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Jenkins' Sister: 'Jasmine Was a Show Off'

9/4/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins' sister, Alena, was just on "GMA" -- where they asked her, flat-out, about the photos we posted this morning of Jasmine Fiore kissing her ex-husband just days before her murder.

Alena Jenkins: Click to watch
Though she says she didn't know about Jasmine's ex, Alena said Ryan probably wouldn't have been surprised about the pics -- because Jasmine "was a bit of a show off" who "would quite often expose her breasts in public."

Also interesting: Alena refused to answer when asked if she drove Ryan to the hotel where he later killed himself.


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One word....karma

1824 days ago


Sounds like his sister is a hater. Maybe she LOVED him more than everyone knows.

1824 days ago

embarrased canadian    

Terry, your comments are just another reflection of the quality of person I'm speaking of. Stay on topic, now you're trashing Americans as a whole and that's not what this is about. We're discussing a beautiful young girl who is being 'trash talked' by the sis and father of a suspected murderer. Remember it was Ryan Jenkins with the sexual addiction charge and assault charges. By the way, I'm a born and bred Canadian and I live here.

1824 days ago


who cares if she was a show off does that excuse anyone killing her no it doesnot what wrong with these people

1824 days ago


I agree 100% with questioner Ryan should have been on suicide watch. Not eating or sleeping for days can take a huge physical and mental toll on a person.

1824 days ago


Ryan's sister is doing a typical lawyer move: blame the victim. "Oh she was a slut, therefore maybe she deserved to die." A spade is a spade. She's defending her murderer brother.

1824 days ago

Sad sad    

"You should really just change your moniker to Pathetic"

Sorry Sylvia (sylvis lmfao) you already took that name

1824 days ago


you guys are brutal. a, this girl is only 19 years old. b, she's grief stricken, I'm sure. her big brother did something horrible and is now dead. and c, not many people would believe their close family member is capable of what happened. so all this shame? get the hell over it. who knows what he told her. give her a break.

don't get me wrong, in no way am I condoning what happened, all I know is that in her shoes, if it were MY brother, I'd still be in disbelief over it too.

1824 days ago

Sad sad    

Hey, Norman Bates get over the conspiracy theories.

1824 days ago

Sad sad    

She looks stoned btw

1824 days ago


sad and tragic. both families have suffered. JF is dead and so is RJ. i thought both u.s. and canada are suppose to presume one to be innocent till proven guilty.

1824 days ago


Someone is obviously in Denial as to who is to blame for this whole murder/suicide, it just makes me sick the excuses they are giving this, what he did was not normal and not your typical murder, what he did only a very sick man could do (and if she was the one to drive him, he probably would be still alive if they had told the police where he was, wonder how they feel about that?) , it just shows why he ended up like that, everybody has been hurt by someone and everyone will be at some point in life, some of us even have had our health and lives ruined by our ex's but do we go and murder someone?, no because normal people do not, we deal with it and move on as best as one can, he wasn't even with her that long so i can't understand his rage at all, he should have been angry at himself for marrying someone he didn't know, it takes years to know someone. I do recall also that Ryan was encourageing Jasmine to show her breasts on one of his video's he showed on his Myspace account, did she not see that?, he didn't seem worried about sharing it with the rest of the world, he was actually encouraging her to do it in a crowded club, sounds like he was sending Jasmine mixed messages if it actually bothered him at all, wouldn't even suprise me if he encouraged her to have an open relationship since she found him having sex with someone in their own lounge room when they were still married or did it only go for him not her, maybe she should look at the facts instead of blaming it on Jasmine, if he wanted a good girl he wouldn't have gone to Vegas to find one. There is no excuse for what he did period, he knew by that time to just walk away like most people do, maybe she should look at how they were brought up and learn about taking responsibility for what happens in one's life enough not to kill someone for when they are not who you want them to be.

1824 days ago


Emma, they can try to defend Ryan and whatever legacey he has but the sad truth is how can you defend what he did?, the public already know Jasmine was not an angel, we are not stupid but the point is that i'm also betting that Ryan knew she wasn't an angel either but he kept coming back, why? sounds like he wanted to change her, sounds to me like he had the problem encouraging her behaviour one minute and losing it for the same behaviour the next, we can see that by the legacy he left on his Myspace video's, just saying, the guy needed professional help and not a Marriage found in Vegas, a pity his parents or someone close to him didn't step in when he was clearly the one out of control, there are plenty of girls like Jasmine, they don't all deserve to be killed and mutilated do they?, he had the choice to leave to change his life but he wast the one that couldn't accept it, i would be betting Jasmine was trying to find a way out without upsetting him too much but obvioulsy he wouldn't have it, rather than to accept it he chose to take her life, is that really someone you would want to defend?, if my brother did that i would feel very bad about defending it, i would feel bad that I didn't do something to help him before it got out of hand and i would feel bad for the girl that got murdered and not be out there making things worse for the murdered girls family.

1824 days ago


I think Alena's comments about Jasmine were more of a Freudian slip (totally inappropriate of course). I agree with an earlier post that she's too young to be doing this kind of thing. If I was 19 and in that type of situation (on the spot on national tv fielding unprepped Q's), I'd be saying dumb things too. This family def needs a PR person, but in my brief dealings with Dan my impressions were he's a normal unassuming guy. Ryan on the other hand was IMO always a self-obsessed egomaniac type.

1824 days ago


Jesus, all the girl is saying is that Fiore was a show off. She's not saying she deserved to DIE for it. My god, will you all just calm down? She's expressing an OPINION about someone.

And Sad Sad, you really should explore the evil within yourself. You're no better than a murderer when you say comments like that.

1824 days ago
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