Michael Jackson Burial -- The Bill

9/3/2009 1:22 PM PDT

Michael Jackson Burial -- The Bill

The Jackson family finally got the bill from Forest Lawn Memorial Park, which shows Michael Jackson's body has been in their possession since July 7 -- the day of MJ's memorial at Staples Center.

Yesterday, Katherine Jackson filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court, which contained the bill from Forest Lawn. The bill requests payment for security charges, barricade rentals and "temporary invaultment" of Michael's body from the beginning of July.

The exact cost of the bill has been redacted, but a lawyer for the special administrators of Michael's estate said yesterday in court that the final number for everything would be "extraordinary."

Katherine's request to have MJ's estate foot the bill was approved yesterday. In the docs, it says "Payment must be made as soon as possible if the family is to avoid the public embarrassment and added grief, in addition to the inconvenience, inefficiency and unhappiness, of having to make new arrangements for the funeral."

The docs also show the Glendale Police Department "indicated that they will not provide their services without receiving payment prior to rendering those services."