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Ryan Jenkins -- Suicide Details

8/24/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The room below is in the motel where Jenkins' body was found -- and the photo agency who owns the pics say it's the same room -- and coat rack -- where Jenkins hanged himself. The agency says the photos were taken about 6 hours after the body was discovered -- after the room had been inspected and cleaned.

The manager of the motel where Ryan Jenkins hanged himself says he was found hanging from the coat rack behind the door and his feet were touching the ground.

The manager says it was odd that he could touch the ground. We do not know if Jenkins sedated himself before hanging himself.

Residents of the motel (it's used for sober living) tell TMZ Jenkins, who walked around the grounds from time to time, looked nothing like the video and pictures that have been circulating. He was skinny, his cheeks were sunken and he was wearing clothes that looked like he purchased them at a thrift store.

Kevin Walker: Click to watchAs for the mystery woman who accompanied him, she was very pretty, between 20-25 years old and was "extremely calm" when she checked in. The manager says he was a bit suspicious when they first pulled up in a PT Cruiser. The car pulled up -- ironically -- next to a dumpster rather than in a parking spot. He waited in the car while she checked him in. She left 20 minutes after Jenkins checked in and has not been seen again.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with the motel manager who said he did not see a suicide note when he discovered the body.

Officials have Jenkins' laptop -- but it's unclear what was on it.


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How could he have looked that much different from the photos that were all over the media? I wonder what belongings he had with him and if that will have any clues. It said his laptop was open, so I wonder if he left a suicide note? Surely his laptop will provide some clues, emails or what he was looking up before?

I know all signs point to him in this case but I'm still not convinced he did it. I think this story is far from over! I feel terrible for both families involved!

1888 days ago

Donna Poore    

It's unfortunate that Ryan Jenkins chose to end his own life rather than face justice for his alleged crime. Because he was still a suspect and not yet charged with the murder, the family may never know the true reason why Jasmine was killed and will never get to face the accused in a court of law. It's such a sad and disturbing story and my sympathy goes out to her family and friends.

1888 days ago


Poor Guy, to find someone hanging..tragic.
He seems so

1888 days ago


I know this may not be the most popular comment...

I feel a great deal of pity all around. To those commenting on this savagely murdered girls are a shame! I can't imagine the terror she must have felt. AND her family (again with the'll need to look at the attention ppl of great character get...ignorance is outdated)...
I also feel for His family. Somewhere in there, there are good people forever marked by his crime...confused, angry, distraught at his death.
We don't know he was not a sick the sense of a mental illness, abuse, etc. Not in any way does this excuse his heinous act...just that the health and criminal justice system fail Americans by the millions every day.
In the end, he now can not stand in a court of law, with a presumption of innocence we would all expect in our own case...and if found guilty (which obviously looks as though he was) and pay for his crime in the way that was intended.
He took the easy way out and in his aftermath are two families left with the scars of his life.
Sad all around.
My heart is with the families (and shame on those that help create and possibly stroked his path before and after the crime.)

1888 days ago


@ barney.....(comment #1)

Honey, I don't know where you are looking. But, you are obviously NOT reading. There are not blood stains, because this is NOT the room, but a replica of it to give an idea of where the suicide took place. (and BTW not a lot of blood in hangings)
I love hysteric imagination!!!
This is a pointless and tacky picture TMZ!
What next, a pic of a belt that is somewhat kinda possibly like the belt he used to hang himself!

1888 days ago


I don't go to a lot of motels/hotels but ... don't you have to show your driver's license or something when you register at these places? Especially if it's a sober living type place? She registered as who? How did she pay for it, cash? I'm sure they are looking for this woman, and they know who she is.

1888 days ago


so...he pretty much got away with murder. WTH? COP SUCK! they bust everyone for weed and this guy get's to kill himself after an international man-hunt.

1888 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Hmm, the bungalow suites at the new Resort at Pelican Hill down here on the Newport Coast seem nicer but that's a subjective observation.

Hey everyone, Ryan Jenkins -aka Mighty Joe Cool- was holed up right across the street from the Hope B.C. airport with a 3,960 foot sod runway. Want to make a bet he wasn't thinking about a getaway in a light aircraft? There are maps links at Wikipedia:

1888 days ago


Where are the pix TMZ??

1888 days ago


I think I'd kill myself if I had to stay in a room like that too.

1888 days ago

Tye Tanikk    

PT Cruisers are the official ride of Str8 up LOOSERS.
Burn in hell Ryan!

1888 days ago


I've responded a couple times to suicides for work. It is not uncommon to find people's feet touching the ground as the stretch a bit after death. I'm guessing the muscles relax.

1888 days ago

dr fred    

GEEE WIZ, read the article before you POST!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was NOT the exact ROOM for RYAN!!!!!!

also , what blood, no blood in a hanging
this guy is evil , but i am surprised he gave up so easily!!!
he had got away pretty well @ most would have got a 6 years
or he could have run to an island

1888 days ago

Joanna Therese    

This gal was obviously aiding and abetting, she had to have known who he was. I know it's Canada but you can't be THAT stupid. Hopefully they will find this gal and get some answers.

1888 days ago

Joanna Therese    

30. He had a laptop with him which means I wonder if he was reading our nasty comments and then went and killed himself?

Posted at 10:58AM on Aug 24th 2009 by gag

You gotta love this comment. *lol* I believe he may have been doing so, probably reading the latest manhunt for him and browsing around the web to see what people. Although extremely funny, it's probably true.

1888 days ago
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