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O'Day Continues to Hail Hitler ... as Brilliant

9/1/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to clear up the "Hitler and Castro are Brilliant" controversy -- Aubrey O'Day just issued the following statement to TMZ:

Aubrey O'Day

"Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there - they just use their brain power for evil purposes.

I don't condone any of their evil behavior, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower... and in my opinion you can't have a low IQ and wreck [sic] that much havoc on the world.

What Hitler succeeded in doing, was deplorable... And I hope we never see such an abusive use of power again."

As for O'Day's claim that she met Castro in the past, Aubrey told us:

"I was a college student on a program called Semester at Sea, through that program chosen political science students attended a half day seminar of Fidel Castro and his thoughts on basically everything except Cuba's relationship with the US, lol. It was very interesting."


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OH COME ON! This is the same shiz you dragged will smith through not too long ago. I don't understand why its such a hard concept for people to grasp. Only a brilliant mind could be behind something so devastating as the Holocaust. Hitler was also a great leader. And the sad thing is he used both of those gifts for evil. EVIL.

1879 days ago


I`ve got a pine appple just for her gapho...But4reals.Hitler was SS as in masonicals so his only power was being in a nutclub for misfits and dumb dumbs.#39 bay of pigs? castro didn`t win we just didn`t go overt but you say we lost?WTF? what happened to all those russian misssles than?.Cuba was being used by russian as a dis-action to draw us off in and just like nam and the war we are now in,Communists are now in power RED CHINA/Russia are one country thus we are buying lead toys and kissing red a$$e$.Howard Hughes saved our a$$ in war I howard SR`s weapons war II howard Jr`s weapons and in the missle stand off in cuba.After 911 russia was united nations flying the sorties over the USA so the peace accords are still holding alittle.Hitler was insane castro is a RED puppet that is only fitting into a system just as the USA is now doing with RED russian toys and china markets running our country.Nothing smart about HITTY or castro just a$$e$ kissers sucking on as masonics SS

1879 days ago


Who the hell is Aubrey O'Day? And why are we talking about her?

1879 days ago


What an idiot !!!

1879 days ago


She needs a d1ck inserted in her mouth. I will volunteer mine if they would make her look like that Complex photo shoot.

1879 days ago


The ability to influence people is sometimes linked to high intelligence, but not necessarily.

"Average" people are more likely to have influence on those like them.

Think about it.

A PhD who reads academic literature and spends his days at conferences probably wouldn't be able to sell a product that your average consumer buys as much as the guy who makes a middle income, enjoys football games, and goes to the bar with his friends.

Regular people (and those that blindly went along with Hitler)usually like those who are average like them.

You only have to look at the Obama "elitist" haters to figure that out.

Sarah Palin is a ditz, but she did have a good (scary) following.

1879 days ago


Because of her sexual preference, her opinion is Less Than Worthy?
That is alot less intelligent than what she said.
You may not agree with what she said, but, she does have the RIGHT to say it.

1879 days ago


hate to admit it but she is right. If Hitler was a moron AND evil, he wouldn't have been able to convince an entire nation to commit genocide. he was obviously a very powerful speaker and was able to brain wash so many people.

1879 days ago

Mary P    

47 - Kathleen. I suggest doing some research into the areas that he demanded be set up for researchers during his reign. He was especially interested in trying to gain in this area through his reign as he did poorly on his own. There was several good articles based on a research paper written on how the math theories applied to military weapons for use during the war. Some of which are the basis of OUR military weapons now.

I'm not praising him in any form and in saying I do so, is showing the lack of research on your part. Like the others here condemning her for saying it, people don't care enough about history or can pass it to understand anything. No where am I praising him for killing people. BUT I am not stupid enough to say that he's a stupid man. Underestimating foes, like we did with Castro and the aforementioned Bay of Pigs sets up failure. You don't deal with intelligent men by beating him up in a slap fight - you wouldn't even make it. Send a barbarian and he'll trap your barbarian, torture him and probably send him back to you, without ever getting close to the original target.

I'm sure it's more sunshine and roses to think that all evil people are stupid - but if that attitude prevails, we might as well give into extremists now.

1879 days ago


some of their ideas are always acceptable to some, thats how they get into power

1879 days ago


HE was SS KKK thats what the WHITE nation was buying that white are better and that could takeover the world in GOD`s name.that is what the masonics still teach and do..that why we have a two class system becouse the masonics are still in power.Even in the USA in WWII they had a under ground here and after the war they were still here and the jews are still hunting them down to the day hour and month and min.WHITE POWER was what the white nation was buying and mnay still sell and buy that crap today.

1878 days ago


She is correct. It's just most of the public both present and past are too ignorant to comprehend anything. That's why these evil people had so much power for the most part. Mindless followers. I guess the same can be said for Democrats.

1878 days ago


Note to self: When on TV do not make Hitler references.

1878 days ago


Try to imagine Mitford sister spawn ... but much lower IQ and you've got Aubrey O'Day. (Aubrey O'Daze) ... Out to lunch and adrift 'at sea'. Is she gunning for Ann Coulter's job?

1878 days ago


Damn, she is so fugly!! What happened to her?

1878 days ago
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