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Cops: Jasmine's Mercedes Had Blood Splatters

8/27/2009 10:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine FioreBuena Park police are holding a press conference right now about Jasmine Fiore's murder and said there were blood splatters inside her Mercedes -- the car they found yesterday abandoned in a parking lot in West Hollywood.

Cops say there was definitely a "struggle between two people in the car." Cops say there was more significant blood loss in the back seat of the car. The inside of the car had been wiped down and the outside was recently washed.

It appears a lot of hair pulling occurred. There was blood splatter on the back windshield. Cops say the only trauma on Jasmine was to her face and she had a broken nose.

Cops say the car had definitely gone off-road at some point -- there were mud stains on the tires and there were twigs caught in the undercarriage.

There's no reason to believe her teeth were removed while she was inside the vehicle -- but there were fragments of her teeth in the suitcase she was found inside, so they can assume her teeth were removed with her in or around the suitcase.

Cops say she could have "easily fit in the suitcase."

Cops say her fingers were cut off at the tips postmortem. A few pieces of her bloody clothing were found in the trunk. Cops say they are still looking for certain articles of her clothing.


Both suspect and victim were seen entering her Mercedes at the San Diego Hilton at 2:30 AM on the morning of August 14 -- it's believed they were at a poker party at the Hilton. Jasmine was never seen again. Later that morning, Jenkins was seen leaving the L'Auberge Del Mar -- the hotel where they were staying at in San Diego -- at 9:20 AM. The next time he was seen on video was at 5 PM at his residence in Los Angeles.

This is the big mystery ... where was Jasmine when Ryan was seen checking out of the L'Auberge?

Cops say Ryan possibly assaulted her in the vehicle near Corona -- 96 miles north of San Diego -- between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM. The car possibly went off road during the assault. The area where the car went off road may be where he assaulted her further. The next day she was found in the trash. A witness saw Ryan in Buena Park near the area where her body was dumped.

They say the Corona area is of interest because her suitcase and other remains may be in that area.

Another question: Could she have been killed before Ryan was seen leaving the L'Auberge? Ryan could have used the "off-road" area near Corona to remove her teeth and fingertips, etc.

A preliminary report by the coroner says she was killed by strangulation. Some sort of violent act occurred in her Mercedes. Cops say she was either killed in the car or at the hotel.

A bladed sharp instrument was used to cut her fingertips off, they don't know exactly what.

The severing of her fingers was definitely done postmortem. Her nose was broken and she sustained head injuries. Pliers could have been used to pull her teeth out. There were fragments of her teeth in the suitcase.

Cops say it was a domestic violence case gone bad ... and it was all over "jealousy." They would not specify further.

Jasmine's Mercedes was abandoned 1.3 miles from Ryan and Jasmine's residence in Los Angeles.

Cops say there's evidence there was flailing of arms consistent with a struggle inside the Mercedes. Cops say the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have not been very forthcoming with evidence found at the motel where Jenkins killed himself ... including whether or not there was a suicide note.

Jenkins suitcase -- the one he left the L'Auberge with -- was found in a storage facility in Washington state. Cops say one of the suitcases he left the hotel with is similar in size and color to the one Jasmine was found inside.

Cops say Ryan had no help from anyone in California. They say Ryan drove to Nevada then up to Washington.

Cops also say there was no evidence of sexual assault on Jasmine.

Story developing...


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I still have a hard time believing that Ryan was the one that killed her just yet, she had a lot of men in her life and seems she wasn't telling all of them about the other one, at least we know she didn't even tell Robert about Ryan even though she was still married to Ryan ( she also lied to her mother about the annulment which seems never really happened as yet if it was going to happen we don't know)it seems she lied to people on what she thought they wanted to hear or what would be best for them to know about her for whatever reason (not that she deserved to die for it) but it does show that there would be a number of people who could be upset with her or even enraged. TMZ haven't really touched on the fact that Jasmine was married to a Micheal Cordosi for 3 years who had been incarcerated since 2006 for a police chase and drug charges, she spent Tuesday with him at the beach apparently after she picked him up when he was released from jail(that is 3 days before her murder, police have taken the letters as evidence also and he has been held in custody nobody knows why this is)she did speak to him about Ryan supposedly in those letters, also a woman claiming to be his mother claimed that she was of the impression that they were going to get back together also. So if all this is true then what do you think all these men were thinking, there is more than one man that had to be mad at her. Are those witnesses sure that the dark haired man who got into her car around 2am is Ryan and not another dark haired man, Robert was dark haired and so was Michael Cordosi and they all believed allegedly that they were going to be in a relationship with her again. I just would like the police to be sure as it's hard to imagine Ryan getting his hands dirty even with his history, especially the cutting of the fingers and pulling of teeth, i wouldn't like to say it's Michael as we don't know much more about him but people can become pretty violent and worse after they go to prison, just saying. You can find some of this info i've mentioned on news and also>> 10 News in San Diego interviewed a Chula Vista woman, identifying her as the former mother-in-law of the victim. Said the pair had been married three years. It was insinuated, not stated, that the former husband is the parolee. The alleged former m-in-law was shown with her face blurred and her name was withheld. She stated she felt the two were rekindling their relationship. At least one photo of the two together, taken last week, was shown.- this was found on the if anyone is interested. Ryan could have killed himself for a number of reasons and be running for a number of reasons just saying the police should look deeper for evidence on all fronts and they still haven't seen evidence of the computer and his belongings in the motel where he hung himself as the Canadian authorities have not yet been forthcoming with it. They sure shouldn't close the case just yet.

