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Jenkins' Sister: 'Jasmine Was a Show Off'

9/4/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' sister, Alena, was just on "GMA" -- where they asked her, flat-out, about the photos we posted this morning of Jasmine Fiore kissing her ex-husband just days before her murder.

Alena Jenkins: Click to watch
Though she says she didn't know about Jasmine's ex, Alena said Ryan probably wouldn't have been surprised about the pics -- because Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" who "would quite often expose her breasts in public."

Also interesting: Alena refused to answer when asked if she drove Ryan to the hotel where he later killed himself.


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J dub    

Sounds like Jasmine was receiving socializing tips from Joe Francis.

1877 days ago


show off? but her brother is presumed a killer, i would rather be a show off. Also is he really dead? did they take DNA on his body.?????????

1877 days ago

J dub    

Also, First.

1877 days ago


First the father, now the sister. They should be so ashamed of what Ryan did. It's deplorable for them to be talking of the dead like that, especially after such an unspeakably horrific death.
The entitlement attitude of this family shows what may have contributed to Ryans behavior. The sister may as well have admitted to helping her brother out. They said she didn't know he was a fugative. I wonder how she missed that when the rest of the country knew. She should serve time like someone less privilaged would.

1877 days ago


what an uppity bitch. jasmine obviously loved attention but that doesn't mean she should be murdered, folded up in a suitcase, and have her teeth and fingers removed. crazy!

1877 days ago


For a suppose to be "model", I can not see it. Looked mor like h***er.

1877 days ago


Of course Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" - she was a model. It goes along with the territory. I would imagine that Ryan must have been a bit of a show off since he was on a reality show and like to video tape and take pictures of himself and wife. However, just because Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" she did not deserve to be murdered in that horrifying manner.

I think it would be better if Ryan's family did not say anything in public relating to this case.

1877 days ago


Who cares if Jasmine liked to show off? What does that have to do with anything. Even if she pranced around naked she didn't deserve to die. Obviously the Jenkins family is in serious denial. I feel bad for his family as well, but that was uncalled for.

1877 days ago

Oval Beach    

She would often expose her breasts to the public? I hear her final show of exhibitionism was to have her "gums" exposed to the public...oh yeah...and I hear she was also into having her second knuckles on her fingers exposed too. What a show off she was. ALWAYS trying to grap the attention wasn't she? Your brother did the world a favor by using that cheesie hotel coat rack for a thing other than a coat.

1877 days ago

Sad sad    

That coming from a girl with bdsm photos on the net bwahhhaha!

1877 days ago

embarrased canadian    

How embarrassing to be a Canadian when people like this make comments such as this. I lived in Alberta, Calgary, where Ryan Jenkins father lives and BC, not far from where he skipped back into the country. Some of the most affluent are the most despicable in both provinces. They truly are arrogant and self righteous, even if there was a remote possibility Ryan Jenkins was innocent ( this is just a comment for, not what I believe) for this girl to speak of Jasmine as she has is disgusting.

1877 days ago

Sad sad    

ahhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwww don't tell me she took them down? Why would she do that? lmfao Unless I just can't find them. Whoever has the link can you please re post it? It amuses me so. I love seeing people tied up in the trunk of a car :).

1877 days ago


Alena, is just as an idiot as her brother and her family. She accused her sister in law of showing off, Well what the hell was she doing on TV, showing off. She looks like a complete fool, blabbering and taking like she has marbles in her mouth. She is not mensa material that's for sure. Make an idiot out of your life and you will forever live with it and if you have children they will also see baffling idot mom when she was younger. Got take speak lessons they are well needed.

1877 days ago


maybe she needs to look at the actual picture; her brother not only murdered this woman, but he took out her teeth and chopped off her finger tips!! that is sick. maybe she needs to start morning her brother and let jasmine's family morn her. SHE is the victim, not ryan. ryan is a low life loser who had no values or morals and deserves to be dead. anyone who would do this to another human being, should be dead as well. he did us all a favor. now our tax money doesn't have to be spent on him being in prison. i hope she can't look at herself in the mirror after what she said. a show off? serioulsy? if i had the body she had i would being showing them off too. she needs to shut up and stop doing interviews. no body cares about her. she needs to get over herself and maybe she wouldn't have met up w/ her ex husband (there is nothing wrong w/ that) if ryan made her happy.

1877 days ago


Ok sister . . .so you really know so much about Jasmine . . .they only met and married like 5 months ago . .. so how well could she possibly have known her brothers new wife . . .and please . . .is there anyone with a half a brain that doesn't know her brother killed that poor girl and dumped her in the garbage !!!!! Nothing his family says or does about Jasmine, can change what Ryan did . . . so which is worse. A woman that is a model in Las Vegas showing off her boobs, or man who beats a woman to death and then dismembers her body and drops it in a garbage bin?

1877 days ago
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