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Audigier Fighting $1 Million Fencing Match

9/4/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Audigier Ed Hardy honcho Christian Audigier likes his big fence and wants to keep it around his big house -- his only problem ... the city of Los Angeles in standing in his way.

Christian is throwing a hissy fit over his fence by suing the city, because he's been told his precious has to be cut down from 6'2" to 3'6" -- the maximum height allowed in his swanky neighborhood.

Audigier has a point though ... because what the hell is the purpose of a 3-foot fence?

In the lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Christian also claims other houses in the neighborhood have tall fences, and that he's a victim of fence discrimination.

Christian claims he has somehow suffered economic damage over the fence fiasco -- he suing for $1 million.


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What an a-hole. This is why I would NEVER want to live in a neighborhood with these rich a-holes. They feel like they're entitled to do whatever they want. Nasty.

1874 days ago


No wonder douchebags love this guy's clothes. He's a douchebag also!!

1874 days ago


Without the high fence some nosey neighbors might see him and his buddy Jon Gosselin playing hide the salami...while wearing really ugly t-shirts!

1874 days ago

dish rags    

douchey shirts

1874 days ago

dish rags    

i hope he wins. what a stupid law. a 3 foot fence?? ingnorance in politics again

1874 days ago


You know ALL these IDIOTS That Post and have nothing in the World
To say Don’t post balls, Yikes, ///////boing///////, etc. Idiots
You all are!!!

1874 days ago


Hmmmmmmmmm! I wonder is this the mansion that Michael rented from
him in HOLMBY HILLS? Maybe he wants a fence around this MEGA MANSION...........yes, my bloggers, the mansion that Michael was renting for $10k/month belongs to Christian.

1874 days ago

mrez golucky    


1874 days ago


jim, you've apparently never owned property. When you buy a property in certain communities, you are bound to accept the rules of the communities. If you don't like the rules, don't buy there. The rules are not ridiculous, they help to maintain order and maintain the appearance of the neighborhood which can be reflected in higher property values.

1874 days ago

fame ho    

Who is the biggest loser? The guy that designs the FUGLY clothes or the jerk (runaway Dad Jon)....Well, they are BOTH so damn ugly , any woman ( i mean child) that is with them is only using them!

and all you idots that think you are so cool wearing him clothes....NOT!

1874 days ago

tmz reader    

the fence cant be high enough around him. could someone lock the door and throw the key away please !!!!

1874 days ago


typical rich jackass. they all think they can change the laws to favor them and to hell with everyone in the community. The law was obviously there when he bought the place so live with it you jerk. Or move someplace where you can build your great big fortress to hide behind,doing who know what that's illegla and pretend you are a king just like in a make believe land. just don't do it im my state. don't like it? then leave. jerks like you filing stupis lawsuits are why there are so many ignorant lawyers as well as ignorant wealthy people. always trying to make their own rules.

1874 days ago



1874 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

So... is the purpose of the fence to keep people out, or to keep people in? This guy looks creepy.

1874 days ago


"fence discrimination"?

that's bad!

1874 days ago
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