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Cops: Jasmine's Mercedes Had Blood Splatters

8/27/2009 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine FioreBuena Park police are holding a press conference right now about Jasmine Fiore's murder and said there were blood splatters inside her Mercedes -- the car they found yesterday abandoned in a parking lot in West Hollywood.

Cops say there was definitely a "struggle between two people in the car." Cops say there was more significant blood loss in the back seat of the car. The inside of the car had been wiped down and the outside was recently washed.

It appears a lot of hair pulling occurred. There was blood splatter on the back windshield. Cops say the only trauma on Jasmine was to her face and she had a broken nose.

Cops say the car had definitely gone off-road at some point -- there were mud stains on the tires and there were twigs caught in the undercarriage.

There's no reason to believe her teeth were removed while she was inside the vehicle -- but there were fragments of her teeth in the suitcase she was found inside, so they can assume her teeth were removed with her in or around the suitcase.

Cops say she could have "easily fit in the suitcase."

Cops say her fingers were cut off at the tips postmortem. A few pieces of her bloody clothing were found in the trunk. Cops say they are still looking for certain articles of her clothing.


Both suspect and victim were seen entering her Mercedes at the San Diego Hilton at 2:30 AM on the morning of August 14 -- it's believed they were at a poker party at the Hilton. Jasmine was never seen again. Later that morning, Jenkins was seen leaving the L'Auberge Del Mar -- the hotel where they were staying at in San Diego -- at 9:20 AM. The next time he was seen on video was at 5 PM at his residence in Los Angeles.

This is the big mystery ... where was Jasmine when Ryan was seen checking out of the L'Auberge?

Cops say Ryan possibly assaulted her in the vehicle near Corona -- 96 miles north of San Diego -- between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM. The car possibly went off road during the assault. The area where the car went off road may be where he assaulted her further. The next day she was found in the trash. A witness saw Ryan in Buena Park near the area where her body was dumped.

They say the Corona area is of interest because her suitcase and other remains may be in that area.

Another question: Could she have been killed before Ryan was seen leaving the L'Auberge? Ryan could have used the "off-road" area near Corona to remove her teeth and fingertips, etc.

A preliminary report by the coroner says she was killed by strangulation. Some sort of violent act occurred in her Mercedes. Cops say she was either killed in the car or at the hotel.

A bladed sharp instrument was used to cut her fingertips off, they don't know exactly what.

The severing of her fingers was definitely done postmortem. Her nose was broken and she sustained head injuries. Pliers could have been used to pull her teeth out. There were fragments of her teeth in the suitcase.

Cops say it was a domestic violence case gone bad ... and it was all over "jealousy." They would not specify further.

Jasmine's Mercedes was abandoned 1.3 miles from Ryan and Jasmine's residence in Los Angeles.

Cops say there's evidence there was flailing of arms consistent with a struggle inside the Mercedes. Cops say the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not been very forthcoming with evidence found at the motel where Jenkins killed himself ... including whether or not there was a suicide note.

Jenkins suitcase -- the one he left the L'Auberge with -- was found in a storage facility in Washington state. Cops say one of the suitcases he left the hotel with is similar in size and color to the one Jasmine was found inside.

Cops say Ryan had no help from anyone in California. They say Ryan drove to Nevada then up to Washington.

Cops also say there was no evidence of sexual assault on Jasmine.

Story developing...


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FYI - It is blood SPATTER, not SPLATTER... c'mon Harvey.. you were a lawyer.. Surely you know that is SPATTER, not splatter.

But anyway... this is a sad situation. I wonder what provoked that piece of excrement to commit such a heinous act.

1882 days ago


Still super confusing. Why would he dump the other suitcase in Washington? Wonder what else he dumped possibly in Canada if the Canadians will release that along with his Laptop

1882 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

What's the dif??? Spatter, splatter, everyone knows what it is... so what, a TPYO! TMZ still delivers IMO....

1882 days ago


Peices? Come on... does your staff have high school diplomas?

1882 days ago


YUM! DELICIOUS BLOOD!!! Please sprinkle some more around my altar please.

1882 days ago


If he killed her in Corona or beat her up there why didnt he did the body in the off road area there?

At first I thought he could have an accomplice in SD dump the body but that is hard to believe because of the distances but Corona and BP are a lot closer.

