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Takes LeAnn for

Another Spin

8/21/2009 2:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They've separated from their spouses -- but LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian haven't separated from each other.

That's the two alleged lovebirds yesterday, sucking down some kind of canned beverage on the green in Valencia, California. He was also caught leaving her place yesterday morning with what looks like an overnight bag.

Maybe he was just giving her a closer look at his 9 iron.


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Affairs happen. It's not right, but they happen. Having said that, at least when the "Brangelina" affair was first happening, those two had the discipline and respect for others they were hurting by not flaunting their relationship. They didn't appear in public TOGETHER other then when they were promoting their movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". And then, they stayed a respectable distance apart, no doubt out of respect to Jennifer Aniston who Brad was dumping.

This LeAnn tart is no better than that Gosselin cad, separating from her husband one week, out on the golf course with her fellow adulterer the next, for all the world to see, including the betrayed spouses of both Rimes and Cibrian. They are showing no discipline, self-control or respect for the spouses whose lives they have devestated. This Rimes girl is one spoiled, self-centered BRAT.

1833 days ago


He is so HAWT!!!!!!

1833 days ago


Oh Oh!!! Where's her Gay Face husband? I don't know why he like this chick. She's got that inbred southern country F@#k look going on.

1833 days ago


You know American really has lost their morals when people are saying stuff like "im happy for these leann and cibrian". Have people forgotten that these two both cheated on their spouses who they married and took a vow with.

It's disgusting that people are saying the look cute together.

1833 days ago

who dat    

They look like two people who have been screwin each others brains out.

1833 days ago


shes like a horse, he's smokin hot....he'll dump her shortly for another young thang.

1833 days ago


You Horny 2 - that's what you do with YOUR spouse, not someone elses.

1833 days ago


Seriously...this is why NO ONE in "Hollywood" should be allowed to marry. Shack up, get together to bang, & maybe pop out a few kids here & there, heck have a "civil union", but the last time I checked the covenant or even the idea of marriage is a committed union united through & with God til death. Not only are you breaking your word with your spouse, but with God, too. If you decide your own opinion is better than God's, then that's one is going to force you otherwise, but for everyone's sake, leave marriage to those who actually believe in it & what it stands for?!?! No use in ALL of us being a big ol' nation of hypocrites with self-absorbed, elitist, unaccountable, unethical Hollywood imbeciles as the "high priests/esses"!

1833 days ago


I think its gonna be so very funny when he dumps her for the next girl.I guess Leann has never heard of the term rebound. Which is the only explanation for someone so hot going after someone so fugly.

1833 days ago


They both deserve each other. I have lost a ton of respect for LeAnn Rimes. Don't know anything about him.

1833 days ago


Hey Justdatruth...What makes you think everyone believes in God?
When has God last given you his opinion on anything and which God would that be? Don't you think it's a little ignorant to be judging people on what YOUR gods rules are? You don't need god to be good to your woman and children. You don't need a God to have a good moral compass. I'm so sick of people telling other people what they should do because God said so. Which God? Who's God?
The scariest thing is you're probably going to tell me your Gog is THE God and you'll say it with conviction!

1833 days ago


Have you seen her husband? There is something a little fruity about him. And Eddie is like total man. I would blame her husband for not being man enough to keep her or satisfy her. Women don't like week guys. There is a reason women cheat and it is because men are not stepping up to plate anymore.

1833 days ago

Miss Magnolia    

9. Oh Oh!!! Where's her Gay Face husband? I don't know why he like this chick. She's got that inbred southern country F@#k look going on.

Posted at 10:06AM on Aug 21st 2009 by I m the best..FU

You know saying someone has athe Inbred Southern Country look is as bad as tasteless as using the "N" word. As far as country looks are concerned, you fail to think of Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Emmy Lou Harris, Shania Twain, Sara Evans, oh and although she was not a singer, Farrah Fawcett who was from Texas... and the list goes on.

1833 days ago


You're right Katie_26
The only way her husband would step up to the plate is if she was wearing a strap-on. The guy is a total fruit cake, but what does that say about her. Why on earth would you marry a guy who looks like a total Nancy Boy in the first place?

1833 days ago


Look at his face!!!!! Talk about "being caught with his hand in the cookie jar!"

Or...... "cat that ate the canary"???

Just sayin'...

1833 days ago
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