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Pageant Official -- Prejean's Suit Is Publicity Stunt

8/31/2009 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrle PrejeanTMZ just received the following statement from Miss California USA honcho Keith Lewis, lashing back at the lawsuit Carrie Prejean filed against him this morning for religious discrimination:

"It appears that suits from both sides are now inevitable against the other.

I would guess Carrie sees it as a chance to get publicity for her upcoming book because in the interviews I have seen, she talks about the suit and the book in the same breath.

We have no problem with her selling lots of books - considering in the current situation we could stand to profit from every copy she sells.

For us, it has never been about her beliefs and we have always just wanted to move on.

But it seems like Carrie really has nothing new to talk about or anything new in her life so the impression is she just keeps looking for ways to rehash her position as a victim because of her onstage answer."

UPDATE: Keith just added a bit more ... "I guess hell hath no fury like a Miss without her crown. We're all looking forward to a less litigious party when we crown the next Miss California USA November 22."


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Go Carrie I am so happy for you I hope you sue their asses off!! It's obvious Kieth Lewis is a little Gay boy,He couldn't wait to attack her!I am so sick of these homos trying to shove their lifestyles down everybodys' throat!!(NO PUN INTENDED!!) YOU GO GIRL!!!! Stand up for the normal people!!

1786 days ago


This whole thing is an injustice!! If we are to accept the gay community's beliefs, then why can't they accept the Christians beliefs? Carrie was entitled to her opinion on the whole gay marriage question. She gave her opinion...that's that. This guy says he just wants to "move on"? If that were the case she would have never been de-throned. I don't particularly agree with sueing, but I do think that she is definately being persecuted.

1786 days ago


Good I hope she wins, who else here got punked by Obama

1786 days ago


Keith Lewis is clueless with is head in the sand and his butt in the air looking for his next boyfriend. No doubt the guy hates women and is in it for the clothes.

1786 days ago


She will have her day in court. There is much truth in what she is saying in her suit. She should have named Perez Hilton in the suit as well.

1786 days ago


Pageant Officials Hah! You guys are a huge JOKE

1786 days ago


this girl turns my stomach. she's claim to be a religious conservative when she hss taken topless photos that she lied about - twice - and poses in a skimpy bikini. Now there may be nothing wrong with the bathing suit as far as the public in general is concerned but conservative Christians would never approve of that. This girl is a spoiled brat and a hypocrite who was used to getting everything she wanted and when her little hissy fit didn't work this time, she didn't like it. i hope donald trump gets involved with this and completely demoralizes her.

1786 days ago

Jerry Martin    

You mean this sweet, innocent, underage boob showing bimbo slut might be doing something for publicity? What is the world coming to?

1786 days ago

Just when I thought this redneck bitch had her 15 minutes of and will dispear forever, she comes back to life with this lawsuit. I hope Trump puts the nails in her hillbilly coffin.

1786 days ago


Wow. Just what we need. Another long long book about a whiny skank and her whining about the stupid Miss Skank crown. Who cares? The lawsuit clearly is a ploy to keep her name in the media. Get a life Prejudiced Carrie Prejean! We're all sick of hearing of you.

1786 days ago


I would like to know why it is that in this country you people who support gays being married are allowed to shout it from the mountains but anyone opposed is not. I am so sick of this double standard. Then to attack this womans Christian beliefs? Give me a break here. You have no clue about her personal life and she IS following her beliefs. Why was this question ever presented in the first place? If he didnt want an honest answer then dont ask it. As for that Shona Moaklar ( not sure if right) why is she even a judge? What exactly qualifies her? The fact she lived off her husbands noteriety? She talks about Carrie being a fame whore, look at her for crying out loud. Bottome line is she has every right to her opinion. For some reason you people think only yours matters on the issue but more people in this country and actually world agree with her. She was given the boot for her remarks period. They looked for any way they could and I am not normally a sue happy person but in this case I hope she bankrupts them.

1786 days ago


Oh come on! This was never 100% about her Christian beliefs. I am a Christian too. This was about the fact she answered the question HORRIBLY. She rambled and made no logical sense. Opposite marriage?
This is a STUNT to sell her book so she can make more $$$$$$

1786 days ago


No matter what these pageant officials say, or Perez Hilton, it was obvious from the moment she uttered her answer regarding same sex marriage that they were out to get her removed. Shanna Moakler admitted she was aghast and immediately distanced herself, as did Keith Lewis. THAT SAME NIGHT! So just be honest about it.

1786 days ago


Why is she the crazy one? She was asked a question and some gay dude didn't like the answer and decided to make it his mission to make sure she was dethroned. I hope she wins. She's got a right to her opinion as everyone else does.

1786 days ago

J C    

I was a gay activist and now I'm a christian and I can tell You the hatred focused against christians is much greatetr and more widely accepted,shockingly even in the media than anything I experienced when I was in homosexuality.
She has a point of view that need to be heard.
This society is going down the toilet with its anti christian hate.
Homosexuality is a behavior which is not equal in practice to heterosexuality.The people are equal.The behavior is not.I've come out of it .I know!

1786 days ago
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