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MJ's Final Resting Place -- No Visitors, Please

8/18/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're planning on going to Michael Jackson's burial site at Forest Lawn Memorial Park and dropping off some flowers, think again -- the mausoleum where he's being buried on August 29 isn't open to the public.

The Great Mausoleum -- where stars like Clark Gable and Jean Harlow were laid to rest -- is considered a private area, where only property owners and family members are allowed to go. It's monitored by security cameras to catch any trespassers who snoop around.

Graceland, it is not.


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doc murry    

to MJ IS A FREAK ,,we must fight the good fight and try and save the mj zombies from themselves..though we are scorned and shamed by society we must go forweard with the truth, so keep up the good work..

1854 days ago


#75 Clearly you need to get a library card or spend more time reading articles online. And I don't mean blogs. It takes very little investigation into the charges made against Michael Jackson to see that he was guilty of nothing. This was a media run cirucs. The book _The Michael Jackson Conspiracy_ by Aphrodite Jones is quite well-detailed and gives more than enough evidence to clear his name. And in case you are not living under Al Qaeda rule of law, we have something in this country which is called a trial with a jury. It's an interesting legal tool which lets people discover for themselves if the accused is guilty or not. Michael Jackson was found not guilty.

But common sense tells us these stories were made up. A few facts: Janet Arvizo changed her name to Janet Jackson in the course of getting to know Michael; Janet Arvizo and her son both said when asked by the media in the weeks following the Bashir interview that Michael was a giving person, a father figure and that no abuse had taken place (in essense, they lied and changed their story around when Michael stopped returnign their phonecalls--again all this is on record); and there is a official item in the court records regarding the first accuser's father who had a quite detailed plan to "ruin" Michael Jackson and extort money from him.

Now, perhaps you are a victim of pedophilia which it seems to be the case since you post false statements about someone who was found innocent and who, in fact, gave more to children than anyone writing here, dare I guess. I would suggest that you get yourself help for victims of pedophilia rather than defaming someone's good name here I understand your anger and emotional state, but this is not the place to displace your personal experiences. There ought to be free psychological services in your area if you are unable to pay for them. And also a library to check out and read the above book.

1854 days ago


So sad that his beloved fans have to leave flowers all over the place -- neverland, encino home, etc. I would have just loved to have left them at his gravesite! I'm saddened that there's no ONE place to pay my respects, but I'm glad he's being burried.

1854 days ago


92. GOD please can we make a deal ?!?!?!
Take these stupid, silly, ignorant haters and give us back our one and only, pleasepleaseplease....lets do it!!!

Posted at 1:06PM on Aug 18th 2009 by Biggi


1854 days ago


I think it is smart to put him to rest here. Michael had a lot of fans, and a good hand full of them went a little crazy when they received the news on that sad June 25th morning which i will never forget. So can you imagine what would really happen to his body if the public was able to have access to him...look at the world... I think he would have wanted his fans to have access, but we have to think about what is best for him.


1854 days ago


Okay, I know I'm not ignoring here but PREDICTOR there IS something you should understand about what you just posted. "I bet it bothers the hell out of them" you say? So that's your goal here is not to express your opinion but to "bother the hell" out of other people? That's what you said right. That's my point. You could care less about the topic your even commenting about but bothering other people? And you think the fans who post here need to "get a life"??? How about you. At least most of the people here care more about what they are saying than how much it may or may not affect someone else. THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU SO PATHETIC. So the answer is no, you don't bother me in the least. Sometimes as I scan throught the posts, I read you AND YOUR KINDS crap you write & sometimes not. But no darling, it NEVER bothers me because frankly you don't even get how stupid the things you say actually sound to other people. WE GET YOU MORE THAN YOU THINK WE DO. Not all of us are "blind MJ devotees" & if you actually gave a sh.. what we had to say you would know that. Of coarse, Michael Jackson had problems, only one of them being drugs. What other point are you trying to make? I suppose your JUST A FABULOUS HUMAN BEING, RIGHT?

1854 days ago


I am glad the family made the announcement to put all the speculations and rumors to rest. This was a great decision by the family to bury him in a location that is not accessible to anyone but family and authorized visitors.

There are some really weird, obsessive people out there who could have made any other grave site a circus,not to mention the awful media that had already staked out his grandmother's grave.

Rest in peace,Michael. You will always be the greatest!

1854 days ago


92. GOD please can we make a deal ?!?!?!
Take these stupid, silly, ignorant haters and give us back our one and only, pleasepleaseplease....lets do it!!!

Posted at 1:06PM on Aug 18th 2009 by Biggi

OMG Biggi you just made my day! LOL

1854 days ago


What a great man, he LOVED THE WORLD WITH ALL HIS HEART, it was an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and he really wanted to HEAL IT, STOP WARS and DESTRUCTION and have people find a common ground IN LOVE and GOODNESS and SHARING !

People he cared for abused his trust deceived him, his father abused him verbally and physically; and then worst of all the media/press raped and stripped him of his dignity publicly and hounded him mercilessly. And through it all he smiled!

I wonder how many of us would withstand the same introspection into our lives and how we would handle the pain. Before we case stones at MJ maybe we should imagine ourselves in his life and ask ourselves how would we manage it? How would we escape the pain?

Michael, you were too good for this world, for the people here, for the decadence of the community around us. You are finally up with the angels, where you belong, may you RIP ! We will do our best to CARRY ON YOUR LOVE and SELFLESSNESS and teach it to our little ones.

1854 days ago


97. to MJ IS A FREAK ,,we must fight the good fight and try and save the mj zombies from themselves..though we are scorned and shamed by society we must go forweard with the truth, so keep up the good work..

Posted at 1:10PM on Aug 18th 2009 by the predictor


1854 days ago


Whe I left LA they were packing things up at Michael's home and cordoning off more the Encino home, but his star is welcome for a visit. I think you could probably still leave items near his family's Encino home as well. And then there is beautiful Neverland which is still accepting visitors until and if it is sold.

1854 days ago


Being harassed by so called media/press for decades, glad to know that MJ could finally rest in peace.

1854 days ago


45. I almost wanted to respond to some of the hateful comments, but I guess I will be the better person and stick to the issue at hand.

This is a BEAUTIFUL final resting place, absolutely breathtaking, and Michael definitely deserved the best. I too, however, am somewhat disappointed that there won't be anywhere for fans to visit or grieve. However, some of these disgusting remarks makes me understand why the family chose to do it this way.

Finally you can rest in peace Michael, and I feel that doing this on your birthday is absolutely perfect, and it will hopefully bring your family and a lot of other people who love you closure (hopefully)! I'm sorry that I won't be able to visit, but I believe you will understand. I will see you in Heaven; I am looking at the (wo)Man in the Mirror as I speak to ensure that this happens. I love you, and you nor what you contributed to this world will never be forgot.

Haters can respond if they want. It doesn't matter, I won't be back to check. I just had to speak my peace.

Posted at 12:14PM on Aug 18th 2009 by Carla D.


Beautifully said...... I am so happy to see the beautiful place where he will finally be laid to rest. It looks very peaceful and that is what he loved about Neverland. I miss MJ so much. RIP our beautiful Prince...

1854 days ago


#9 lilyrose, lol, you mean James Brown. Bobby Brown is still alive..

1854 days ago


disfasia, I guess I'm going to have to. Although I would love to take the lovely drive and lay them at Neverland, they treated him so badly, that I wouldn't want to contribute to the City's wealth.
I live close to the Encino home, so I guess it will be there that I pay my respect.
His star on Hollywood Blvd. is out of the question.

1854 days ago
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