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Takes LeAnn for

Another Spin

8/21/2009 2:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They've separated from their spouses -- but LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian haven't separated from each other.

That's the two alleged lovebirds yesterday, sucking down some kind of canned beverage on the green in Valencia, California. He was also caught leaving her place yesterday morning with what looks like an overnight bag.

Maybe he was just giving her a closer look at his 9 iron.


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Linda Mott    

I think it's nice to be in love but too much togetherness is suffocating.

1897 days ago


Hey Whamo,

I thought this was supposed to be a comments for LeAnn & Eddie? Anyways, no need to go on a diatribe on me...if you read my statement precisely, I never once stated that everyone believes in God (although about 4-5 billion of the 6 billion on this planet do believe in the God of Abraham, which means Jews, Catholics/Christians, & Muslims). I merely stated that marriage is a covenenant not just between 2 people, but with God as well. Which god? Well the afore mentioned peoples & just about every other religion, which will give you almost 6 billion people, has a member of their own clergy officiate the marriage, thus tying religious practice to marriage. When you violate/break your vow, you not only offend your mate, but God as well, even more so. People & society have taken God out of marriage & when you do that, you no longer have a marraige.

Please don't tell me you made the mistake of assuming my feelings on people who are pagan/heathen/athiest. Not in one part of my previos claim did I write that they are not capable of doing the right thing or having a "strong moral compass"; nor have I judged anyone. That's a flat out false accusation. I think I may have struck a nerve with you or something.

1897 days ago


LeAnn and Sieanna Miller should become BFF's, they seem to have so much in common.

1897 days ago


As if it's a big deal or something? In hollywood? No different than Angie Angel and Brad Puff or a myriad of other celebs who just happen to find cuddling with their co-star off camera a great past-time, while spouses are left to find out by the media. Now that they're separted from said spouses....who cares?

1897 days ago

Dex Mex    

Hey TMZ,
Why don't you investigate what's in Leann's can? She pulled a Hit-and-Run in Brentwood later that day. Maybe she was DUI?! Get your top sleuths on it, we know how you like to bust people!

1897 days ago


I have no idea how she landed him .. but GET IT GIRL! Eddie may be an a*hole for cheating on his wife, but he's one of the hottest pieces out there. I probably wouldn't be able to resist him either LOL

1897 days ago


Is it just me, or does it look like she's sipping from a "tall Boy" beer? Didn't she have a hit & run incident after this pic was taken?

1897 days ago

J C    

She thinks He's in love with her.
He's doing it for the publicity and career possibilities.
She's in for a rude awakening when she realizes she's been played.

1881 days ago
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