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George Hamilton Questions Obama's Skin Color

8/19/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, perma-tanned George Hamilton suggested that President Barack Obama also has a tan line ... as in ... he's not really as black as he appears to be ... as in holy crap, it just got all racial up this piece.

George Hamilton: Click to watch


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What is racial about the statement?

1861 days ago


Absolutely nothing racist about what he said. NADA!
Stop looking for problems folks! There was nothing racist about making a comment about a tan! Geez!
Kevin, your comment is ridiculous. Get over it. Everybody has been enslaved! Jews, Irish, Greeks, everybody! Learn some real history stat! Everyone has been enslaved!

1861 days ago

just wondering    


1861 days ago


When did being mixed race make you black?...His MOTHER was white and so was his GRANDPARENTS!!!!!!!!!!

1861 days ago


People should just chill out. Hamilton just stuck his foot in his mouth, that's all.

1861 days ago


May be if some people stop racism and start looking at everyone as an equal, then everyone will get along. It;s that simple really. I am all for mixed race marriages, maybe then we will all get along and forget the past. If in this day and age we still have the klux klan, then we still have a long way to go for sure. It;s important to know where you are coming from but for strength and not destruction. But unfortunately some do not see it that way. The end of racis would end all bitterness, but i don't think i will live to see that happen.

1861 days ago


What really gets to my nerves is when people dismiss that racism exists. How do people move on when a problem is being dismissed? You acknowledge and work with it. Why is it that in Britain, you find different races or people living in a certain area and integration is almost non existent. Maybe i is better that way and everyone is happy, but it shows alot about how divided society still is today. Let us face it, if it had not been for all the migration, slavery, conquering and what not, we would probably be all happily in our original homes(wherever that is). We exposed ourselves to each other but still cannot live with each other and some of us see ourselves superior to the other, which sucks really. The past will not go away with racism still at hand. I see some Irish still have problems with the english because they still discriminate against them really. If some people can end the discrimination, then everybody will be ok i guess in terms of race. Wishful thinking i know.

1861 days ago


First of all Obama is Black, that is why he married a Black Women cause he did't want a white family. He himself says that he is Black.

If you put Obama next to a white man, Obama looks Black and has Black Skin. He doesn not have hair like a White Man, nor does he want to be White it wasn't his choice. Obama has faced much racism from White predjudiced Bastards and does not wish to be white.

My father is White and my mother is black and I am black. Black people accept all people, most white people don't. My family follows the 1 drop rule that America put on us Black people. 1 drop and your black. And when you think about it its true, 1 drop you are no longer WHITE.

I have many mixed relatives, and they are say they are black, because they don't have white hair or skin and would rather be classified as black.

And please believe that if Obama didn't tell you all that his mother was white, he would look like any other light skinned black male.

Remember when the white man was raping little black girls as young as 10 and 11 in slavery times our blood was mixing. And anyway, I don't know anyone who wants to me white.

1861 days ago


Oh and One more thing....i work in finance and i am a very successful female who EARNED her position by working long hours and completing the work/projects that were given to me (by an african american VP - MY SUPERVISOR!) there are executive directors and managing directors that are african american, chinese, japanese, korean, jewish, indian,...wanna know why they are in that position??? THEY GOT WHERE THEY ARE BECAUSE THEY WORKED FOR IT!!!! U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??? THAT MEANS THEY ACTUALLY PUT IN THE LONG HOURS AND DIDN'T EXPECT ANYONE TO HAND THEM A POSITION BECAUSE OF THEIR ETHNIC BACKROUND!!!!!!LIGHTEN UP FRANCIS!!!!

GOD bless your heart! you need HIM...

1861 days ago


Dear people we all have the right to our oppinions, but we talking right here about our President. The person that is taking care of our Precidential the highest Office in the world. I am not very religious, but when I used to read the Bible Jesus said to respect our leaders and pray for them. I do that for my President, Obama, Bush,Clinton and Bush 41.Iam a beautiful brown person (Mexican American) but if we pray for Obama and his family we are bringing posite vibes instead of negative and we all with our prayers can do a lot for our Country. That is the least we can do.

1861 days ago


"The slaves were given a mule and an acre"

I would be effin pissed if i was given a mule and an acre after the contribution i have made to the wealth of a country and on top of that be discriminated against. After all, the freeing of slaves did not come naturally, it had to be fought for coz some were really against it. For heaven's sakes, why won't people accept that slavery was bad and how much contribution it had to our country and our welfare and how degrading it was to humans. It's not an excuse for failure but it should not be an excuse for never ending racism.

1861 days ago


Hey Mel that wasn't toward you, that was toward Kevin and is comment earlier.

and why am i an ugly B? because i WAS OFFENDED BY WHAT KEVIN SAID????
come on name calling??? really???

As far as running hollywood, i was trying to make a point, it doesn't matter what race you are or what field your in(read my 2nd comment) IF YOU WORK AT WHAT YOU WANT YOU GET IT.... NO ONE DESERVES A HAND OUT...
and yes i did see mel gibson's movie, and i cried the entire way through...however, does Jesus resent what the jews did to him?? no he loved them more... READ THE BIBLE don't just watch the movie... (i read the bible and that Jesus IS a beautiful person AND that He is the son of God...with no hate in his heart....i lived next to irish catholics my entire life...

that was my point....maybe i didn't say it correctly, and im not here to fight with anyone, i was just OFFENDED...

1861 days ago


George Hamilton, stay out the sun!

1861 days ago


i love how short everyones memory is.Obama didn't f*** this economy up.I guess he should have magical powers to fix a problem that started more than 200 hundred days ago.I wonder where was all this talk when bush was running this country in the ground.Its all about race.Only a black president would be so blantantly be direspected and have nut cases bring ak's to town hall where he you think someone would have done it with Bush.They would have been thrown into jail with no trial.People need to get a grip.Obama is not whats wrong with this country.

1861 days ago


Puck read your history a little better,Slaves were promised 40 acres and mule and many didn't get that.Slaves were free with no options.I hate ignorance and you spew it like the rest.Blacks are more accepting of other races where white people are not.very elitist.Ask yourself this You think white people don't get housing,welfare,anything the goverment has to give.Walk into a welfare office and check out the ethnic groups that are there and in these days more people will be in there too.WHo is spreading the fear about healthcare.Why?it like spoiled kids who don't want to share their toys.God forbid evryone gets healthcare.Lets spend it on a war or two.I have never been so digusted with people than i am when i hear"I want my country back"! i bet theindians said the same thing.Unreal

1861 days ago
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