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Chris Brown -- I'm Totally Ashamed

9/1/2009 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ obtained another clip from Chris Brown's interview with Larry King -- one in which Chris claims he's "ashamed" and "really regrets" beating the crap out of Rihanna.

Link: CHRIS BROWN talks exclusively to LARRY KING

Chris couldn't explain why he flipped out that fateful night, but told Larry -- in the interview set to air tomorrow night -- that "It's just one of those nights I wish I could just take back."


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Jerry Martin    

First, bitches!

1879 days ago


I know I aint sitting around and letting no one hit me man or woman...he was probably provoked

1879 days ago


1879 days ago


The only thing worse than being Chris Brown . . . is being Dr. Conrad Murray. Damn!

1879 days ago


you should be ashamed, loser... and to have your Mama go on Larry King Live with you? DUH, double loser/baby.... grow up and deal with it. L O S E R~ I bet you kick your cat, too

1879 days ago

Ellen deGeneres    

He regretted it SO MUCH he went jet-skiing in Miami a few days later!

1879 days ago

best Source    

OMG Really Harvey??? Really? Why??? What do you have against us? MORE OF THIS MORON??? MAKE HIM GO AWAY!!!
ok since he is here.. HEY STUPID.. you only want to make that night go away? what about all of the others? those you will keep because she didn't call the cops on you! So those beatings were ok? OMG SHUT TFU You were so sorry all you have done is party since. you really are a piece of garbage..all wrapped up in a nice blue bow

1879 days ago


Don't forget he BIT her with his giant teeth. he needs to go away.

1879 days ago


This is b.s. Larry will put anybody on his show just so he doesn't have to go anywhere. No one cares about Chris Brown and his Mea Culpa tour. Chris Brown is a creep and batterer. Now Larry is selling his records for him.

I don't watch Larry King because he doesn't do his homework or have any backbone when it comes to putting creeps on his show. Shame on CNN for continuing with this crap.

1879 days ago


The only reason he wants to take it back is because he lost everything!.
I do not think Chris Brown has any clue of what a human emotion is unless it has dollar signs.

1879 days ago


Chris Brown -- I'm Totally Ashamed -- and Soon To Be Totally Broke as America and the Rest of the World Continue to Shun You

Beating the crap out of a woman (several times) is not a forgivable "mistake."

1879 days ago


Right, there's zero question in my mind that fans should just forget about this jerk. I liked what Jen said here about fans needing to hold him to a higher standard. He's slime.

1879 days ago


Attention Chris Brown's publicity team ..... tell your client to shut up and do his community service. He should be more concerned about completing his community service than his public image right now. I'm disturbed that anyone is giving air time to a convicted batterer who has yet to complete his sentence.

1879 days ago


I'd like to know which attorney 'handler' picked his outfit!

1879 days ago


Wonder how long it will be til this lowlife is behind bars? God help the next woman he hooks up with....

1879 days ago
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