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Blow-By-Blow of

Jasmine Fiore's Murder

8/21/2009 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Jasmine Fiore murder investigation tell us authorities believe Jasmine Fiore was strangled last Friday, sometime after midnight, and surveillance video shows Jenkins leaving a hotel with a suitcase that may have been the receptacle for Fiore's body.

Jasmine Fiore's Murder

Sources say the video shows Ryan Jenkins leaving the hotel for good last Friday morning, although he never went to the front desk to check out. The video shows Jenkins leaving with his luggage, but Fiore does not leave with him -- she is never seen leaving at all.

The hotel -- L'Auberge Del Mar near San Diego -- was searched twice this week by Buena Park detectives. We're told the room in which Jenkins and Fiore stayed had no evidence of blood, and it appears she was mutilated elsewhere before her body -- stuffed in a suitcase -- was deposited in a dumpster in Buena Park, CA.

We're also told the smoking gun is the suitcase in which the body was found. Sources say one of the suitcases Jenkins left with resembles the suitcase in which Fiore's body was stuffed.

The white Mercedes Jenkins drove off in has not been found. Our sources say cops believe Jenkins may have murdered Fiore in the hotel room, and then mutilated the body after he left.

Fiore's cell phone also has not been found. As we first reported, Fiore had text messaged former boyfriend Robert Hasman numerous times Thursday night and early Friday morning, saying she wanted to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

And, in an eerie twist, as we first reported, Hasman got a text message last Friday night from Fiore's phone, which said "suck it." It appears that message was sent long after Fiore was dead.

Law enforcement sources say they believe Jenkins acted alone.


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i should thank the killer because this girl looks like a retarded bitch. she honestly looks like a pornstar, but the sad thing about that is i don't get hard looking at her fake ass breasts and little face. this girl looks like she's the type of female that's born to please men sexually. that was her only purpose. this reminds me of the black dahlia case, but even elizabeth short was a better and sexier girl than this fake piece of trash. i'm not saying i wouldn't have sex with her, just saying i would never get attached to a dumb/retarded looking girl like this because she'll end up cheating on you and you'll have to rape her, kill her and drink her blood then cut her up and put her in a suitcase. i'm not going to lie, when i was reading the details and got to the point where they said she was put in a suitcase and dumped in a dumpster, i laughed because i thought of the suitcases businessmen and lawyers usually carry and thought how small was this girl? her breasts don't even look good enough for me to consider having sex with her. thus, this is a prime example of why i only date blondes who have german ethnicity, or are from germany because they aren't fake and they are actually smart. i just want to know, will they show the morgue photos?

1887 days ago


You little filthy stinking pansy. Get in the ring with Bum Bum and see how tough you are, maggot!

1887 days ago


True, it was a sick, disgusting, and unforgivable barbaric act by Jenkins. Now matter what Jasmine said, did, or treated him like it was unexcussable! To make matters worse it was someone (Wife) you love and care deeply for. And as for Mr. Hasman how could you even put the women you love or loved in that kind of situation knowing and hearing what Jenkins is doing or how she feels about being in his company and leave her there. If you ask me someone should have grown a set of you know whats, and faced Jenkins and tell him what and how its going to be and removed her from harm instead of texting and e-mailing her to just worsen the whole sitution. In my mind you far from being innocent if not as guilty (presumed) as Jenkins is for what happened to Jasmine...Poor women never had a chance with two men like them loving her....

1887 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

She's not so finger lickin good anymore! I love true crime stories... How disturbed that man must be to take a crime of passion to a whole nuther level.... very scary... you never really know who you're kissing... He is a sociopath... How could you cut up someone you "love"??? Scarier is that he is so attractive (She is rather strange looking, brunette pic is good though, but she still looks "cheap", he looks classy..... Looks are deceiving! I hope they catch him... Really, before some other unknowing woman crosses his path.....

1887 days ago

to little    

Obviously this falls real short of the blow by blow as promised in the headline. Why? because TMZ is just reporting rumors, they are not even for sure where she was killed at.

Harvey your a few blows short of the full story, maybe if you blow a few more people then you will have the real blow by blow on how and where she was killed and mutilated at.

so you don't have the blow by blow you just have rumors

1887 days ago



1887 days ago


What sucks is Canada doesn't expedite on a capitol crimes which would normally be what we would seek for such a heinous crime. This means we can't seek the death penalty and with that said, it is really the only justice she deserves. He will sit in prison on our tax dollars and live life...lets hope someone who has nothing to loose in prison, wacks him. What am I saying, that usally what happens. Get um Feds ( P.S Let's hope he doesn't ask for protective custody )

1887 days ago


Nice try, "MEOW". Not even close! Get your eyes checked!

1887 days ago


I used to live down the street from The L'Auberge in Del Mar...they recently reopened for business after investing 40M in renovation...this tragic incident certainly cannot be good for business...

Jenkins has to be dumb as a rock not to think he would get caught knocking off his pseudo wife in a sleepy little coastal town like Del Mar...I'm surprised no one heard her scream.

1887 days ago

billy buck    

Is Ryan Jenkins an actor or something?

1887 days ago


Thats Sad To talk bad about a dead person**KARMA**

1887 days ago


they have no evidenceee ;
unless they find summm evidencee
theyy gooot nothing on himm.
like honestly the police needa
qett there sh** toqethaa.

1886 days ago


i hope the family and friends can get some justice.i find it completely sick what he did and i could care less if he's a freakin semi celeb.

about jasmine she was still a human being and people need to remember that reguardless of what she did for a living.bottom line is that he thought he could get away with it by pulling her teeth out and removing her's only a matter of time before they get him.

1886 days ago

tmz sucks    

The guy on the first page. TMZ reported the first night that this guy was in discussion with an attorney to turn himself in. I hope they catch him in the states and give him the death penalty.

1886 days ago


You never know who you are getting involved with, especially if you marry someone that quickly, it is sad what has happened to this lady.

1886 days ago
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