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Fans Boo Madonna

for Defending 'Gypsies'

8/27/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna was hit with a tidal wave of boos at her concert in Bucharest -- pronounced booooo′kÉ™ rest′ -- Romania last night, when she stopped her concert to raise awareness about the discrimination of "Gypsies" across Eastern Europe.

Despite the boos, Madonna -- who was accompanied onstage by Roma (aka Gypsy) performers -- didn't even flinch as the crowd became unruly, finishing her point saying, "freedom and equal rights for everyone ... Gyspies ... homosexuals .. people who are different."

After the rant, Madonna can be heard saying the words "god dammit" in frustration. That happens about 1:20 into the clip.


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Madonna is awesome

1853 days ago


Sensitive much....TMZ gave the pronounciation of Bucharest because Madonna was being boooooed. Not because we don't know how to pronounce it.

1853 days ago


I thought they were booing discrimination. Oh well.

1853 days ago


If anyone else has spent time living in Europe, you'd know WHY the gypsies have such a terrible reputation; b/c it's 100% warranted. Gypsies are not to be trusted regardless of their appearance.

1853 days ago


Madonna should've made sure of her audience before the concert. She can't keep on trying to force her opinions on others.

1853 days ago


she is beef jerky.

1853 days ago

Mike L    

Most people heard after she got her message out were actually applauding or cheering.

1853 days ago


madonna was booed for acting like a condescending bitch. she came to romania, jumped on high horse and told us stupid romanians how we should behave, right?
how any american react when a foreign artist would start lecturing them about how they should stop being racist towards african-americans, latinos, arabs?

1853 days ago

Simon Cox    

well, it's about the same as trying to say the Taliban are good loving people. GET REAL!

1853 days ago


Gypsies stole my ex boyfriends turtle when he lived in Greece when he was four years old. They either ate it or sold it. Gypsies are awful if you have to live in the towns they pass through. It's easy to say "don't descriminate" when you're a filthy rich celebrity who's never had their few posessions robbed by gypsies or your beloved pet stolen and sold off in the night because Gypsies have passed through. SHUT UP ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT STUPID BRAINDEAD CELEBRITIES. GO BACK TO LA AND GET YOUR NAILS DONE!!

1853 days ago


10. Madonna excuse the ignorant rants here on this website, these are people
who are filled with self-hatred, loneliness, contempt for oneself and
most of them will probably end up being serial pray for their
dejected souls...I agree with you 100%, people fear others who are don't waste your time trying to get through to these hateful idiots they are a lost cause..

Posted at 1:14PM on Aug 27th 2009 by cb

I agree with you; maybe Madonna just is trying to make everyone try to realize that we're all people; just different. I used to love the 80's Madonna, but not now, but still...cut her some slack.

1853 days ago


Too bad the stage lighting didnt fall on her skanky old ass and shut the stupid k.unt up once and for all.

1853 days ago


Lots of Romanians in western Europe who scams people out of money, I'm sure lots are gypsies, shut up Madonna

1853 days ago

Just sayin'    

She sounds like she is talking to one of her children. What a condescending bitch!

1853 days ago


Cival rights are for everyone!! Remember this was the same attitude we had towards blacks in the United States! Good for her for standing up for what is right! It takes a person of character to stand up for what is right even in the face of adversity!!

1853 days ago
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