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Ryan Jenkins: Motive for Murder?

8/20/2009 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who just spoke on behalf of Jasmine Fiore's family -- calling Ryan Jenkins "an animal" -- is the same man who may hold the key to what happened right before Jasmine was killed.

Robert Hasman: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Robert Hasman was a former boyfriend of Fiore -- who reconnected with her in the weeks before her death. As we first told you, last Friday -- when Jasmine and Jenkins were in San Diego -- she texted Hasman, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

It appears Jenkins may have seen the text because Hasman received a text shortly after saying "suck it."

Our police sources say Jasmine's text may have led Jenkins down a murderous path.

Jenkins faces 25 years to life if convicted of murder.


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Holy CRAP what is wrong with her FACE... And she is chunky.

I bet I know why he killed her. Because her vag was the size of the grand canyon from sleeping her way to mediocrity. Ewwwww. I hope the guys that slept with this ho double bagged her head so they could at least finish. I know I couldn't do it.

So ugly. I am going to have nightmares.

1859 days ago


I'm sure the urgency in finding him is because they are sure he did it and it wasn't just an accident pulling out someone's teeth and chopping off someone's fingers isn't something most people are capable of doing unless they are a psychopath, wouldn't you feel more comfortable in hearing someone like that is behind bars and i'm sure they want to find him before he either kills someone else or himself or runs to where they won't find him, this guy needs to be found so he can pay for what he did and to protect others out there. I left someone myself due to their control issues so this case just makes me more sure of my decision, the things all women should worry about in a man is bad control issues, impulse control problems and selfishness among many other thing seems this guy had all these problems, it's not just the guy's either watch out men for women like this too, it wasn't long ago on tmz they had a story about a women who killed herself and her married boyfriend 'cause she thought he had someone else and was going to leave her, jeez it's not that bad being on your own better that than with the wrong person.

1859 days ago


in response to "by to little", interesting you say she was the user in this situation, are you forgetting that it was Jenkins that tried to use his (supposed) money to lure women into his life for his own gain, i mean he was in a reality show about a women chosing between so called millionaires, it seems he was looking for a greencard to live in the US for his own reasons, you are also forgetting it was Fiore who filed for an unnulment so who's the real user here?, he obviously couldn't take it that he couldn't get her to marry him again, don't forget also that after the show he was on to marry another women it was litterally a few weeks after that he met Fiore and they married only after a few days, seems to me he was desperate to find a wife for his own reasons if you look at the details of it all, if it was all about money she would have put up with his abusive behaviour and not looked to her ex to find a way out.

1859 days ago


I saw right through RYAN"S demeanor -
he was NOT charming he was an idiot-
that other chick on the show that said he was manipulating, hit it on the head he was a nut job!!!! !!and it is sad that the victim JASMINE found out what he was really like after they married!!

The show should be sued -as they were negligent and helped CAUSE the death by having him introduced to the victim and other show contestants ..
He will get the death penalty and the LEFT LIBERALS will CRY to save his ass when the appeal comes through.
This case is us one little grain of sand
on the beach of America
that is slowly eroding away .....sorry for the rant

1859 days ago


For this Hassman idiot to call Ryan "an animal" is an insult to the animal kingdom. When has an animal ever committed what these effin lascivious human beings do for gratification. For one thing, the girl was a tramp; for the second thing Ryan was mentally challenged for being in love with a tramp, however, he is the one the tramp chose to be with at the time it is alleged he murdered her, and for the third thing, Rob Hassman, you deserve to spend the rest of your life with a limp p>p> just for interferring between two unstable people. It's idiots like all of you that disgrace the institution of marriage because of your lack of morals. It is my gut feeling that Ryan became mentally ill over the loss of this tramp/his wife however short they committed to one another.

Didn't the McNair murder in Nashville sink enough for you adulterers out there. This time, "suck it" up and LEARN from someone else's mistake.

Besides, blaming the producers for not doing a background check on Ryan is stupid. The so-called Security companies or lawyers are merely chitheads out to make $$$$.

1859 days ago


Ryan is innocent. She hooks up with her ex-convict husband a few days before. The alledged stipper/call girl/drug runner/grifter could have been taken out by the mob. It fits their MO. They call him a coward for killing himself and then a monster for what he did. If you look at psychological profiling, the guy who tears out teeth and cuts fingers doesn't hang himself. These are two different people.

1851 days ago
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