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Anne Heche Rips into Her 'Lazy Ass' Ex

8/27/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're finally divorced, but that doesn't mean Anne Heche is done dragging her baby daddy through the mud -- and last night on Letterman, she let loose.

Anne Heche: Click to watch
Heche repeatedly slammed ex-hubby Coley Laffoon, calling him a "lazy ass" whose greatest achievement was getting a gig coaching soccer. Heche also told Dave -- and the rest of the country -- that Coley won't leave her alone.

Heche -- who accused Lafoon of chronic masturbation during their nasty custody battle -- now pays her ex $3,700 a month in child support.

The best part -- Heche busted out an impression of what she thinks Coley looks like when he gets the monthly check ... priceless.


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Anne Heche has never been my favorite, so i didnt see anything wrong with what she said about her baby daddy, except- when she said she divorced him and doesnt want to be around him, and thats sad because its about family time for the child. Before people can judge her negatively, it may be best to see she lacks parenting skills and social etiquette which just shows she's madd ghetto; people can be hollywood connected/professional but not groomed say hence a publicist to clean up "what she really meant". We as men like to clown our babies momma's with the fat jokes, bon-bon but when the shoe on the other foot when were staying at home parenting we as men don't like be called lazy since chauvinistically we men think that if nothings done once we get home and the woman isbusting her but with the kids we thinks she's lazy but will never say it in public. Anne did, and it makes her seem insensitive to make the statement no one has the guts to say in public.

1881 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

She put Ellen through hell by pushing her to come out of the closet only to leave her in the dust claiming she is hetero. Karma is a bitch and sadly its name is Anne Heche.

1881 days ago


I wonder how Dave's wife will take the comments that he made?
Ann gets away with it being a bit of a known fruitcake.

1881 days ago


Anne Heche represents your typical single mother. Bitter, angry, controlling, paranoid, and a refusal to accept responsibility or to shed her "victimization" image. I would think that her ex's offer to "hang out" has less to do with her and has more to do with wanting his son to see his two parents have a decent friendly relationship. That takes a lot on his end and for her to diss him like that is inexcusable. She's forgetting that she picked this "loser" to marry (with no prenup), to have a child with, etc. How many celebrity males who got divorced would get off of paying $3600 a month in child support? NONE. There are plenty of females who live off their alimony and/or child support and no women have issues with that (ie Ashley Stewart).

1881 days ago

Lucy Fur    

if the dude is such a "lazy ass" loser as she claims.... why the hell did she have a kid and marry him? People who bitch and moan about their ex should realize it reflects poorly about themselves & their lack of judgment. Unless someone put a gun to your head to be with this sopposedly loser dude for years you're the loser for choosing him!

1881 days ago


What a bitch. No wonder he was a chronic masturbater. He'd rather go solo than screw her crazy a--.

1881 days ago


He probably signed some paper to so he can't trash her or tell her real secrets to the press, I was a fan of hung now i will no longer watch it that woman is freaken nuts.

1881 days ago


I've never heard of this woman but she's obviously a bitter spiteful skanky bitch. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe she's actually a lovely person...!!!

1881 days ago


Good for him....crazy bitch...he needed to j/o because was a boring lay!

1881 days ago


Well, she's the one who picked him to be her husband so WHY is she complaining to everyone? It was her choice! Not too classy or bright this one! You chose him so now DEAL WITH IT and don't torture us with your dramatic details!

1881 days ago


What a bitch! How demeaning for everyone, including me, watching this. Making fun of her ex? Who does she think she is? Charlie Sheen?

1881 days ago


The mature adult who divorces recognizes that as a parent, they will continue to communicate and share experiences with their child and with their former partner. Also, parents do not speak ill of their child's father or mother, because it's not about you.... it's all about your child.

1881 days ago


A woman has got to be pretty sorry for a man to get custody of the kids. This woman made me sick when she was on "Another World" The bitch thought she was the whole show....LOL

1881 days ago


I really don't care how bad one's marriage or divorce was, the only person getting hurt is the child when derogatory statements are made about either parent.

1881 days ago


now she knows how divorced men feel lazy ass women who do nothing

1881 days ago
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