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Chris Brown -- Wish I Could Take It Back

9/3/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he relives his assault on Rihanna every day -- and wishes he could have handled it "totally different."

Brown's full interview with Larry King aired last night, where he said he was still in love with the woman he beat up, played dumb to the past abuse mentioned in his probation report and called the night of the assault, "one of the worst moments of my life."

Brown said he was sorry -- but are you buyin' it?


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I have not seen him do anything that shows remorse except flap his lips about nothing and be forced to wash some firetrucks. 1000 washed firetrucks will not make a difference. what a creep. maybe some of the car wash soap will wash out his dirty, lieing mouth.

1875 days ago


Someone wrote yesterday, to forgive Chris ,because Micheal Vic got a second chance. He got his second chance after he finished his prison term, Maybe this little thug will get a second chance after he serves his 5 years

1875 days ago


He needs a reality check and mental health counseling. WHAT A NARCISSISTIC JERK.

1875 days ago


Chris Brown went ballistic after finding out that Rihanna gave him the STD Herpes after she slept around on him.

Nuf said.

1875 days ago


I've said it once and I'll say it again- Chris doesn't "owe" an apology to any of you retards. People on her making the dumb comments were never his fan anyway- so big whoop, you don't like him. Funny TMZ has never made post about ALL of the positive things Chris Brown has done in his short lifetime.

And to # 25 Bitch are you serious? Get a life ASAP.

1875 days ago


WHY DOES HE TALK LIKE HIS TONGUE DOESNT WORK?! judging by the rcoket science that was spewing out of his mothers mouth im guessing thats just good old edumacation.

1875 days ago


You can tell that he doesn't think he did anything wrong and his mom is in complete denial about her being partially responsible. He will never get better and will offend again. Did anyone notice how illiterate Chris is? Why don't they order an English class?? I am sure he still sees Rhianna.

1875 days ago


All the positive things & THIS ONE REALLY BIG NEGATIVE THING! He belongs in prison.

1875 days ago


@ 29

Why because you say so ? Get over it.

1875 days ago


Ihad a boyfriend who also beat me.First started slapping me around then it got worse broke my nose.Always said he was sorry and if you would'nt make me mad.I new if I did'nt leave one day he just might kill me.Then one day the hitting stopped I left.So Chris Brown you have'nt changed.Once a beater always a beater.

1875 days ago

Queen C    

I saw the interview and i think nearly everything that came out his mouth were well rehearsed sound bites..He isn't sorry folks! I was with someone just like him: the good christian boy by day and whipping my ass at night. Just because Chris acts like Mr. Nice in public does not mean what he did was an "accident" it was extremely violent (hello, biting??? Is he an animal? and extremely disgusting. Dont buy Chris Brown records!

1875 days ago


He was trying to resurrect his career and money flow. I noticed his lawyer was wearing a BLUE shirt almost the same color as Brown's sweater. His mother seems like a very nice lady who obviously loves her son but, I wonder why she did not impress upon him that beating and abusing a woman is forbidden since she herself was battered by her (second?) husband. Chris Brown was living in the same home when his mother was being abused so, how can he justify his own actions against Rihanna or any other woman. I do not buy his excuse for not "remembering." He must be breathing a huge sigh of relief for escaping jail time.

1875 days ago


Tiffany- No, because the judge said so right before she cut him the biggest break he has ever had in his sorry life.

1875 days ago


Queen C- And CB isn't even intelligent enough to pull off the sound bites. He comes off sounding like an idiot. Aren't they always "good Christian boy's" by day & complete monsters by night? Cowardly sociopath's with little hope of turning themselves around in their behavior!

1875 days ago


I was almost embarrassed for him watching his interview. Sounds like a lot of b.s. he is trying to sell. He could have at least done a better job acting like he was remorseful. It seems the only reason he did that interview was to revive his career and I hope people aren't buying it. Especially Rihanna (I still love her-yeah right!) Oh, the bow tie!!! PLEASE.

1875 days ago
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