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Chris Brown -- I Don't Remember Beating Rihanna

8/31/2009 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he can't remember anything from the night he brutally attacked Rihanna -- telling Larry King he thinks "it's crazy" when he thinks about what he did that night.

With his mom and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, by his side, Brown did a pre-taped interview for King's upcoming Wednesday show -- and told Larry that he's still "in shock" about the beating. He also says he's still in love with Rihanna.

Need a refresher -- here's the brutal blow-by-blow.


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HE might not remember, but Rihanna and the rest of the world certainly does. He's not fooling ANYONE; and why he's still out after having deliberately disobeyed the probation rules that were very specifically laid out I cannot understand. Oh wait; I remember now: Celebrity enables people to have to abide differently to what's been set down for them. Even VIOLENT offenders, if they're celebrities, get a pass. I don't care how much $$$ he makes, this man is nothing but trash.

1886 days ago

doc murry    

im sure all these girls will forgive him and fall all over in love with him again,,he just wants to sell records to loser fat white girls and thinks this will help his image

1886 days ago


No woman deserves to be beaten but I do believe in this case those two DESERVE each other. They both need some serious psychiatric help.

1886 days ago


Sure Chris Brown, play dumb I would to boo!

1886 days ago


U was on roofies that night!

1886 days ago


Give me a f#&king break...what a poor defense.

Who decided he could not remember? His attorney?

If he was that under the influence why was he driving?

1886 days ago


Maybe he should look at the pictures...absolute loser.

1886 days ago

amie Class of 98 at North High    

I lost alot of respect for him after i heard about him beating Rihanna but now that he cant even be a man and admit that he did any wrong just makes me wanna puke.Chris Brown is a spineless pansy who deserves to go to jail and get the crap beat out of him.

1886 days ago


It sounds like what ever substance he was using that evening caused his "blackout", which everyone knows is very dangerous ,not only to oneself,but others.He seems to not remember what he did , this is symptomatic of brain damage.He is young and probally abusing some sort of substance(s) for some time to have balckouts at his age.He may use substances for his depression bouts.He may also have adult deficit disorder. He has rage internally and when he is on substance this manifests towards another in physical altercations.He needs to get some serious medical help ,and the community service may help him to stop being so self absorbed.
I do not know anything about this man other than he beat a woman.Is he a singer? That is not a claim to fame.

1886 days ago


Please let his community service be at a battered womans shelter.
He cant sing, cant dance and is a mommy boy.
Yeah real catch.

1886 days ago


What an idiot!! BTW Mr Rogers called and wants his sweater and bowtie back!!!!!!!!!!!

1886 days ago


Been there, done that, got the police report to prove it. It happens. You feel like you're outside of you body watching these events unfold.

1886 days ago

katie lady    

shows he just a talentless hood!!!! should have been put in jail for many years! he will repeat this many times in the future!

1886 days ago


A good man doesn't need his LAWYER there with him as he's opening up to the world about his side of the situation; but a CAGEY man does. (And p.s., the powder blue throwback sweater and matching satin bowtie do NOT change my mind otherwise. I love how stupid he imagines everyone else in the world is.)

1886 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

Oh yeah right Chris, we all know this is a crock of CRAP!! All I can think is if he couldn't possibly remember what he did to that poor defenseless woman, he had to have been on some kind of drugs. Maybe LSD, maybe cocaine, maybe a mix plus alcohol. Maybe if we showed him the picture of her beaten up face he would remember a little bit more. Maybe if his momma had raised him to be a proper gentleman and not pure ghetto trash this wouldn't have happened. Oh, and maybe if someone taught him that cheating on your significant other is wrong, he wouldn't have gotten in this predicament int he first place!!! I bet Rhianna has some PTS from this incident. Thank GOD she's got 5 long years away from him and I hope she moves on and finds the happiness she deserves!!

1886 days ago
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