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'Ax Men' Star Arrested -- Puts Own Kids in Danger

8/27/2009 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mike PihlMike Pihl, one of the loggers on the History Channel reality show "Ax Men," was arrested in Oregon last night after rolling his Jeep with his three children in the car -- and police believe alcohol was a factor.

Pihl was booked on charges of assault in the third degree and three counts of recklessly endangering another person after driving his Jeep into a ditch.

The vehicle flipped three times -- and we're told none of the children were strapped in. All three kids, age 5 and under, sustained minor injuries.

Though police confirm alcohol was involved, officials tell us Pihl wasn't charged with DUI because the accident occurred on private property -- in this case, his own driveway.


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Dumb Ass

1880 days ago


Pihl lost control while going down his driveway. The Jeep rolled into a ditch. He's from a small town, I'm familiar with the area, but not wise.

1880 days ago


Guess that shot his "Father of the Year" nomination in the ass.

1880 days ago

Alec Gonzales    

Chop and roll... kids are like twigs... they'll snap back... reality shows are hard on ones judgement... just ask the Gosselins

1880 days ago


I wish Harvey would hire some real journalist instead of these high school drop out types. It seems like his staff is only interested in being famous and not interested in hard hitting journalism. They have talent in finding the celebrities and hounding them but when it comes to an intelligent question they always drop the ball. Nobody cares if a celebrity had a good meal. TMZ staffers are losing thier charm.

1880 days ago


These AX douche bags are all drunken losers...

Who cares!

They are no better than those Deadliest Catch retards...

1880 days ago



1880 days ago

This jerks NO role model for anyone    

TMZ better update their story as one kids in intensive care with a serious head injury in critical condition.

The guy lost control as he was DRUNK!! As it was said on many Oregon news channels.

So a 3 year old kid whose head was pinned under the roll bar and was taken by Life-flight is a "minor" injury??

This POS cares more for his chain saw then he did for the lives of his own kids by drinking putting them in a Jeep CJ5 with the hard top off and didn't buckle them in or use booster seats as is required by law,even if his butt wasn't drunk the laws the law.

On August 26, 2009 at approximately 8:00 p.m. Micahel D. Pihl, age 48, was driving a Jeep CJ5 with its top off on his private driveway in the Vernonia OR area giving his three children, two age 3 and one age 5, a ride. Pihl accelerated and lost control, rolling over into a ditch onto its top.

One of the children, a 3-year old boy named Mathias Pihl, had his head pinned by the Jeeps roll bar on the ground. The other two girls, Rylee Pihl, age 3, and Jayda Pihl, age 5, received minor injuries.

Mathias Pihl was transported by Life-Flight to Legacy Emanuel Hospital. The two girls and Michael Pihl were transported by ground ambulance to Legacy Emanuel Hospital with minor injuries.

Subsequent investigation led to the arrest of Michael Pihl upon his release from the hospital. He was transported to Columbia County Jail and lodged for Assault in the Third Degree and three counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person.
DUI charges are pending as blood was drawn.

1880 days ago


his little boys haed was pinned under the roll bar with the jeep on top of him . he was air lifted to portland to the medical center in serous condition . th father and the two girls were sent to the local hostital . he was chargedwith endagerment. and assult . I am sure child welfare will be paying him a visit

1880 days ago


this really pisses me off. what a loser on the TV show and in real life.

1880 days ago


What would you expect from someone who murders millions of plants and animals for a living and enjoys it.

1880 days ago

Knock It Off    

God! To Think I use to work with this kind of trash.

1880 days ago


I suppose this is a waste of time, but for all of you who are perfect and it comes so easy to blast others with negativity..........WERE YOU THERE?, DO YOU KNOW MIKE PIHL?, CAN YOU EVEN PRONOUNCE VERNONIA?

FYI... Vernonia is a small town where it is not uncommon to take a drive on the property, saddle up a horse, take the kids for a ride on the tractor, or go for a walk in the woods. Each of these actvities has it's own dangers. Like he planned that his kids were going to get hurt. I'm sure you all have done something you shouldn't have or rethought after the fact.

This time though...... there was an ACCIDENT. There was NO drinking involved.

Also, Mike Pihl is one of the biggest names in Vernonia and supports the town, the children, the schools, the activities, etc. His kids are very well loved by him which is completely obvious if you see him with them.

SChalice:Murdering plants for a living......Do you live in a house? Have you ever writtin on paper? Seriously, you idiot. The wood and paper had to come from somewhere.

1877 days ago


It's so easy for others to blast those they don't know! I know Mike. We were friends in high school. Mike is a good person who made a very bad choice (drinking and driving). He loves his children dearly and is very proud of them. I am sure he is in a lot of agony over this.

Mike is well-loved in his community and a big supporter of his town of Vernonia. I had the opportunity to visit him last summer while I was visiting my family in Oregon. He had Mathias with him. Mathias is a very sweet little boy and the apple of his daddy's eye. I hope and pray for his recovery.

Mike will regret that night for the rest of his life every time he looks in his childrens' eyes I assure you. Anna

1877 days ago

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