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The Smothers Brothers

'Memba Them?!

8/31/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dick and Tom Smothers are best know for their hour long variety show "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour." Guess what they look like now!

The Smothers Brothers


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1845 days ago

no wonder you're single    

what red carpet were they allowed on?

1845 days ago


Michael Jackson's kids pen goodbye notes. You can read it and find more details on :

1845 days ago


haha... i thought they were dead.

1845 days ago


Pickle, exactly how old are you, really?

1845 days ago

The Truth    

Now these guys were funny..Didn't have to curse to make you laugh..Comedians today don't have a clue how to do that..Doesn't make them funny it makes them Stupid...

1844 days ago


I live in Europe and the "Smothers Brothers" were completely unknown to me. At first glance I thought it was about a young Don Adams and Lance Armstrong.

1844 days ago

Wanda W.    

Im old enough to remember their variety show(although,in my defense,I was a young). I never cared much for their routines.They were often corny,and as I remember their show kept getting canceled,then picked up again,then canceled again....... They were particularly irritating when they tried to get political (ie the Vietnam War,Nixon,etc.)And they COULD NOT SING A NOTE ON CUE,but thought they could. I was glad to be finally rid of them because my dad found them hilarious,which I found embarrasing.

1844 days ago


only the older folks here will remember The Smothers Brothers show

they were highly controversial in their day-speaking out against the Vietnam war on TV and the censors went nuts canceling them

so they were very much pioneers in that way

and they were the first to air a comedy bit about Pat Paulson running for president-hilarious bits for the time-check youtube-something must still be around showing clips of his efforts to run

and Tommy Smothers Yo Yo man was classic and genius for the time

it's all in the context of the times they lived in-younger ones today might have a difficult time relating to them maybebut they should check them out to see what eheir parents or grandparents saw

- and if they do they should wonder how their grand-kids someday will or will not be able to relate to the comedy/music etc. of today

1844 days ago


im to young to know they are but at first glance, looks like hotboy in the back is pluggin the dark haired boy's poop shoot with some tube steak

1844 days ago


I think it is very strange that people don't remember these two with fondness. They were so funny and I had such a crush on Tom, and his Yo Yo man was the best. I just love these two!

1844 days ago


I'm old enough to have heard them on the radio in their day.

1838 days ago

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