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Chris Brown -- I'm Totally Ashamed

9/1/2009 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ obtained another clip from Chris Brown's interview with Larry King -- one in which Chris claims he's "ashamed" and "really regrets" beating the crap out of Rihanna.

Link: CHRIS BROWN talks exclusively to LARRY KING

Chris couldn't explain why he flipped out that fateful night, but told Larry -- in the interview set to air tomorrow night -- that "It's just one of those nights I wish I could just take back."


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What is ashame is this low life is still on the outside, breathing. He should have been locked up behind bars for the crime he did. But what could we expect,...he got off just like O.J. Enough said.

1846 days ago


i see photographs of you having a good time everywhere. i have even seen a picture of you trying to fake out everyone with a woman dressed to look like rihanna hanging with you. you have not begun to show any regret. go cry to your mama.

1845 days ago


this interview is completely pointless. he says nothing different than any other abuser. being ashamed and regretting doesn't stop the cycle. regardless of being provoked or being intentionally set up (if that be the case), he is an abuser, he grew up with it, those patterns are learned, burned in his brain and until he seeks psychological counseling, nothing will change. it is never a one time mess up. what is sad about it is that a young man did a wrong thing and he not only has to face his conscience but the scrutiny of the entire world. those of you who comment and say he was "provoked" are ignorant and need a serious lesson in psychology. until you learn more about abusive behaviors, shut up and stop putting these ideas out there that it is okay because its "provoked"

1845 days ago


If this young lady had been MY DAUGHTER,this moron would have been In HELL,as soon as I found out what the BASTARD had done.Instead of him being on larry kings show,he would have photos of me In handcuffs.he would beIn hell big time.

1845 days ago


Another wife beater or girlfriend. They go to Larry, Al and other to get their slate television slate cleaned. Next year its another one down or dead. THe guy isn't well and should be cast out to some island period. Hollywood needs some morals at least when it comes to beaters.

1845 days ago

me so horny    

Hey Chris, do you want to be forgiven for beating a woman, then do the man thing, raise money for abused women. All you have to do is compete in a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tournament, all proceeds will go to abused and battered women. And only then will you be forgiven.

1845 days ago


He isnt ashamed. He may be concerned about the fallout from all of this because it effects record sales, but Cris Brown DOES NOT care. Oprah Winfrey is a whack job for taking his side. She doesn't care about a woman's right.

1845 days ago


Having grown up in an abusive environment, he has a higher chance of being abusive in relationships. This is something he will ALWAYS have to control and rein in...pretty much like victims of child abuse have a high chance of becoming abusers themselves. Recognize it and get help and stay away from toxic relationships that will drag you down. " Fight hard and love hard" is a fallacy....loving someone should be easy on the soul.

1845 days ago

Pajamas Jones    

My homie Chris just regret getting busted. That ho will be back to him for some chocolate love. Punched, spanked, spit on. She like it all.

1845 days ago


It is offensive that old Whore-King kept asking the same question time and again to "fish" around for the "right" answer. Then puts on the one that will stir up the most CONTROVERSY.

Yep, its not enough for old Whore King to the interview...

And now he is trying to do damage control.

WHY wasn't this released, and part of the original airing? Since an APOLOGY is a very important thing... wouldn't you think?

Media Whores Liars Exposed!

Just goes to show ya...


YET Mr.King ALWAYS comes out smellin like a rose.

1845 days ago


I think all you people out there need to get a life. Yeah, Chris made a BIG mistake, but Rihanna is at fault too. If he was hitting on her from the beginning, why didn't she end it. I'm tired of hearing about women being the "victims". Stop being a victim and stand up for yourself. She should have left him when he FIRST put his hands on her. But she didn't so I feel like she didn't mind being knocked around if that is what he was really doing. There's two sides to every story and as far as I can see only ONE side has been told. If she can get over it, I don't know why all you people can't. He doesn't deserve to be blackballed for life because he made a mistake. Americans are such hypocrites! None of us are in a position to judge anyone. We all have done things in our lives I'm sure we're not proud of...only thing is ours isn't broadcasted all over the world. Leave him alone!

1845 days ago


CB said "It's just one of those nights I wish I could just take back."

If only his momma could say that the night he was conceived!!

1845 days ago


He sings love songs right?

He's not a Rocker or a Rapper.

Poor Chris... he needs to get us to buy his love songs... and not think about him beating a tiny thin girl into a pulp.

Vote with your Money... it is the only thing that Chris will understand. After all he used your money to buy enough lawyers to buy his way out of jail.

1845 days ago



1845 days ago



1845 days ago
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