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CA Attorney General Launches MJ Investigation

8/28/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is launching an independent investigation into the death of Michael Jackson.

Brown says the investigation comes at the request of the LAPD and will focus on several doctors connected to Jackson.

Brown said police have met with representatives of the attorney general's Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement and the DEA about what evidence has been uncovered.

The attorney general's office won't name the specific doctors their investigation is targeting.


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when know what and how you write, and I see you have an ignorant clone tonight.....

1889 days ago


Hi Lovehimmore great to see you

1889 days ago


yes, i was upstairs getting some chocolate covered nuts and found these lovely "specimens". i could have stayed here for the nuts. :)

1889 days ago


You know I believe sometimes people who are really dangerous to society sometimes visit these boards. If you are really looking for sexual predators consider the people that writing sick things about people's body parts only a predator would even have an imagination like that.

1889 days ago


What I find most fascinating--and I do mean fascinating--about people such as the clones is their fascination for the perverse. And then they come on here claiming all sorts of nonsense about Michael whilst they act out some quite pathelogical behaviours.

1889 days ago




1889 days ago


To my clone:

You like body parts? Here are some for you.

1889 days ago


Hi disfasia don't worry your class and intelligence always shines in what you write. So I think most of us understand even in disagreement you always exhibit intellect. So we know when its really you.

1889 days ago


has anyone gotten to the bottom of why Dr. Murray waited over an hour and a half to call 911 after he found MJ not breathing? Why was he on the phone for 40 something minutes with three seperate calls and ignoring his patient who stopped breathing? That doesnt make any sense, do people realize if he had called 911 immediately when he found him not breathing the outcome might have been much different?

1889 days ago


Ok Have a great night everyone I am signing off take care

1889 days ago

Blanket's Mom    

About the nose, I was shocked to read in the Rolling Stone MJ Cover Article of the "Hope and Ruin" issue that there was a description of him on the gurney with one small hole where his nose should have been. (I imagine that would really only mean the tip, not the whole nose. I took that description as truthful since Rolling Stone is a major, reputable publication, and could easily get sued by the estate if that were not true.

I never believed those rumors that seemed crazy about is nose until I read it there. Dr. Klein says he rebuilt his nose with injections, but I do not believe he has been totally truthful in his interviews (LKL). That's an understatement, BTW.

So, it must be true about the nose. It was then reported on many other news sites, quoting Rolling Stone as the source.

Regarding his hair ... well, yes, we all know quite a few 50 year old men who are nearly totally bald - a natural thing. (Some 50 something women I know have lost a lot of hair too, as it comes with age for some females too.) I do not blame him for wearing a wig, no problem with that at all. I think he was wearing a partial weave of some sort, or extensions, from the Bad tour on. He didn't seem to be wearing total wigs until the late 90s, but I don't really care about any of that.

But the hair and nose did make it difficult for him to go out in public without a lot of preparation. Some say that this is the real reason for the mask, though it might have worked into a PR gimmick as Dr. Klein claimed it was on LKL.

40. LoveHimMore

Well, the Lupus was probably much more severe than anyone realizes. Yes, it can cause baldness, but his accident left permanent hair loss and hey, he was a man, so that eventuality might have happened regardless :) The reason for damage to his nose is speculative: it could have been Lupus, it could have been the surgeries. But if his nose were really prosthetic, I doubt Michael could leave his house ever adn would have had to remain in sterile envirnments. And certainly dancing and performances, rehearsals and the like would have been impossible. His nose would have fallen off performing. The whole theory is silly and should be left where madmen dwell.

Posted at 6:55PM on Aug 28th 2009 by disfasia

Read more:

1889 days ago


I think its funny that you fans think you knew him so well. Some of you talk as if he was a good friend of yours...defending him to the end. You only know what he, his management, his lawyers, his publicist, etc... wanted to present prior to his death. Now that he's dead and the truth about his lifestyle has come to light, I think you people are having trouble accepting it. He put out some good music...but thats about all I can say. He was a drug addict. He was no different than Anna Nicole (who everyone crucified once she died). I guess perception is everything.

1889 days ago


What a great man, he LOVED THE WORLD WITH ALL HIS HEART, it was an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and he really wanted to HEAL IT, STOP WARS and DESTRUCTION and have people find a common ground IN LOVE and GOODNESS and SHARING !

People he cared for abused his trust deceived him, his father abused him verbally and physically; and then worst of all the media/press raped and stripped him of his dignity publicly and hounded him mercilessly. And through it all he smiled!

I wonder how many of us would withstand the same introspection into our lives and how we would handle the pain. Before we case stones at MJ maybe we should imagine ourselves in his life and ask ourselves how would we manage it? How would we escape the pain?

Michael, you were too good for this world, for the people here, for the decadence of the community around us. You are finally up with the angels, where you belong, may you RIP ! We will do our best to CARRY ON YOUR LOVE and SELFLESSNESS and teach it to our little ones.

1889 days ago


Go git 'em, AJ Moonbeam. In as much as I think Michael Jackson was on an escapist easy-out, leaving others holding the incriminating drip-bag, I am not in favor of the medical establishment enabling prescription drug addiction.

1889 days ago


@muscles 96

Thanks, but I just don't buy it about the nose. Rolling Stone can get bad info too. If MJ had a prosthetic nose, like they use in the movies, he would have had a better looking one. And there's no way a glued-on nose would stay on while he was pouring with sweat on stage. His nose didn't look anything like a prosthetic nose at all, and it always had a brown hyperpigmented blotch on the tip with is typical of the dark brown spots caused by lupus, so he tried to hide that with makeup but it was so dark it usually showed.

1889 days ago
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