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Anne Heche Rips into Her 'Lazy Ass' Ex

8/27/2009 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're finally divorced, but that doesn't mean Anne Heche is done dragging her baby daddy through the mud -- and last night on Letterman, she let loose.

Anne Heche: Click to watch
Heche repeatedly slammed ex-hubby Coley Laffoon, calling him a "lazy ass" whose greatest achievement was getting a gig coaching soccer. Heche also told Dave -- and the rest of the country -- that Coley won't leave her alone.

Heche -- who accused Lafoon of chronic masturbation during their nasty custody battle -- now pays her ex $3,700 a month in child support.

The best part -- Heche busted out an impression of what she thinks Coley looks like when he gets the monthly check ... priceless.


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Very tacky of her but what do we expect? She is clearly disturbed, but what about Letterman? Isn't he responsible for "baiting" her knowing how unstable she is? He is nothing more than a "shock jock" who resorts to sensationalism to beef up his numbers. BTW, I never watch his show - just learned this on TMZ today.

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This woman has a serious mental problem and needs medication. She has a new baby with her new boyfriend whom she cheated on her husband with and he's the jerk? There is a reason her ex has custody and frankly Coley Laffoon deserves whatever she is paying him as compensation for having to live with someone who is clearly out of her mind. Once this new guy runs away from her he have his kid under his arm as well. What a psycho.

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Coley Laffoon, is getting a bumb rap, When thier love life was'nt working out at home, Coley did'nt take it down the streets,and cheat.He kept matters IN HIS OWN HANDS,IN THE PRIVACY OF THIER HOME. ANN HECHE TURNED THIER LOVE LIFE OVER TO THE PUBLIC. WITH ANN MAKING THE CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS . YOU SEE WHO THE JUDGE FOUND TO BE A BETTER PARENT...GO COLEY HUSBANDS HAVE RIGHTS TOO..

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the a-hole    

I want a check from that hot hussy, too!

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her eyes tell it all, she's one crzy lazy ass herself. this kind of person makes me mad that she's somewhere walking about in america. you eventually have to see ur ex regardless b/c u stupidly decided to have a baby. now when you're son grows up, he's gonna know how crzy you really are. if your son ever hears anything and asks you, don't go blaming his daddy, its b/c EVERYONE else confirmed his worse fears about you. and shame on you for even trying to express how "miserable" you feel having to deal with him. you left ellen degeneres supposedly b/c you weren't a lesbian anymore. and then you left your husband for you tree's co-star what's his face. i hope he dumps you b/c his reputation as a person, a man, and an actor is ruined b/c of your actions. i bet he wasn't even interested in you until you started making the moves. and then, when he dumps you, you're gonna go off to some deserted area of the country saying that you are god again or w/e that catastrophe was. you need counseling. divorce counseling actually b/c if you can't get along w/ ur ex husband, you won't see homer as often. unless that is what you wish. then, you'll have another person who resents you for existing and being associated with them.

1850 days ago


What a bitch!!! Her ex should stuff her in a suitcase and toss her in a dumpster somewhere in Buena Park.

1850 days ago


This is sad. I never liked her, but now I REALLY dislike her. How can you bash your child's father on television? The most annoying thing is that she acts as if Coaching soccer is a joke of a job. That's rude. If that's what he loves to do, then she should be happy for him. it seems she feels it is worthless job. What a b*tch, I hope someone knocks her off her high horse.

1850 days ago

tom terrific    

Anne Heche is a real creep and a real lunatic. Who the F--- comes on national TV to blast their ex-spouse particularly when you have a kid with that person.


1850 days ago


Heche accused Lafoon of being a chronic masturbator....

WHAT MAN ISN'T???? LOL Men spend their entire lives chasing orgasms. It's a wonder they get anything else done.

1850 days ago

u sucker    

dayum stop preachin' already! what she said was funny Dave and his audience thought so too. the dad should get a job to show his son that a real man does work for a living. what's the kid going to learn by watching daddy going to the mail box to open a check? put the checks away for the kid's education or daycare. sounds to me just like k-fed, the ex got a big fat meal ticket and now chooses to sit home.

just goes to show you, having kids should be thought over 1,000 times before you actually have one. could you stand being around your ex for the sake of the kid, ever for even one minute? i couldn't and wouldn't! the kid would learn fast how things are in the real world, you see mommy and daddy separately and have quality time with each instead of the tense fake game of getting all together, kids can see through all that crap anyway.

and i'd be pissed too if some guy got me to have a kid and used me for a meal ticket, you all know you would be pissed. i don't blame her for being frustrated and venting, and sometimes laughing about it or getting others to laugh with you is a way of dealing with it.

1850 days ago


Her kids will see this
after they read about
how their mother, before
they were born, was found
cruising around in her neighborhood
naked, going door to door talking
about space aliens.

1850 days ago


I want to hit that!!!!!!!!

1850 days ago


This woman is a certified nut, so sad. she doesnt even have custody of her child,i think that says it all. SHE SHOULD have to pay to help take care of her child---ITS CALL CHILD SUPPORT. whats so so sad is that some day her child will see this, but obviously she doesnt care.From putting this insane behavior on tv i agree with the judge---the child should not be with her.

1850 days ago
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