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Ryan Jenkins -- Suicide Details

8/24/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The room below is in the motel where Jenkins' body was found -- and the photo agency who owns the pics say it's the same room -- and coat rack -- where Jenkins hanged himself. The agency says the photos were taken about 6 hours after the body was discovered -- after the room had been inspected and cleaned.

The manager of the motel where Ryan Jenkins hanged himself says he was found hanging from the coat rack behind the door and his feet were touching the ground.

The manager says it was odd that he could touch the ground. We do not know if Jenkins sedated himself before hanging himself.

Residents of the motel (it's used for sober living) tell TMZ Jenkins, who walked around the grounds from time to time, looked nothing like the video and pictures that have been circulating. He was skinny, his cheeks were sunken and he was wearing clothes that looked like he purchased them at a thrift store.

Kevin Walker: Click to watchAs for the mystery woman who accompanied him, she was very pretty, between 20-25 years old and was "extremely calm" when she checked in. The manager says he was a bit suspicious when they first pulled up in a PT Cruiser. The car pulled up -- ironically -- next to a dumpster rather than in a parking spot. He waited in the car while she checked him in. She left 20 minutes after Jenkins checked in and has not been seen again.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with the motel manager who said he did not see a suicide note when he discovered the body.

Officials have Jenkins' laptop -- but it's unclear what was on it.


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If you mean helping Troubled Gals who are going out with a Sociopath, Yes,
These Girlfriends and wives should run for their lives.

1855 days ago


Am I the only person who noticed that these pics are kind of jacked up? In the first pic, the desk, is in front of the door beside the coat rack and the TV is on the Desk.
In the last pic, the desk is now away from the door, and there is no coat rack behind the door or anywhere in that pic but the desk is moved? Wonder why that is TMZ, ya'll didn't look over these pics very well.

1855 days ago

me so horny    

2. is this the room michael jackson died in or the canada guy who offed his girlfriend..what a shabby place..

Posted at 9:48AM on Aug 24th 2009 by barney

no barney, it's the room where your mom lost her virginity!

1855 days ago


Sad for both of the families :(

1855 days ago

Fact Checker    

Put the show back on the air already. Talk about ultimate reality!

OJ Simpson's films are still for sale and on movie channels.

1855 days ago

Joanna Therese    


Ryan met Jasmine at a stripclub right? That's what I've heard. Anyway he obviously knew her occupation, stripper, model, centerfold...

How could you possibly be jealous when you know for a fact hundreds of other men are going to be after her?! New and exes alike. I just don't get it. You damn well better know what you are getting into and to be jealous is ridiculous. It's even ignorant to began with in any relationship. So in a fit of jealous rage he kills her, and then kills himself. Just goes to show you, money doesn't make you smart by any means.

1855 days ago

me so horny    

21. oh my god rebecca tore up jeter meter oh my god..rebecca i love you marry me pleaseeeeeee

Posted at 10:27AM on Aug 24th 2009 by lets be freinds


1855 days ago


I LOVE Hope, BC, so peaceful and serene. I'm sure Ryan felt it was a great place to end his life. God Bless both families during this time. It is not good that either of them are dead, people are really hurting right now!!

1855 days ago


Are you people blind??? YES THEY ARE SAYING IT IS THE SAME ROOM!!!

The room below is in the motel where Jenkins' body was found -- and the photo agency who owns the pics say it's the same room -- and coat rack -- where Jenkins hanged himself

1855 days ago


"The manager of the motel where Ryan Jenkins hung himself says he was found hanging from the coat rack behind the door and his feet were touching the ground."

I asked in my last post how could a person hang themselves with their feet still on the ground? Another poster stated it could be done with auto-erotica.

I searched for a description of the term auto-erotica and found an
article which states, IN PART: "For example, they may tie a slip-knot or hang themselves from something that’s shorter than they are, so they can simply stand up to stop the strangulation. But they may get so weak and disoriented from lack of oxygen that they can’t pull out the knot or STAND UP, and they pass out and die."

In the above picture of the room, the coat rack would NOT be shorter than Ryan and the manager stated Ryan's feet WERE touching the floor so he was standing up. Once again, how could Ryan commit suicide by auto-erotica if his feet never left the floor?

1855 days ago

Sad sad    

That door on the side is probably a door to the next room that has been blocked off.

I feel bad for that manager that he found that. It's gonna stay in his mind forever.

1855 days ago

Just me    

Seriously, if I had to stay in that room for even 1 day, I'd have to hang myself too!!!!!!!

1855 days ago


Let me attempt to clear this up for you all who are...well, unimaginative. The top pic shows the bathroom door and the coat rack hanging behind it. The photo on the bottom is a pic of the front door, which is directly across from the bathroom door shown in the picture above. Notice where the tv is? Nothing's been moved. The place he hung himself was behind the bathroom door, NOT the front door. One thing though, that rack sure looks mighty close to the ground considering he was 6'1.

1855 days ago


Are some of you let out on the streets alone? You seem no better than this man. And the ones who ask for a proof reader, I think you might need the proofing.

I wish I was not stuck in bed for the next two weeks. I am getting scared on what I read, and even more worried about why I am reading this.

For all of you that think he took the cowards way out. Be happy. Yes Ca. has the death penalty, but an execution has not taken place since the late 1960's.

Money on a trial and execution process will be saved. Except I am afraid for posters such as the ones that write "first" and ask if this is the room where Michael died. We maybe paying tax payer monies for their care in mental health. I feel better now.

1855 days ago

Joanna Therese    

Sheesh what a dive. With all his millions you woulda thunk he'd have chosen to die someplace with a little class and chocolates on da pillows! This guy was the lowest of low. He is frying now, in the depths of hell! All this over a woman!

Btw, when TMZ first posted this story it was written that this was not the same room, then they later changed it. STAY FOCUSED TMZ! Losing faith in your reporting these days.

1855 days ago
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