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Who's to Blame in Jackson's Death?

8/25/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've been telling you for weeks Propofol killed Michael Jackson and authorities had their sights set on Dr. Conrad Murray. The affidavit to the Houston search warrant makes it clear -- Dr. Murray fueled Jackson with multiple drugs before he stopped breathing and Propofol was the crowning blow.

So the questions -- did Dr. Murray come clean when he spoke with the LAPD or is it even worse than we thought? Why was he on the phone for 47 minutes after Jackson stopped breathing? Why did he wait so long to call 911? Why did he refuse to pronounce Jackson dead at UCLA? Why did Dr. Murray disappear for a day?

And the bigger question -- is Dr. Murray the patsy -- taking the heat for years of prescription abuse at the hands of various doctors?

What do you think?


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All doctors who prescribed to Michael Jackson drugs knew that it was illegal.

They have to pay for that as Michael Jackson paid them. Now he 's dead. We need the truth of what happens exactly and let Michael jackson rest in peace.

I love you Michael RIP

1781 days ago


Uh, except for the clause in Michael's latest Sony contract that says if Michael dies or suffers career demise before the contract date is over (which BTW is 2009), Michael's personal catalog will revert to Sony.

That. Is. Motive. For. Murder.


101. It is well known and publicly that MJ had problems with SONY....This is fact, but that company would not have ANYTHING TO GAIN by the death of MJ.....Sorry that THEORY IS WRONG!!!

Posted at 11:01AM on Aug 25th 2009 by My3Centz

1781 days ago

a total fan    

Michael always wanted to heal the world and in a sense I guess he did his part. Hopefully when the investigation is over and the trial ( if Murray is eventually charged and tried for murder) rules and regulations will change when it comes to doctors and the medicines they prescribe. I believe doctors will think twice before becoming enablers to their patients for fear of legal reprecautions. What I find hard to believe is that pharmacies can despense so many medications without question but yet they have to keep strict records on over the counter medication that contain methamphetamine. Continue to heal the world Michael.

1781 days ago


The last episode had to do with Jackson's insomnia, of which he was a lifelong sufferer, not with drug addiction. This doctor substituted 25 mg propofol with 18mg of benzodiazpines. I have insomnia. I have been taking 2mg benzodiazepines for 20 years, just to give you an idea of how much 18mg is, even if you have a tolerance. THEN he topped it off with anesthetic. This was all Murray's idea, as if a benzo overdose were any better than a propofol one, or a dependence on large amounts any worse.

Flash: even a drug addict can be killed by someone else.

1781 days ago


How is that an addict is to be blame? The doctor was not an addict and he didnt care about the addict, now Murray says he tried to help MJ, Murray is the biggest liar out there, anything for money, HE GAVE THE ADDICT THE DRUGS, he kill a person HE COULD HAVE HELP, I DONT BELIEVE MURRAY TRIED TO HELP HIM, THATS SUCH A BIG LIE, I CANT BELIEVE HE HAS THE FACE TO SAY SUCH A STUPID LIE, IF HE WANTED TO HELP HIM, THEN WHY MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD!!??!! HE KILLED A MAN, HE HAS TO PAY.

1781 days ago


Micheal may have demanded the drugs,and Threaten Dr.Murray of being fired. However Dr. Murray crossed the line, and injected the drugs that killed him. I would rather be un-employed than being responsible for someones death, and up for possible criminal charges. Was it the greed , the money ifself that made Murray cross the line. We will find out in the near future...Sad ordeal...2 familys affected

1781 days ago


Murray had ultimate responsibility for his patient therefore he is responsible but I think there may have been others in the house who also should be held accountable. Irrespective of whether Michael had a dependency, the doc was the one who gave him the final and lethal mixture of drugs then left the room. Why wait so long to call 911? Michael was already dead that's why and the doc was trying to do a "cover up" in the house to cover his tracks. The doc is guilty and should go to jail...forever. Maybe the doc should think about doing a "Ryan Jenkins" finale.

1781 days ago


61. I think he was the patsy for Tohme, Barrack and Anschutz personally, especially when you see how they were linked in this article written before Michaed died...,0,1441957.story?page=1

Posted at 10:25AM on Aug 25th 2009 by seeking the truth


I could'nt agree more with you!
MJ was the perfect victim for the perfect crime.
He had addiction problems, a perfectionistic idiosyncrasy, enormous pressure about the coming shows,
huge money problems, yes-men & shady characters all over.
I feel certain that when Tohme, Tohme & the rest realized that he is not going to make it for the shows,
(meaning: loss of money...) "arranged" an overdose...
Who would ever suspect THEM, all they see is the "doctor" & the "drug addict".
After all, MJ left us on "his peek", and we all wonder about his ability to perform after 12 years.
If he could manage to do the first show, (50 shows- no way, he would have cancelled, with all the concequences...--)
maybe the hole world would say he "was finished", meaning the downfall of his carreer & no money for Tohme Tohme & the rest.
So sad...
Love you Michael, ALWAYS***

1781 days ago


Regarding comment #77 ~ Very well said :) RIP MJ

1781 days ago


You asked in your survey if Jackson was to blame? The answer from a legal perspective is "No." The law states that "you take your victims as you find them." That means that if we are to believe Jackson was an addict, the doctor failed to properly evaluate Jackson's history and physical condition, particularly by failing to closely monitor his blood for toxins/meds already onboard.

1781 days ago

a fan    

Omitting the names of Jackson and Murray, whenever an MD gives a patient a medication, it is the MD's responsibility for giving the med not the patient's responsibility for asking for it. An an addict is a patient who has a disease which is partly genetic. Addiction is a disease not a character flaw.

1781 days ago


You forgot to add Dr Tohme Tohme to that list, somehow I feel that evil man had a hand in killing him.what the hell was he doing in that house when actually he got fired a few weeks before Mj' s death??????????

1781 days ago


1) MJ
2) His family

To the Greedy Jackson Family,
File a lawsuit against yourself

1781 days ago


Well if folks want to blame Michael, et's blame Jasmine Fiore as well.
Aftert all she had an affair on her husband and he caught her texting the other man. So of course, she brought it on herself that he would cut out her teeth, cut off her fingers and stuff in a garbage can. She wanted this.

Be for real people. If he had injected himself or medicated himself on his won like Marily, Elvis and Heath, I would agree. It was Murray.

By the why is everyone calling the very White Heath a drug addict because he was taking pills to sleep? I think the answer is obvious.

1781 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Michael Jackson STILL ALIVE!!!

1781 days ago
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