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Jenner/Francis in Knock Down Bar Fight, Tased

8/28/2009 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner was in an epic fight outside of Guys and Dolls this morning, with Girls Gone Wild honcho Joe Francis.

Jayde Nicole: Click to watch
Jenner just spoke with us by phone. According to Jenner, he and his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, were at the club celebrating his birthday, when Jayde saw Francis hitting on an ex-girlfriend of his (Francis'), Jenner says "unrelentingly." Jayde felt he was harassing the woman -- whom Jayde and Brody know -- and she threw a drink on Francis.

Jenner says Francis then pulled Jayde's hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground and began kicking her. Security broke it up and Francis got dragged away -- Brody followed.

Jenner says he started yelling at Francis and both men were ejected from the club.

Outside the club, Jenner says he tried to get back in to see Jayde but security wouldn't let him. Jenner then saw Joe, punched him in the face, and then someone tased him and he fell to the ground.

Francis left the scene (shown below). The cops -- who say a call came in at 2:46 AM for battery -- came but no one was arrested.

Joe Francis

Jayde tells TMZ she will press charges against Francis.

Jayde has a black and blue cheek, her face is swollen, she has a bruised left rib and her lower abdomen is sore. Some of her hair also got pulled out.

UPDATE: Brody put the following message on his Twitter: "Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him. How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of sh*t. Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!"

UPDATE: A rep for the club tells us, "It is Guys and Dolls policy not to comment on incidents that are being handled by the police department. We trust that this situation will be resolved both swiftly and privately."


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Her lower abdomen is "sour." Too funny.

1890 days ago


Wow! Big shocker there! Joe Francis has zero respect for women. @@ Gee, why didn't we pick up on this sooner. My only question is this. Whe the hell did Jenner wait for security to pull Francis off his girlfriend?

1890 days ago


Joe Francis, tax evader, graduates to violence against women. Wimpy bullies like him are afraid to fight a man, but have no problem with hitting a woman. What a pitiful parasite he is. Back to jail he will go. Didn't he break down and cry last time he got locked up?

Joe Francis has a smooth, featureless face, just like a girl. Joe, you can use M&M's, rubbed on your face, to simulate makeup in the big house. You will make someone very happy in prison.

1890 days ago


Hey the don... How on earth can you say "sometimes you have to hit the woman so she knows her place". What if this was your mother/sister/daughter/grandmother/niece... etc... Would you still feel the same if someone had to hit your mother/sister/daughter/grandmother/niece to put them in their place. You should be ashamed of yourself.

1890 days ago


#12 you’re a hypocrite! You 1st say “Secondly, NO ONE,NO ONE, has the right to strike anyone else,EVER,PERIOD” Then you go on the attack and say “Francis had it coming big, big time”. How can you say all that in one breath? Francis did not force these young ladies of age to act like whores on his videos. If they’re stupid enough to do these things on camera that’s their fault. At what point do you stop blaming men and start focusing on the women that participate in this kind of behavior. It’s always the mans fault in the feminist eyes. The story clearly states Francis was talking to another woman. Jenner and his girlfriend had no idea what kind of conversation they were having. She had no business or right throwing a drink at him. I don’t agree with Francis’ actions, but I can see why he would be upset.

1890 days ago


brody u need to ditch the b**ch, drama follows were ever she goes.

1890 days ago


Isn't Joe Francis still on probation?

If so, his arse will be in the slammer faster than Bubba can say pick up the soap with no rope..

1890 days ago


I'd pay a TON of money to be able to beat the living hell out of Francis. He's a sociopathic, pretentious little twerp. It's obvious that he is just trying to get back at all the girls in Jr High that wouldn't have anything to do with him because of the braces/fatty/premature-ejaculation problems. (Old GFs of his has came out.. said he never lasts more than a few minutes. Even after doing it "all night" They would claim he would do a lot of foreplay before and during to make it seem like it lasts longer. Of course, not to make the girl have a better time, but to make him look less like a guy that really really sucks at sex.

1890 days ago


Another example of a Woman thinking she can get away with anything. She assaulted Joe Francis by throwing a drink on him and having absolutly NO REASON TO. I didnt know everyone in hollywood had to clear it with her before they hit on a girl. Check the facts women, many men have been arrested and charged for just throwing a cup of water on someone. So when Joe Francis defended himself on a drunk alcoholic who is capable of doing anything because she is under the influence and not in a mentally stable mind she gets mad cause her ugly face is now bruised up. She deserved to get her teeth knocked out, your right right women deserved much more. Then he chump punk BF Brody jumps in and cheap shots a guy then get his butt beat. hahah alocohlics in hollywood. Joe Francis should start making movies on DRUG ADDICT CELEBRITIES and their party habbits. Now because they both got what they deserved they wanna press charges. CRY BABIES. Your mouth wrote a check your ass couldnt cash. Hell your parents money couldnt even cover that check. I hope the judge laughs at you in public then fines you for wasting tax payer money.

1890 days ago

doc murry    

most of the girls on his shows look more than happy to be showing off their stuff..and if your a girl and you run with that crowd,,expect to be smacked around a little..its no big deal and most women will repect you for knocking them around,its a daddy thing with them.,.

1890 days ago


Ok, she did start it. If the other lady needed help, she could've asked for it. It was not Jayde's business to insert herself into the situation. However, Joe's response was not in proportion to what she did to him and it sounds like his actions do qualify for an assault charge.

And maybe Jayde has both a "sour" and a "sore" stomach ???

1890 days ago



You're probably right about the whole incident being a set-up, but are you kidding that women like to be hit, because it make them feel loved. Like I wrote to Don, would you still believe the same thing if it was your mother/sister/daughter/grandmother/niece? I THINK NOT!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!

1890 days ago


Brody shouldn't even be a celebrity i mean apart from having money what does he do?!

1890 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

She had it coming if she threw a drink on him. If she didn't want to talk to him, she should have gotten up and left. That ugly cow probably was hoping he'd hit her so she could sue him. Stupid pig. If I had been there, I would have stepped on her fingers while she was laying there on the floor.

1890 days ago


She will have a hard time in court trying to sue. The court will look at her behavior and say "Would the altercation have happened if Jayde had not thrown a drink at Joe?" Answer, no, she started it, she basically threw the first punch.

1890 days ago
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