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Michael Jackson AEG Hearing

8/21/2009 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonSeveral witnesses expected to take the stand today as lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate -- as well as lawyers for Katherine Jackson and Michael's kids -- give testimony about the proposed deal with AEG about a Jackson memorabilia tour.


-- The petition has been approved!!! The AEG deal is done, the memorabilia tour will happen. Finally. The three-city tour could earn as much as $6 million for the estate.

UPDATE 7:20 PM ET -- An attorney for Katherine wants more protections in the agreement to protect the estate and Michael's legacy.

UPDATE 7:14 PM ET -- The attorney for Michael's kids is in favor of the AEG deal.

UPDATE 7:07 PM ET -- And we're back!

UPDATE 5:50 PM ET -- The court has been closed again as one of the senior lawyers for AEG has taken the stand. Outside of court, Taj told reporters the family is more interested in protecting Michael's legacy than in making money. He also told Taj that he planned to do film after the London tour.

UPDATE 5:16 PM ET -- And we're back!!! Tito's son Taj is set to take the stand.

UPDATE 4:50 PM ET -- Court is back in session -- but still closed to the media. But it should be opened back up after the current witness is done.

UPDATE 3:20 PM ET -- John Branca has finished testifying via phone and they've adjourned for lunch. Testimony will begin again in about an hour -- but it is unclear whether the judge will re-open the court. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1:51 PM ET -- Waiting patiently ...

UPDATE 1:26 PM ET -- The judge will re-open the courtroom after John Branca testifies via phone.

UPDATE 1:21 PM ET -- It happened -- the judge closed the courtroom.

UPDATE 1:15 PM ET -- Tito Jackson's oldest son Taj is in the courtroom.

UPDATE 1:10 PM ET -- The judge is considering closing the courtroom because confidential documents will be discussed.

UPDATE 1:06 PM ET -- AEG is upset because Leonard Rowe, who was expected to testify as an expert witness for Katherine, will not testify -- but he was shown confidential documents as part of disclosure. AEG's lawyers also say those docs have not been returned.

UPDATE 1:00 PM ET -- Change of plans already -- Randy Jackson will not be called as a witness, according to an attorney for the estate.

UPDATE 12:58 PM ET -- Lawyers for all sides -- AEG, the co-administrators, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's kids -- are all in place.

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Taj was alleged to have been Michael's personal assistant. He was also the child that Jermaine accused Michael of fondling (family secret) on the night that it was announced that 3T's mom (Dee Dee Jackson wife of Tito) had drowned in her home pool. Her ex-boyfriend was later found guilty of murdering her and Michael formed a very close bond with Tito's children who were basically reared at Havenhurst with Katherine. Taj was also questioned about this incidence during Michael's molestation case.

Most people don't realize that Michael did not leave home until he was almost 30 so he grew up with Tito's children and pay for a couple of their college education.

1890 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Pm sent us an email//JUDGE MITCHELL BECKLOFF HAS MADE A RULING.Estate and AEG details to follow..

1890 days ago


Someone obviously thought the rehearsal footage to the MJ estate and/or AEG jointly since Sony paid $60 mil to purchase the rights to use the footage in the movie.

Let's face it folks, MJ's life is no longer private. For the most part it became an open book the day he died. Quite honestly, I think that the surface is just being scratched. This stuff will keep those employed in the media busy for years to come and a lot of folks are going to make a LOT of money from the death of Michael Jackson.

1890 days ago


200. Michael was actually very close to Taj, Tito's first son. Michael was only abuot 15 when Tag was born in 1973. So when you consider it, uncle and nephew are not THAT far apart in age. Michael actually made provisions in his will for all of Tito's 3 sons - if his children were unable to inherit. It makes sense he was the closest to them, because they are closest to Michael's age and some of the first nephews ever born to him. Taj especially, was with Michael frequently during the heyday of his solo years in the early to mid 80s. There is a famous picture of Michael and Taj on a rollar coaster when Taj was only about 8 or 9. Michael also lent his voice and name to Taj's musical group with his two brothers (3T) in the 90s. I believe that Michael loved Taj very much and vice versa. I believe Taj when he says he wants to protect his uncle's legacy.

Posted at 6:15PM on Aug 21st 2009 by Cathy

thank you !