1885 days ago


Lori, I was hoping her car would turn up the answers to what we've all been waiting for. I also was hoping Ryan's family would have had a bit more input. With Ryan being dead now, I'm afraid there will be many questions unanswered for a very long time, if not forever. Still a bit curious about the 'ex' boyfriend, too.

1885 days ago


Lets do something right with these Silly Reality Shows, Like GET RID OF THEM. If this isn't Reality enough, then I don't know.
True Crime indeed and a very upsetting one too- She was probably a very sweet lady and he was obviously a chicken a-hole and took the easy way out. But This should tell all you People who watch those Stupid Reality Shows and Date off the Internet-You don't know a Person ever, unless you've dated for Years and Stop Being so Nieve People-This is a totally wake-up Call.
Thank You so much to TMZ for AWESOME REPORTING-THE TRUTH-PICTURES and Letting People know There are TRUE MONSTERS AMONG US

1885 days ago

Yo Mama    

Cops need to get ahold of his cell phone records. Who did he call through all of this?? That's what I want to know. I'm sure once that information is out, the pieces of the puzzle will come together. There's no possible way this guy worked alone.

1885 days ago


19. fine! book the car and charge it with 2 counts of murder!!!!!

Then charge TMZ as an accessory for killing us with this STUPID USELESS story....

MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 10:07PM on Aug 27th 2009 by cochino
LMAO...thanks for the great comment!!!

1885 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Stop your ranting Lori in Chicago! Get off it, I noticed you are telling people off for their contributions. I, myself feel that these articles are very distracting to people that rely on precision. Period. How old are you, like thirteen? Please, people stick to the topics at hand(and, yes, poor proofreading skills are at hand in this article.) TMZ, look at the commotion you are causing! In this economy there are plenty of people that would love to take on your job, so do it right!

1885 days ago


"whether or not there was a suicide NOTE".

1885 days ago


once again i will re-iterate:

1. Jasmine was not seen returning to the hotel Thurs night
2. Ryan was seen leaving alone on Fri morning
3. Ryan seen returning to home at 5 PM friday
4. Jasmine texted Hasman at 8 Pm Friday
5. Jamsine found Sat morning

The hotel had nothing to do with it at all!!

1885 days ago


Wasnt there 2 hotels and 3 suitcases involved?

1885 days ago


"Cops say there was no evidence OF sexual assault on Jasmine".

1885 days ago


If Ryan was on drugs, then yes, he could have driven 3-4 days non stop. He could have gone for a week or longer as long as he had more drugs to keep his buzz going.

Proofreaders: TMZ doesn't need to pay people to proofread. They have members like you who do it for free.

1885 days ago


Ryan, Three hotels, at least two suitcases.

Hotels: 1) Del Mar (where they were staying)
2) Hilton
3) Ivy (where they were last seen, with Jasmine creating a scene and snorting coke in in the bathroom). They were there til 01:30 AM.

Proofreader, Nobody is more anal retentive about English than I am, but I say STFU!! You are wasting space, and it is wasting everyone's time to skip over your "corrections."

1885 days ago

Sad sad    

"Jasmine texted Hasman at 8 Pm Friday"

Actually, they may have assumed Jasmine did. Ryan could have tried to play it off. Like he did when calling the roommate. Then lost it with the "suck it" message.

1885 days ago


To the poster regarding the post of "April Vaughan".. good find!! It's her! She did HC pornography!

1885 days ago

Yo Mama    

How do we know it was really Jasmine that texted Hasman?? It could have been Jenkins posing as Jasmine the whole time.

1885 days ago
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