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Ryan Jenkins -- No Remorse

8/23/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned someone had a chance meeting with accused murderer Ryan Jenkins the night he escaped to Canada, and he was cool, calm and collected.

Law enforcement sources tell us after Jenkins docked his boat but before his short walk to the Canadian border, he had a conversation with someone who had no idea Jenkins was on the run. The person told law enforcement there was "no sign of remorse" and Jenkins acted as if everything were fine.

And law enforcement sources say they have a "reason to believe" Jenkins' parents have been assisting him. One law enforcement source says he believes Ryan enlisted their help before anyone knew that Jasmine Fiore had been murdered and he lied to them. But authorities believe they may still be assisting him.

The parents are divorced and live in separate cities in Canada. They have tremendous financial means. Law enforcement sources say after Ryan became a suspect, his father's plane came in from Honduras -- Ryan's dad developed a resort on an island off Honduras.

Authorities don't know where Jenkins is hiding presently, but they believe he needs the assistance of family and friends.


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Fact Checker    

I AM SO PISSED THAT HE HAS NOT BEEN CAUGHT. Can't they freeze his parents assets?

1832 days ago


He should have acted more suspicious so people would know he just did some bad stuff.

1832 days ago

Ugh! this guy is such a sicko! i can't believe him. you just never know. Megan go the short end of this deal! she has to be super mad!
you can actually read more about this here:

1832 days ago


Ryan is a spoiled daddy's boy who can do no wrong in his parents eyes and they should be ashamed of themselves for helping him..sure explains his mother's sudden trip to Seattle the other day..his father feels he is above everyone and so does his cowardly son..I don't care how much money Daddy has because his son will be caught..Ryan is a wimp though so when he figures out he can't get out of this mess with Daddy's money he will probably commit suicide before he will ever spend a day in prison

1832 days ago

arte help    

String Him up!!1

1832 days ago


DUH! Sociopaths learn their behaviors somewhere ... like momma or poppa! I'm pretty sure they can't freeze the parent's assets without solid proof that they're sponsoring him, but are they looking at HIS assets? He's not gonna get very far. Everyone in BC and AB are watching ... and proof that the whole country is watching just look at what happened in Toronto. Think about it, air travel he has to go through an airport, travel by road he's got not only citizens but also law enforcement looking for him. From what I've heard, his father's company, his father's house, the real estate firm he worked at and more are ALL being watched.

1832 days ago


I have a feeling he will turn himself in. I just think at the moment, they are trying to get the best defense lawyers money can buy and coming up with their defense know "the OJ Team"

1832 days ago


It doesn't surprise me he doesn't show any remorse. Sociopaths usually don't. They blame the victim - look at the email he sent her - and view themselves as justified for doing what they did.

1832 days ago


Ryan's dad has been talking with police. His lawyers have told him NOT to tell the police if he has or hasn't communicated with Ryan.

Ryan's mother lives in a condo in Vancouver and hasn't been heard from in days.

I am on Vancouver Island and there have been several reports of Ryan-spottings including one at a cell phone store where a guy fitting his description bought cell phone minutes.

About an hour ago, I drove past 15 police cars surrounding a small cabin. The community has only one police car. Something is up...

1832 days ago


About an hour ago, I drove past 15 police cars surrounding a small cabin. The community has only one police car. Something is up...

Posted at 2:48AM on Aug 23rd 2009 by SaysWhat

Oh...and I took photos.

1832 days ago


Here's what we can all help to do.

Catch this jerk ASAP
Arrest anyone who has helped him since the murder
Ruin his family's resort business--don't go there folks!

Apparently Mommie and Daddie raised a monster.

1832 days ago


guilty eyes....

1832 days ago

Sad sad    

What? I don't believe it. They were chasing him. How would he have time to chit chat. hmmmmmm

1832 days ago

Ehud Gavron    

TMZ, listen up.

To come in from Honduras they had to file a DVFR (Defense VFR) flight plan. That's public record. They also had to file with EAPIS (TSA/Border Patrol's sick game of screwing with people coming in or leaving the country). That too is public record.

You guys know how to get records like nobody in the [now-dead] record industry. WHY NOT FIND OUT WHEN THOSE PLANS WERE FILED.

I mean seriously. If dad has a plane and the plane is in Honduras, well why not bring it here soon. If it sat there for three months but the moment Ryan went missing Dad wanted the plane back -- that's a clue.

While it's great when you guys find the news when everybody else is too "sit on the sidewalk and wait to take pictures of Britney and Lindsey", it's disappointing when you post a half-sentence which has implications, insinuations, but none of the facts we seek.

Tell Harvey those people at Times Square shouldn't be asked to give legal opinions. Not only are they not lawyers, not only do they suck at common sense, but hey, Marilyn knows what she's doing.

Cheers, Mates,


1832 days ago


Castrate all those Jenkins to prevent anymore Bad Seeds

1832 days ago
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