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Michael Jackson Burial Triples in Price

8/27/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe Jackson family's decision to move Michael's burial from a Saturday to a Thursday is gonna cost some serious dough -- at least three times the original price!

According to the Glendale police, the cost for the weekend service would have ran about $50,000 -- 90% of which goes to police handling street closures, security and perimeter control.

But officials say the Jackson family will now have to fork over "at least triple the price" to contract the cops for a weekday burial.

As for the cemetery, we're told it will be on total lockdown -- with security patrolling from the ground and from the air. At least one police chopper will be keeping an eye from the sky.

And just to prove the cops mean business, Sergeant Tom Lorenz is warning uninvited fans, "Don't even try and come, because you won't even be able to see the green of the Forest Lawn."


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that's a good idea from the jacksons.

1883 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Well he's STILL on ice at Forest Lawn which makes him the King of Popsicles!

1883 days ago


"The Jackson family's decision to move Michael's burial from a Saturday to a Thursday is gonna cost some serious dough"

That is if there even IS an actual burial on that day and that date (3Sep09). Don't hold your breath.

1883 days ago


I Love you MJ

1883 days ago


TMZ, I hate the photo! It's better than a photo of the 02 imposter. But still, you must do better photos, the quality is very poor also. If all your photos such, please buy some from Radaronline. Thanks. Sheesh.

1883 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    

"...would have ran ..." Do you not mean "would have run"?

Why do you use the wording "fork over" to describe the cost for police services that the Jackson family will incur? When you use the terminology "fork over" you imply that the family is reluctant to pay the cost and therefore must be cajoled. Is this what you mean to imply? If so, what leads you to think believe that?

TMZ, when your writers use wording in such a fashion, it implies that your writers know more than they are telling about any given situation. As a result, it contributes to the underlying notion that TMZ is complicit in withholding information about this case involving Michael Jackson that the public may have a right to know.

On to the questions:

Who are the invited guests? Why do the police charge more for their service during the week, when most people have to work, or attend school, than during a Saturday, when presumably more people would have more free time to line the streets to see MJ's funeral?

Why does the police official quoted above discourage people from viewing this procession?

Why has this investigation not produced an arrest?

1883 days ago


wow , grow up guys.

rest in peace Michael!

* you have more fans than haters.

1883 days ago


Put Him On A Stick And He Would Be The King Of Popsicle

1883 days ago


It's a shame!!!!!!! The fans should be allowed, at least, to stay close to the doors of the cemetery, just to see MJ passing by.
I would like to be at MJ's funeral. I think that it could be the only way to believe he actually died.

1883 days ago


Lets see...Mutilated his nose....Bleached his skin....Sleeps With Little boys....Yep He's A Wacko...

1883 days ago

They all want to make money off MJ, dead or alive.

1883 days ago


F'k Tom Lorenz! When he dies, not a soul will visit his grave either! I guess he thinks MJ's fans are unruly wild children? If it were Elvis, it would be all open doors. Screw that f'g city! I hope the Jacksons change their mind! I'd rather him be buried at Neverland than Glendale. Mr. Lorenz needs to be smarter and not provoke enemies!

1883 days ago


who cares how much it costs-he's got plenty to cover it. we all know we aren't invited and anyone who tries is an absolute idiot. put the body in its place and be done with it. he is no longer here except in what he's created. we will all miss him and what he may have accomplished still; we will look forward to the release of finished creations that have never before been released. the re-creation is over. his kids have a hell of a life to live-i hope they proceed quickly with any charges in his death if only for their sake. i can only hope his remains will stay where they are placed and we don't all have to go through this again in 5-10 years. RIP Michael-you will always be the one.

1883 days ago


11. They all want to make money off MJ, dead or alive.

Posted at 2:30AM on Aug 27th 2009 by


California is so far in debt, the city won't make any money off this. And besides, it's a funeral. Someone has to pay the police and security along with all the regular funeral fees.

1883 days ago


This is not the way MJ would have wanted it at all, it’s a shame to send that kind of messenger to his true fans of his that they’re not even allowed to see the grave? Obviously the person or persons who made this decision don’t give a **** about MJ´s true fans.

1883 days ago
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