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Robert Blake -- Your Morning Cup O' Crazy

8/17/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Somehow a simple "How ya doing?" to Robert Blake turned into his thoughts on spending a year in prison, some poem about his daughter, and a verse from "Someone to Watch Over Me."

Robert Blake

Somewhere, Bonnie Lee Bakley Ella Fitzgerald is rolling over in her grave.


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The world according to Robert Blake ....(or was that Professor Irwin Corey?)

1863 days ago

Black Power    

The real scenerio is that one of the other men she dupped followed them and took the oportunity to kill her when Blake returned to the retaurant. Blake was found innocent in the courts, but that doesn't seem to matter to a lot of you. I hope none of you are accused of something, only to find that your friends and family have turned on you and believe you did the crime. Bunch of haters on this site.

1863 days ago


well said Gill

1863 days ago


Robert Blake tugged at my heartstrings with his poem and song. I wish him well. At least he is not alone as he has his daughter to keep him company and to love/be loved by him.

1863 days ago


One flew over the cuckoo's nest...

1863 days ago


Leave him alone already, he has a young daughter to raise. He was found NOT GUILTY people. Fair and square. It sounds like you would have had to take a number to get to this gal. Granted it looked bad, but reasonable doubt prevailed. I didn't make the laws. He's old and trying not to draw any attention to himself, unlike some other celeb criminals that have gotten away with murder!!

1863 days ago


he seems nice

1863 days ago


He looks like he would have bad breath.

1863 days ago


BEING FOUND NOT GUILTY AND BEING INNOCENT ARE TWO DIFFERENT. I AM A DEFENSE LAWYER! Juries are made up of people and people make mistakes. That is why so many people are exonerated and convictions vacated after DNA samples are tested.

1863 days ago


robert was on the LITTLE RASCALS.

1863 days ago

Granny Pants    

He was always a low-life piece of garbage people.

1863 days ago

just sayen    

Smiles, regardless of the haters Mr. Blake many of us love you & enjoyed the poem & song as well as all the years of your entertainment. It's to bad TMZ & a few haters with little to do made it such a joke. Poor Robert, even after he asked if you were going to be nice & stayed for a bit of interview you blasted him. I know now if I too saw TMZ coming I would run. Mayhaps if you didn't turn things around so celbs would not run from you or talk to you more freely.It'll be in God's hands at one point & he can see the heart.
Blessings to you & your daughter Robert, safe paths & warm gentle winds

1863 days ago

Black Power    

To #52 Bobo Justice - It takes one to know one.

1863 days ago


Leave Robert alone! You guys dont know him. No one really until this day knows what happened step by step..therefore do not write hatered toward him...stupid bitches!

1863 days ago


The ONLY reason I watch TMZ - to see if Robert Blake is still alive and kicking.

The poor old man is seventy-five, in September he'll be 76 - he's living alone and afraid of dying alone (re: the card with "I'm scared" written on it, anyone?) - and you-all say he's crazy, etcetera, etcetera.

How would YOU feel at that age, living alone? Not good, I should think.

Robert Blake was found NOT GUILTY in a court of law, and no one's OPINION can override that! The evidence was nonexistent, the so-called witnesses were coached by the LAPD, there were MANY people who would have liked to see Bonny Lee dead - AND the stuntman Duffy Hambleton said PUBLICLY in the COURTHOUSE that 'I set that SOB up a little too good"! What the h*ll else do you WANT?! Jeez!

Oh, and, Harv - next time one of your paps runs into Mr. Blake, please remind the old man that there is a BRIGADE of angels watching over him! I didn't appreciated your comment at all.

*rant off*

1863 days ago
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