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TMZ's Vacation Disasters Contest

9/7/2009 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've narrowed down the worst of the worst in our Vacation Disasters Contest and now we need your help deciding which of these crap-tastic vacations is going to score the big $250 prize.


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Well at least they were able to afford a vacation! No winners imo.

1850 days ago

mrez golucky    


1850 days ago


the mosquito bites has to be the worse!

1850 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh yeah, so you swim in a pool with live critters and one touches you. Oh, that's totally going to destroy anyone's vacation. IDIOTS supplied it and IDIOTS put it in the top 5? WTF?

1850 days ago


Defenitely the bites. I got into the same situation in Thailand (only 20 bites, though) 6 months ago and still have those tiny dot scars till now.

1849 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

I think the road rash guy should have won so I am not voting for these others because they are not true disasters... Why would Spainish Studs even be in the final 5??? And the monkey is cute but NOT a disaster... Jeez..... Not worth wasting my time voting when this is the final 5....

1849 days ago


I don't understand why the picture of the girl with the stingray qualifies as a vacation disaster???? She PAID to go there and do THAT! I went to Grand Cayman years ago and that is one of the main attractions there!! I have dozens of photos of me and my husband with DOZENS of stingrays ON us, BELOW us, and all around us begging for food....

That picture needs to be disqualified...or at least taken out of the running.

1849 days ago


Only "like a rock" and "buzz off bites" qualifies as a potential disaster. In the other 3 pics people are smiling, having fun. "Flipped car to Vegas", burned down hotel room and the dudes with rash and bruises are more of a disaster. Just my opinion...

1849 days ago


Why are half these even finalists? The theme was vacation disasters! Where's the hotel room fire? Where's the chick with a freaking 6 inch stick stuck in her foot? Where's the dog mauled hotel room door? No, you put up people playing with a monkey and a stingray and a couple of smiling naked people. Oh my vacation is just ruined!

1849 days ago


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1849 days ago

Ashley J    

PLEASE...Take the stingray photo out of the running. #7 is correct, that is obviously Stingray City in GC. I have a photo of myself from 3wks ago kissing a stingray there! 7 yrs of good luck is the legend, def. not a disaster!! At the very least, please correctly identify the stingray for the divers out there. It is a Southern stingray, not a bat ray. Uggggg.......

1848 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

@ 11. Mosquito bites wins by a mile

Posted at 9:46PM on Sep 7th 2009 by Cora

Yes, mosquito wins by a mile because they put that ONE pick in with 4 lame ones... TMZ want's the mosquito to win....

Those top five are pathetic... There are many better pictures depicting "DISASTER"....

1848 days ago


The "pickers" of the top 5 apparently didn't understand the assignment! Other submissions looked like far worse disasters than the finalists.

1848 days ago

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