Doesnt make sense that he killed her in Corona (very deserty and stuff) and then dumped her in the city settings of Buena Park?

1882 days ago


To Lori in Chicago, yes, typos happen all the time, but this is supposed to be a somewhat respectable column. I too was distracted by the grammatical errors. Come on - peices? "The severing of her fingers 'were' done..." That is just plain ignorance, basic gradeschool stuff. Educated people tend to notice these things. Good for Diggers!

1882 days ago


I just read in another article that Jasmine had met up with an ex-boyfriend the day before her murder right after he was released from jail on drug trafficking charges. Why isn't anyone mentioning this?!

1882 days ago


That was mentioned a lot, his name is Mike Cardosi he was a convicted drug runner out of San Diego he was arrested on a 'parole violation' the same day she was murdered. they found letters from her in his apt. that helped with the investigation.

Apparently Ryan acted alone so he is clean

1882 days ago


It's ETC...not ect. DER!

1882 days ago


Another thing that does not add up is:

They seem to be putting a lot of attention on the video of him checking out alone with "the suitcase" and accusing him of killing her in the hotel room. Then they say there was definitely a struggle in the car and basically calling that the crime scene. How do we know for sure Ryan even left in HER car? How do we know she didn't get POd and leave Ryan in SD and took her car back to LA and ran into trouble on the way back? There are not enough details and not enough things making sense here for me to make any assumption. I just think the police have a large mess on their hands. They accused before looking into it.

1882 days ago


Racerzeke, Obviously there was something in that suitcase that he had had to dump. In the aftermath of the dismemberment, he had to ditch his clothing because they had blood on them (even tiny dots of blood). (It's possible that in the panic that must have kicked in this was overlooked initially.) So, when he got up to WA he asked Good Ole Mom to get rid of it for him, and, having a storage facility, she just hid it on there because she was paranoid the cops were watching her every move (the media certainly were).

1882 days ago


It sounds like she was fighting for her life. Poor thing. What terror she must have felt those last moments of her life. No one deserves such indignity done to them. Very, very sad. And he's a coward.

1882 days ago


I just need to remind everyone of the TRUE time lines:

Thurs night: 2 seen at poker game - then off to a club where Jasmine was seen snorting cocaine in the bathroom.

Friday Morning: Jenkins leaving the hotel with a suitcase that was apparantly found now in Washington.. obviously NOT the suitcase Jasmine was in. Also NO reports of Jenkins and Fiore returning to the hotel Thurs Night. Might i add that there were not copious amounts of clothes in the room either, and jenkins was not seen carrying clothes.

Friday night: Jenkins is seen arriving at his apartment alone.

Friday night around 8: Jasmine is texting Hasman telling him she is going to come to vegas.

Friday night - Jasmine tells roommate she has packed all her things and is going to vegas.

Friday night around 11 pm : Hasman reportidly receives a text message saying "suck it" - might i add jasmines phone has NOT been found. And it is reported she had up to three to keep her business' straight.

Sat around 1 am: Coroner places this as Jasmines time of death

Sat 10 am: Jasmines body found - unidentified.

Sat 5 pm - it has now been 2 full days since ryan had been seen with fiore. keep in mind her time of death at this point was just over 12 hrs.

Sunday afternoon: Jenkins texts roommate saying he is done with the relationship and is going to vegas.

tuesday morning: Jasmine is identified

TUesday night: the police call it suspicious that they cant get a hold of ryan.

Weds: ryans car and boat are found in WA.

Thurs: ryan checks into hotel

Sunday: ryan is found dead.

Can anyone tell me where the evidence is that ryan even saw JAsmine from thurs night ??? seems to me she was off galavanting around until at least friday 8 pm.

Please TMZ, check your old postings... these times and dates are all exactly what you have reported already. Stop presenting misleading info to the public.

1882 days ago


Cardosi, the felon on drug charges, is actually her EX-HUSBAND.

Yes, no question about it -- Jasmine Fiore aka April Vaughn or April Vahh did NUDIE PICS/PORN. It is obvious that Fiore had not one but TWO boob surgeries because she was flat as a board in high school, about a C cup in the nudie pics, then DD later.

Why do some men like women who look like freaks or caricatures who may fall over at any second? As long as you like them they will keep getting them.

1882 days ago
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