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Michael Jackson -- Burial Announced

8/18/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson The spokesman for the Jackson family says Michael Jackson will be laid to rest at Holly Terrace in the Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Saturday, August 29 at 10 AM. That would have been Michael's 51st birthday.

The ceremony will be limited to family and close friends.

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I guess some people have never heard of the old saying "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all."

1857 days ago

just an observation    

Radaronline has just posted a video from Dr Murray himself thanking his supporters. Sorry makes me sick.

1857 days ago

Random Angel    

128. 117. your a dumbass #43 aka rip cat-I have relatives buried at that cemetery in that mausaleum so I go there frequently. That Forrest Lawn is notoriously known for turning away people who ask about celebs. Has nothing to do with me visiting celeb graves-I could care less.

Posted at 12:36PM on Aug 18th 2009 by soCal
Chill soCal...just as you were making a joke about the security guard, I was joking with my comment. I thought what you said was funny :o)


Posted at 1:32PM on Aug 18th 2009 by RIP CAT

There ARE parts of the Great Mausoleum that are accesible to the public, and to others that have loved ones buried there. Notoriously, the Great Mausoleum is the final resting place to many, many celebrities, so even while parts are open to the public, there are a few, very specific areas that are NOT open to the public. There's a handful of celebrities in this area, and therefore the common folk would have no reason to have access.

1857 days ago


he started to stink!

1857 days ago


God Bless you Katherine, nobody can imagine what you have had to deal with - you will get through it I promise, however hard things seem to be! I will say my prayers for you. You have to do what YOU think is right for you and your family - and nobodyelse - not even we - Michael's fans! The bottom line, is that he is your son, the Children's Dad and that is your priority. Don't give anythingelse a second thought, family comes first. We have been blessed to have had such an inspiration in our lives, and for those who don't appreciate that, should be prayed for. I have had some hard times in my life & I never felt alone when I was listening to Michael's music - it always felt like he understood me without knowing me - that was the magic of his music - his spirituality and it got me through the bad times. Be proud to have had such a wonderful son that mean't so much to so many people. God bless you, my thoughts are with you & thank you xxx

1857 days ago

Always & Forever    

#136 .............. couldn't have said it better

Michael Jackson will always be in my heart, god bless him

1857 days ago

mary ellen    

I have been wondering when his burial will finally take place. I'm so happy the family came to a decision. I think the place were Micheal will finally rest suits him very well.(private)I praise mother jackson trying to protect everything Micheal worked for. Micheal was a special dad you can see it in his children.Rest in peace dear Micheal your special heart will live forever .

1857 days ago

Claudia Wulfsen    

I couldn´t believe, that the family will do that. This is not fair for all the Fans around the World. Do they know, what he means for us? Do they know, what Michael does for all his fans? We, the Fans, would like to visit him, and please, make Neverland like Graceland, for all the Fans. Because, Michael said in an Interview 2004!!! He will NEVER sell Neverland, he loved this Place and this was his home. And if its possible to watch the comments, of the Neverland-side, he wanted to go back. He doesnt sell any things from his home, at the last second, he stops the auction. thats the truth... so i hope so much, that the Jackson Family would do this. There will be never ever an other "King of Pop", no Michael Jackson. He is the only One, and let the Fans see, what he was for a person in the Reality. Because Michael loved his Fans really.

1857 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

Will they defrost him first?

1857 days ago


Wow....Reading through these posts I can't believe how mean and inappropriate some people's comment are!

1857 days ago


May Michael Rest In The Perpetual Light Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

1857 days ago


i just read where there was an objection to having him buried on his birthday.. pretty sad he cant even have his own birthday but more important..
when the kids remember his birthday every year they will remember he was buried that day too....not healthy if you ask me.. for them...
why would katherine do this on his birthday... ? makes no sense at all....

1857 days ago


Reply to 141
This is not about the fans, this is not about us, this is about Michael. The family could not have chosen a better place, and yes it is a good thing that it is out of bounds for the public, and yes it is also a good thing that the funeral will be private for family and close friends. After all Michael is to rest there, it is wonderful that he will be close to those works of art that he so much loved. Also, it is very good that he is away from the "Neverland Circus". Everybody made money of Michael while he was alive, they still do it now that he is dead. At least they will not be able to cash in on his resting place. This is a place for him, his family, children and close friends (mind you I am referening to his real friends like Robin and Barry Gibb, Brooke and Liz Taylor.

1857 days ago


I just wanted to add to my previous message:
Since Michael's death I have put a place aside in our home where I put a fresh bunch of flowers regulary for Michael. In the evening I light some candles there. Also there are public places, I personally was thinking of the Peter Pan in Hyde Park London where I am going to put some flowers for Michael. We can be with him with our thoughts and accompany him on his way on the other side. I am certain this is much more help for him than trying to interfere with what is clearly private. He had so much unpleasant things happen to him during his life, let us now try not to bring selfish interest to his place and time in the spiritual world.

1857 days ago


And finally the burial is announced after 2 months!!! Something fishy is still going on. Now they need to get rid of the Body really quick yeah because the World is asking questions where the body is.

1857 days ago
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