1890 days ago



1890 days ago


This looks very bad for the Jackson clan. Nobody but the lawyers and guardians of the estate should be talking. Why is Taj there? Clearly the family wants more money and is not abiding by Michael's will. He clearly stipulated who gets control of things and how his estate should be handled. I hope this judge puts an end to the pettiness and greed. In the end, delaying things will affect sales. This is not comparable to the days of Elvis, pre-internet, pre 10 minute attention spans of most adults. People move on from one scandal to the next, from one star's death to the next and so forth. To pretend that Michael will sell the same always is fantastic at best, delusional at worse. And the estate ought to be dealt with by those best at making money as they have for decades form Michael and his family. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot!

1890 days ago


this is gettin old....

1890 days ago


I don't see how the memorabilia tour, if approved, would damage the legacy of Michael Jackson. Remember, one of the responsibilities of Team Branca is to protect the image and likeness of MJ and ensure it is authorized only in an appropriate maintain that maintains the image and legacy. I wouldn't go, but many MJ fans are salivating to see anything MJ related and the tour would be a sellout in the three cities that it would visit. The judge will decide...I think he will be glad to have this session over with.

1890 days ago


I hope they throw Katherine out of the courtroom and not get a dime...

1890 days ago


Where did you get the information as to how KJ's 40% is distributed?


Posted at 6:24PM on Aug 21st 2009 by BrancaFan2


A trust account is not designed to touch the principle - only the interest is distributed usually in quarterly/or annual payments otherwise you would just have a will that would distribute the assets. That is why Katherine is given 40% and her 40% reverts to the children upon her death. It is also why Katherine cannot WILL her share of the inheritance because all of the principle monies stays in the TRUST. Farrah Fawcett set up a similar TRUST for her son whereby he will receive payments out of the trust and not the full value of the trust.

If Michael gave Katherine a flat 40% she could distribute it however she wanted, willed that amount and could share it with Joe, I don't know the specifics of Michael's trust payout but I'm sure it was drafted as a standard payable trust and not a distributed will.

1890 days ago


Facility Reality: Thanks for the financial clarification. I had been working on a few wrong assumptions, but everything you say makes perfect sense and jogged my memory from an estate planning seminar.

1890 days ago



There is an interview with Frank Dileo hitsdailydouble

He said that he had been appointed to the board of sony/atv music publishing.

1890 days ago


yelena, france

I'm posting several articles on AEG insurance on MJ!!!

1.)Jackson insurance excluded ‘illicit’ drug use

The insurance taken out on Michael Jackson for his London concert series does not cover cancellations if the pop star was found to have illegally possessed drugs or was involved in the “illicit taking of drugs,” according to a copy of the policy provided Friday to The Associated Press.

The insurance policy, covering the first 13 shows of the 50-show run, was taken out by Jackson and concert promoter AEG Live in April. Such a policy and its provisions are considered standard for events on the scale of the one for which Jackson was preparing.

A copy of the insurance policy shows that it had several clauses that would prevent a payout, including if the singer concealed information or acted carelessly to increase the risk of a no-show.

2.) Michael Jackson promoters struggle to find farewell tour insuranceIt seems that insurers are not thrilled about covering the King of Pop's O2 arena marathon. Perhaps because he hasn't toured in over a decade and was rumoured to be dying last year

3.) AEG Live Insurance Covered Overdose for Michael Jackson
But not death of natural causes

1890 days ago


Firstly, there seems to be a lot of tabloid readers that take in everything they read as gospel. That's a mistake. There's also some pretty negative, bitter people posting their opinions about the Jacksons and their home life. It's truly none of our business. Like someone said waaaay earlier today, they were all pretty low profile until Michael's death - the public has created this frenzy of publicity and demand for the media to give us dirt. Leave them be. They were quite fine without our scrutiny and speculation. I just hope they are getting decent legal backing to muddle through the mess that is left behind. I believe the Jackson family's voices should be heard and at least considered since they're really left with no legal right to make decisions (which is fine as long as Michael is properly represented which, for the most part, he seems to be). I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, money or no money.

1890 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Insurance Policy a small sample..''ACCIDENT OR DANGER BY SOMEONE ELSE.this wording regarding to MJ,s death if (true).Will help explain why any toxology is being with-held.Two reports so early explain ,someone even before his death may have been directing the out come.Randy will not put his hand on a Bible and swear to the truth.The Players are showing their cards.

1890 days ago
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