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Jenkins' Mystery Woman Will Not Face Charges

8/28/2009 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who helped Ryan Jenkins check into the Canadian motel where he was found hanged will not be charged with a crime.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Norm Massie said a Canadian warrant wasn't issued for Jenkins until the day after the woman checked him into the Thunderbird Motel on August 20, so there's no evidence to support charges.

The woman -- who some believe was Jenkins' half-sister Alena -- drove Ryan to the motel in British Columbia, checked him in and then left.

Ryan was found dead inside his room a few days later, hanging from a coat rack.


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This is a done deal. Let the dead rest. THey both were living wild out of control lifestyles it appears. But what if the ex con paid someone to kill her the way she was murdered to frame Jenkins? Jenkins looks to punkish to be able to pull all of her teeth out of her mouth and cut her fingers off. Something doesn't sit well with me on this one. Someone else was involved.

1884 days ago

mrez golucky    


1884 days ago


OK, his teeth are creeepy as hell! Ewwwww

1884 days ago


The Canadians are pathetic !!!! Defending Ryan to the end, because he was Canadian...

1884 days ago


screw the canadians they arent even being helpful

1884 days ago


The mystery woman is his sister. I don't think they should charge her for checking him in hotel. It's his sister. The loss of her brother is punishment enough. I'm sure the family is thinking if they had convinced him to turn himself in, he will still be with them today

Also knowing what we know now, this guy will only have been charged with manslaughter, not murder 1 or 2. I don't think he would have been spending the rest of his life in prison.

The whole situation is sad. It's money, fame, jealousy, and materialism all mixed together.

1884 days ago


lol manslaughter?

1884 days ago


Nice veneers. He looks greasy.

1884 days ago

dr fred    

TMZ please delete the "pull my finger" posts
& all the idiots that post "FIRST" "yikes" "balls"
& the morons that disgusting post porn l;inks that are not relevant also
the morons that ask non related questions..

the family of Jasmine said thetre was NOT asingle nude picture but there were the april vaughn pix

1884 days ago


It seems maybe she knew he was on the run fromthe beginning& it might be proven by the way she paid cash, parked near the dumpster,etc. Unless,of course she used her REAL name in checking in.Didn't, did she? Then even with the possibility she didn't know when she checked him in,unless she called LE & was the 1 who reported he was there, (that thing about LE saying right before finding him they knew he was in the country),then it seems she still should be charged for knowing where he was at that point.IE:not reporting it the minute she knew he was wanted.I believe he committed suicide because he knew no one was going to help him any longer. Like maybe she told him this,possibly online,or however they communicated. I'd imagine IF he tricked her into hiding him, USED her,& later she found out,she may well have informed LE as well as told him to ""F***off,how could you USE & involve me, I told Dad & now I'm turning your ass in,you might as well kill yourself"""( maybe even a lil sibling rivalry with the sibling caring?) Who knows maybe even his father ripped him a new one/cut him off during the time he was hiding out? I'm betting they never admit to anything, certainly not publically.

1884 days ago

She actually helped him to kill himself... Go girl!!!

1884 days ago


Yep, manslaughter. Murder in the first degree (obviously not). He no way did he plan to kill her. They were inlove, vacationing together in Las Vegas, going to a poker game. He loved her. Murder in the second degree (maybe, but it will be tough, especially if he gets a good lawyer with Daddy's money) The prosecutors will still have to proof that he intentionally planned on killing her. With all what the police is telling us, there was a struggle in the car, which means he flew into a rage when something annoyed him (text message to an ex?). I believe this was a heat of the passion incident (heat of the passion murder is always manslaughter). A fight gone bad. Voluntary Mansalughter would be a slam dunk.
Now the way he disposed the body, and him removing her teeth and finger..not sure if there will be additional charges. I am thinking there will (not still sure) But there will definely had gotten charges for fleeing the country. But the main charge will be the murder charge.

1884 days ago


why is this Ryan/Jasmine story still news? one was a gold digging trollop, the other was a psychopathic woman abuser. each tried to make the other jealous by flaunting PAST relationships. each one pretended to have money. they could NOT pay for a meal they had already consumed because neither had a WORKING credit card. LOSERS!

1884 days ago



the warrant wasn't issued until after he crossed the border. you can't charge legally her anyways, you cant prove that she even knew that he was a wanted man. think about it! before slandering canada. but then again not too many bright ones commenting on here anyways.

1884 days ago


#6 and #7 obviously have small minds and can't think of anything more intelligent to say than to slander an entire country. Sure takes a big person to slander and entire country and HIDE behind a computer!

1884 days ago
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