPDATE 6:15 PM -- All parties involved continue to express the time constraint they are under -- everyone wants the deals done ASAP.

UPDATE 6:10 PM -- The attorney for the kids just said she is not objecting the AEG deal.

UPDATE 6:05 PM -- An attorney for Katherine just suggested the lawyers for estate have pulled the guardian ad litem towards their side.

UPDATE 5:58 PM -- The deal with Bravado, to produce various different kinds of Jackson memorabilia, has been approved. This deal will generate millions of dollars for the Jackson estate.

UPDATE 5:50 PM -- Howard Weitzman, the attorney for the special administrators, has stated that one of the beneficiaries approves the AEG deal (to put on a Jackson memorabilia tour), but one is against it. We've been hearing Katherine is not happy about the arrangement, so she is probably the one who has objected.

UPDATE 5:35 PM -- The judge has set a tentative date (September 9) to hear Katherine's safe harbor petition. What that means is that Katherine wants to file an objection to the special administrators, but doesn't want to do so if it would be considered protesting the will. Jackson's will contains a no-contest clause -- meaning anyone who challenges it loses their inheritance rights.

UPDATE 5:30 PM -- The judge said that if it weren't for Katherine Jackson's procedural posturing, both parties would not have to spend as much time in court.

UPDATE 5:13 PM -- The judge said he agrees with Lodise -- there needs to be a simpler process put in place so the special administrators of Jackson's estate don't have to go before the judge to do every single thing.

-- The judge wants to come up with a trial date for Katherine Jackson's objection to the permanent appointment of the special administrators.

UPDATE 5:10 PM -- Margaret Lodise, the guardian ad litem for Jackson's kids, has submitted a report to the court.

UPDATE 4:57 PM -- The lawyers are getting into place.

UPDATE 4:47 PM -- Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, the woman who claims to be the bio mom of MJ's kids, is in the courtroom. Let the fun begin!

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All I can say is my lord. Michael was taken from all his life one way or another. Now he is dead and no one including his family can talk about anything except ways to make money off his death. Isnt it about time the Jackson crew stood on their own 2 feet and quite making a career and a living off of Michael? His children do not understand all this. Does anyone care about that?
The most horrible thing of all of this. We will never be blessed again with Michaels songs or performances. I will really miss that. I grew up with that sound. not this one of how can we sell, perform or use his name to make money for the family. Bull crap. That is so cold from all of them. Hello, your brother,and son is dead. Poor michael didnt get enough agravation or peace while he was living. Where were all these friends and relatives when he was alive, and suffering. Did nt anyone see he needed help. How about how thin he was. It is ashame his body has not been put to rest after all this time. How can they live with themselves. He was so tired alive with all the problems and publicity. He cant even be laid to rest cust he still has to be harrassed to make money. GOD BLESS YOU MICHAEL AND YOUR CHILDREN. WE LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.

1852 days ago

doc murry    

aug 17 2009 5:00 est wrap tin foil around your head and go stand outside to recive a personal message from michael jackson he is alive and well...FIRST

1859 days ago



1859 days ago



1859 days ago

doc murry    

ha ha u dumbass ,,youll never be first

1859 days ago


I'm glad his kids have there own lawyer!!

His docs, tha Avizo's, Joe Jackson,Jordie Chandler and family all these people who lied and did Mike wrong all need to be evicted, prosecuted and simply have there asses beat down!!

These videos will never be seen by the general public because people love lies! These are just two of the videos! 1-5 can be seen on Youtube!

1859 days ago


I guess 40% of Micheals estate is not good enough, She wants MORE,MORE, and More (it may be the Devil Joe putting a bug in her ear0

1859 days ago

It's ironic, now that MJ is dead and is not there to waste money, his music franchise will be the most successful in history. And it all goes to his kids, mother, and charities.

1859 days ago



1859 days ago


Michael... I wish you were here to clear up "All" this mess...

I am sorry that your mother and children are having to go through this...

Please let someone find the wisdom to understand that until Michaels body is returned to Neverland.... he never find the peace that he deserves... as his spirit continues to dwell there..... Neverland is the only home that he knew for 20 years before roaming the world the last couple of years.

Not because of Jermaine, but because that is truly where he needs to be..... "Gone to soon"


We Love You More!

1859 days ago


icecream and cake icecream and cake icecream and cake icecream and cake!!! I love that commercial

1859 days ago

doc murry    

the predictor is not gay,,not that there is anything wrong with that..and poster #6 swings both ways but like i said i am the man ..i am the greatest..i am the predictor......

1859 days ago


UPDATE 4:47 PM -- Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, the woman who claims to be the bio mom of MJ's kids, is in the courtroom. Let the fun begin!

1859 days ago


This is crazy. How and why on earth are the Courts entertaining these paternity claims?

Does not at all sound quite right to me.

It's all about the money. This is becoming a quote for me now.

1859 days ago


It is good that the children have their own attorney but I hope that their money is put strictly into a trust fund that they can have when they are older. I can see that their money will be ran through quickly if any of the other Jacksons (Jermaine-Joe) can get their hands on it. And of this Vienna tribute to Micheal that Jermaine is producing, does the estate get the money for the merchandising of Micheal's image.

1859 days ago
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