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Fiore's Prison Boyfriend ... and Ex-Husband?

8/27/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins wasn't the only man in Jasmine Fiore's life ... so was convicted felon Michael Cardosi.

Newly discovered love letters she exchanged with him in prison could shed light on her murder.

We've learned Fiore met Cardosi at the gates of a southern California prison when he was released on parole Aug. 11th -- just four days before her mutilated body was discovered.

Then, on Saturday the 15th, Cardosi was re-arrested for parole violation -- which lead to a search of his apartment.

Buena Park police tell us that search uncovered letters the two had exchanged ... revealing an intimate relationship during -- and possibly before -- his imprisonment. The letters are being held as evidence in the case.

We're also told by police -- and friends of Cardosi and Fiore -- that the two were also previously married ... though no certificate has surfaced.

Cardosi has been eliminated as a suspect in Fiore's murder.

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oh, wow. busy girl, no??

1853 days ago


Wow trippy & very busy girl - too bad. (wooo hooo top 5!)

1853 days ago


So she was hanging out at the gates of a prison waiting for the next guy who got released on parole to come out and sweep her off her feet?

1853 days ago


What was he in jail for, TMZ?

1853 days ago


WTF? I feel so bad for the parents to see how much of a
w h o r e their daughter embarrasing....

1853 days ago


she's making herself look bad, and she's already dead. i can't sympathize w/ any of her actions while she was alive. you marry someone after knowing them for only months, then you're also contacting ex's, one of them maybe an ex husband. and to make matters worse, she contacts them expressing some type of love or interests in them. if a person is just going to do that, then they shouldn't get married, maybe even never. but i can sympathize how she had to die like that. no matter how many wrong turns they've done to themselves to wind up like that, it should never be that way.

1853 days ago



1853 days ago


Cardosi was a well-known cocaine dealer in San Diego...thats why he went to prison.

1853 days ago


Emma, the article says Fiore met Cardosi at the gates, not encountered and had her first meeting with him at the gates. The context and how it's written leaves little to be desired though.. (how about getting someone else to write this stuff TMZ). I'm willing to think here that Jasmine met up with him as he was getting out, but had known him prior to just "being at the gates". Then again, this girl is such a trampasaurus, she may as well wait outside the gates for guys....there might be a better sex ratio for her - as these dudes aren't getting the kind they want in prison so they're more desperate than she.

1853 days ago


She didn't just meet this guy at the gates of the California prison and was hanging around. Read the whole article! They were previously married and knew eachother before she even met this Ryan killer. I am sure she was using the comfort of friends and maybe ex's to leave this Ryan creep guy. So what if she was lying/ cheating....yes, it was not right that she was using men as her meal ticket but.... she was still MURDERED and that is not right!!

1853 days ago


Young girls pay attention, nothing good comes from whoring! Not saying Jasmine deserved what happened to her, but you cant use men the way she did and make them jealous! We have already seen the footage of her in Mexico with the other tool Hassman. Now this guy? What do you think is going to happen when u marry someone and still carry on old relations? Jealousy that ends with murder. Ladies, you can be hot and educated, go to school buy your own mercedes and breast implants, its much more rewarding that way!

1853 days ago


Funny how he is from San Diego, and that is the last place Jasmine was seen alive. I also find it funny that there are no reports of Jasmine returning to the hotel with Ryan after the poker game. For all we know she ditched Ryan and went to Cardosi's house? He has been arrested since Saurday, if he was really elimintaed from being a suspect, why would they still be holding him in custody? It seems highly likely that a man that spent 3 hard years in LA prison, would be more capable of the said mutalation. Can TMZ also mention that Jasmine's mercedes ALSO originally belonged to him!! He gave it to her when he went to prison! Im sure he was expecting to reunite with her when got out and flipped when she said she was going to go be with that Rob guy in Vegas. Keep digging TMZ !

1853 days ago


I heard she went to pieces over these two failed relationships with the kind of men she liked. You know,it's dicey dating guys who are real cut ups!

1853 days ago


Mike and Jasmine are both originally from Santa Cruz...I've known him since 2003 and I can tell you I've heard her name since Day 1. In fact in 2003, he was already referring to her as his "ex". So, they have known each other for MANY YEARS. She regularly wrote him letters and visited him while he was in prison (which was in Riverside county not LA county). He was at a medium security prison and everyone there was a non-violent offender. He was sentenced to 8 years but only did 3 because he worked for the Norco Prison Fire Camp. Basically, they would be dispatched whenever the huge fires were burning and extra assistance was needed (like the 2007 CA wildfires). They only offer the "fire camp" option to inmates who are non-violent offenders and on good behavior. Mike played by the rules while he was in prison and wanted nothing more than to get out and resume a normal life without the party scene. He loved Jasmine...he was excited to get out and be with her. He was devastated when he found out the news that she was murdered. He also was aware that this "looked" bad to outsiders. Ex-husband released from prison and 3 days later ex-wife is murdered??? Thats why he came forward and offered any info he could which is also why he has BEEN ELIMINATED AS A SUSPECT!!! Who know why he got re-arrested last saturday, when you are on parole they will re-arrest for even something stupid. There are "technical violations" (like being in possession of alcohol if part of your parole conditions is not to drink alcohol) AND there are "criminal violations" (like selling drugs). I'm pretty sure his re-arrest last week has to do with a technical violation. Anyhow, I wish you'd leave Mike alone. Buena Park said he is not a suspect.

1853 days ago


During a July court hearing, agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration testified that they first learned about Moyer's drug involvement during a wiretap investigation targeting another man, Michael Cardosi.

Cardosi is scheduled to be tried Oct. 27 on drug charges. He is being held in county jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

According to the testimony, Moyer left a voice mail message for Cardosi in February placing an order for drugs. He indicated that he needed the drugs before a party he was hosting a few days later.

On Feb. 23, agents observed a brief meeting between the two men in agrocery store parking lot on Santa Fe Drive near Interstate 5 inEncinitas.

Moyer got into a white Mercedes – which the agents said belonged to Cardosi – and was dropped off in front of the store a few minutes later, according to the testimony.

The agents called the Carlsbad Police Department and asked the officers to stop Moyer, who had left the store, returned to his white Ford Mustang and driven north on I-5.

A Carlsbad police sergeant stopped Moyer at the intersection of La Costa Avenue and El Camino Real, searched his vehicle and found small plastic bagsfilled with powder and pills.

Forensic tests later confirmed that the bags contained 11.9 grams of cocaine and 30 tablets of Ecstasy, according to the testimony.

Moyer was released pending the conclusion of the wiretap investigation. He was arrested at his home May 31.

Did Cardozi flip? Did someone get revenge on Jasmine? She went to an event with him days before she died...carma fundraiser, google...he lives by San Diego and so does the other guy who did time cause of him...Carlsbad...

1853 days ago
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